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  1. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yep, I've been saying this for a while now. Trump conditions the public for whatever he eventually wants. First it seems outlandish but over time it goes from a joke/suggestion to actually trying to make it happen. And by the time Trump wants to make it happen the public has been conditioned to think..."well, it's not really as bad as it sounds" and they go on with their lives. That's how they got through the Mueller report. Trump always jumped ahead of it and he put his narrative out there first so by the time the information was official the public already in their "well, it's not so bad" mode. And when he continues to over-saturate the media with headline after headline he's basically conditioning the public to start ignoring whatever he's doing because by then it's just Trump being Trump.
  2. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    I hope that "pay for play" money to be Trump's stooge in Ukraine was worth it Sondland.
  3. If Buttigieg is the nominee I think Democrats would have a chance at sweeping the Presidency, House and Senate the more people become aware of him. If anyone else gets the nom my only hope is we take the House and Senate to check Trump and hopefully employ McConnell's tactics while they're at it.
  4. Trump's approval rating was high right before the 2018 midterms when he went campaigning. And the economy was doing well. And the Kavanaugh hearings were thought to have energized the Republican base. And the RNC was raising twice the $$$ the DNC was raising all year long. And the Democrats were supposedly demoralized after the Kavanaugh hearings. That's why many people thought this was going to be a red wave election and I think Trump thought it was going to be a red wave too which is why he had a nasty temper the day after the complete opposite happened. Republicans had every advantage possible going there way, except for the fact that Trump made that midterm election a referendum on himself and stuck his nose in deep and said vote as if I'm on the ballot.
  5. Buttigieg has been like this since the very beginning. I saw him go to a Fox News town hall last year and insult Trump and even insult Fox News but did it in such a way he got applause from the crowd. He carries himself well and I've been rooting for him. I know he's a long shot but I hope the more people see and hear from him the more they'll come around. I think he's the Democrat's only chance at beating Trump.
  6. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    If Democrats actually spoke like this to the American people once in a while instead of always using that high brow "aren't I so distinguished" language they would probably have more support during this impeachment trial or anything in general lol. Nothing they say ever sticks because they're just so vanilla with their phrasing.
  7. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    "Moral" victory vote that everyone will see through. If Republicans fail to get enough votes to get witnesses for this trial she'll pay the price anyway.
  8. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    The thing is Trump always finds a way to put himself on the ballot. He criss-crossed the nation before the midterms campaigning on the economy, the Kavanaugh hearings, and trying to scare everyone to death about the caravan heading to the border which Fox News broadcast 24/7. I think he was solely responsible for so many people going to the polls. That election turnout broke records for all groups and in the end Democrats came out ahead by a very large margin, nearly 10 million votes. With the way things have gone the past year and surely to ramp up during the election year I don't think those new voters are going away.
  9. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    If the youth vote and black vote show up again like they have been in special elections and the 2018 midterms this country definitely has a second wave in it. The 2018 midterms was off the charts when it came to political awareness and the youth vote saw a significant increase over past midterms. Like Renegade said, 2019 showed no signs of that slowing down. Trump tried to rile up his base by weaponizing the impeachment and playing victim of the "radicalized Democrats" when stumping for Republican governor candidates in Kentucky and Louisiana and that failed.
  10. AJ*

    The Impeachment Thread

    If the trial has no witnesses it won't work. Those Senators will still be just as vulnerable as they are today. People who want witnesses aren't interested in moral victory votes.
  11. My neighborhood already has two political signs up...shockingly, one for Andrew Yang and the other for Any functioning adult 2020.
  12. Rise of Skywalker was bad, SyFy world premiere bad. Everything, and I mean everything in this movie felt unearned.
  13. This is an amazing short fan film. Makes me long for what could have been.