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  1. AJ*

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    It was a sad state of affairs being in the stadium yesterday and seeing Dallas players waving their hands for the their very large contingent of fans to cheer louder. Even sadder to hear a large group of Cowboy fans behind me butchering our song singing "We're giving helllllll to the Redskins". I couldn't help but laugh though.
  2. I'm at the game today, arriving a bit late. I'm seeing twice the Cowboy jerseys heading in. May as well be in Texas.
  3. It seems like an eon ago that something positive happened for the Redskins in this game.
  4. Penn and Moses are playing can you top this with the penalties.
  5. I was there 2 years ago.
  6. I just yelled after that 2 point conversion and my dog looked at me like it's that time of the year again
  7. Anyone wanna cover DJ?
  8. Overthrow and then a drop. I've seen this movie before. Worse than Con Air.
  9. We've been Charlie Brown'd again. Lucy is yanking that football lol.
  10. That's not just today. The false start is his signature WWE move. It's like clockwork every week. You know it's coming.
  11. Why is Morgan Moses still a starter? Why?
  12. Let's hope it's just the defense that came out of halftime sleepwalking. Offense needs to keep their foot on the gas.
  13. Man, Norman is looking slow.
  14. So nice to have playmakers who actually adjust to the ball.
  15. I thought he got pressured. Just made a heck of a throw.