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  1. I thought I would have seen the car from The Wraith in this thread by now. v
  2. MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, and NPR to Fox News "Welcome to the club!!"
  3. Same. Last night I fell asleep a lot earlier than usual for the weekend and I slept through the night for a change. In fact I was a little angry when I woke up this morning because I get my peace during the late night hours while my family is sleeping and I feel like I lost those hours last night Still feels good though.
  4. I was hoping for the more somber, emotional, reflective version of Joe because I believe he connects best with the country in that tone but that was still a good speech even if was the campaign version of Joe lol.
  5. I see @visionary as this board's Steve Kornacki and that's the highest compliment I can give.
  6. I'm a Star Wars old schooler. The original Ewok song will always be the only song that can play during that moment for me lol. I could never get used to the new music they used for the end of ROTJ.
  7. Finally, this will be a day long remembered. My wife is even more relieved than I am. She's been obsessively pouring over vote counts for the last 72 hours. She's pissed it wasn't Kornacki who called it though. She said Joe Scarborough announcing it cheapened the call after all of Kornacki's hard work.
  8. Steve Kornacki is basically begging the networks to call this thing the way he's explaining the inevitability of the way things are going to go with the votes. You can tell he wants this over with so he can get a good night sleep.
  9. When it comes to dealing with a hostile Senate I hope Biden has learned from Obama's mistakes. The olive branch extension should only last a couple of months. After that if Mitch and his minions are still playing their games he has to call these guys out and dog them every chance he gets. In fact this is the only time I would say Biden should mimic Trump In press conferences, on Twitter and every other platform he can use he needs to bully Mitch and the Senate into actually doing something as simple as holding a vote. Bludgeon them weekly. Even have a Senate progress report that calls out w
  10. I'm thinking they'll call the race when Biden gets past recount territory in Pennsylvania. That may take a until the afternoon/evening.
  11. My parents live in NC. My mom is convinced they're sitting on Democrat votes because they didn't want to give Joe momentum for a comeback similar to Georgia
  12. My brother in-law has a universal remote control that he takes wherever he goes and changes the channel on TVs if it's playing Fox News lol. He does it mostly at his doctor's office. He gave me one as a gift but I've never used it.
  13. I'm still waiting for the Avengers version "I...am Joe Biden" (snap) 2016 = Avengers: Infinity War 2020 = Avengers: Endgame
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