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  1. I think in 2016 the polls were thrown out the window the moment the FBI re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton right before election day. I think it depressed the vote severely and a lot of people stayed home. She was already a lackluster candidate but that was the kill shot on a terrible campaign.
  2. And on the flipside black people can't protest in peace without being labeled unpatriotic or disrespecting the flag or whatever other nonsense the ultra-patriotic crowd like to drum up to trivialize and avoid the issue of police brutality and the "blue wall of silence". Kneeling silently doesn't sound so bad right about now, does it?
  3. I think Pippen should be pissed off because this documentary really did nothing but pay lip service to his contributions on the team with that best teammate ever stuff and instead continued to put him on the defensive highlighting his worst moments like the migraine (never once mentioning Pippen's father had died a week earlier), 1.8, the contract stuff. It hardly ever showed his talent, skill or great moments and that's no shock because Pippen's greatest moments usually came when Jordan wasn't playing so hot. There was no balance. It was one long Jordan infomercial showing his greatest hits.
  4. I don't think episode 2 showed Pippen killing the Knicks down the stretch in Game 6 of the 93 ECF and sending them home for the summer. I suspect they simply skipped by that game with a 10 second caption because Jordan had a subpar shooting game.
  5. I was much more of a Pippen fan than a Jordan fan during the 90's era and it's frustrating to see the editing of this documentary to make sure they cut out a lot of Pippen's heroics, especially in last night's episode against the Knicks in the '93 ECF. They just glossed over Game 3 and Game 6 like it didn't even happen lol. I know this documentary is geared towards Mike like all of the Bulls championship videos but damn give the other players their due.
  6. As long as he doesn't over-play it. I still remember Biden destroying Giuliani's presidential aspirations with the "noun, verb, and 9/11" death blow. Rudy hasn't been the same since.
  7. I caught Biden's speech a little late but it was perfect and exactly how I thought he should have sounded like at his victory speech on Super Tuesday. Calm/serious/heartfelt Joe is a lot better and more effective than "hype the crowd" Joe who shouts and repeats the same stuff over and over.
  8. I said it before and I'll say it again. Warren torpedoed herself releasing her Medicare For All price tag. That's when she sank and never recovered. Democrats said hellll no and she scared everyone in the party since she was the front runner at the time. And when Warren did sink and realized she made a bonehead mistake she made an even bigger mistake trying to walk it back which cost her some of her progressive cred. Bernie hasn't gotten anywhere near the same scrutiny and pressure for his plans that Warren got as front runner and that's why the establishment is so scared to death of him and his platform.
  9. Biden gave them props but it was in a half-hearted shouty kind of way that cheapened it. Biden blew a big chance tonight and should have gone with the same heartfelt approach he had when speaking about Buttigieg the other night. He didn't really need a long speech about each person who endorsed him but just offer some that famous Biden emotion and let those people know how appreciative you are. That stuff sells.
  10. Agreed. He says the same thing over and over again and the execution needs to be better. I like somber, calmer Joe Biden instead of the ramped up Joe Biden. I know he has to bring the energy for the crowd and all but I would have him start out calm and heartfelt (he does that well) thanking his supporters and the people who got him where he is and then ramp it up "gotta sell the excitement" stuff.
  11. I was only 8 at the time of release but my Pop was nice enough to let me watch it on VHS when I was a little older. I've seen that movie so many times on every video format but there's nothing like the theater and it just happens to fall on my birthday.
  12. I'm seeing Scarface on the big screen for the first time ever next week. I'm psyched.
  13. I doubt it could get any worse than that trainwreck in 2016. Biden doesn't haven anywhere near the baggage Hillary does and she's the blueprint for how not to run a Presidential campaign. First of all I don't think Biden is dumb enough to completely ignore rust belt states like Michigan and Wisconsin thinking he has those states in the bag already. Secondly, I doubt Biden will stupidly go radio silent for a month doing fundraisers while Trump and the media beat him over the head with a propped up scandal like Hillary did with the "pay for play" Clinton Foundation stuff. And last, I don't foresee the FBI publicly announcing an investigation into a Presidential candidate one week before the election again lol. It'll take A LOT to go wrong for Biden to be worse than Hillary.
  14. I agree completely. All of Trump's social ills are baked in at this point. The "we go high when they go low" BS didn't work last time and it won't work this time. I don't see why these candidates are so scared to attack Trump on his supposed strength, the economy. Trump targeted the "left behinds" in 2016 like the manufacturing sector (that's been in a year long recession), steel workers (U.S. steel has been tanking), farmers (they're on bailouts going on year 3). Why hasn't anyone bothered to hammer Trump on this every chance they get? They have to stop letting him shape the narrative of the economy. Meanwhile deficits are soaring (you never hear about this anymore) thanks largely to the tax cut that was advertised to bring in 4-5% GDP growth by Trump and the RINOs and instead this past year barely got above 2%. What happened to the Tea Party and "fiscal conservatives" that were so rampant from 2009-2016? If I were Biden I would point that out every chance I get.
  15. Pete pointed that out in the debates. Bernie is quick to put his opponents in that establishment boat. If Bernie is the nominee it's safe to say his VP pick is going to be someone no one has ever heard of or else it will undercut his anti-establishment message. And that person will be very important because of Bernie's age...similar to the situation with Sarah Palin and McCain.