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  1. Hate to say it but Tampa -3.5 seems like easy money today @adamlevitan: Redskins without their starting LT, LG, RG, outside WR, slot WR and pass-catching RB today. m.twitter.com/adamlevitan
  2. Does he have any say in who is allowed in those press conferences? If anyone else wants to watch it now:
  3. Whoever pulled this off did the team a favor. Great move
  4. Took some time but the results you have to appreciate. If they can do this for a whole season I will say hell yes
  5. This is his shot @FantasyLabsNFL: Maurice Harris will start in place of Josh Doctson (heel, out) Monday night. https://t.co/teA6SBQWuE m.twitter.com/FantasyLabsNFL
  6. I took my wife to see this one this weekend Really enjoyed it, Gaga's performance was incredible. Overall solid chick flick not on the level of The Notebook but close behind. Solid A from me. Bring kleenex if substance abuse has ever hit you closely, you will need them.
  7. Ah we are both far away fans of the Redskins. That's very cool to me. I'm in DFW Texas myself. About the salary well I agree that it was much more expensive to pay for Jackson then Peterson, but the team was slow to even entertain signing Peterson until it was obvious that they had to do something there. They didn't target him in FA, they waited until the last moments to hire him. And yes his money is almost vet minimum but the difference here and signing a 30 yo free agent receiver like Tate (I like Golden btw) is the markets will be in much higher demand for Tate then the market
  8. I once was a huge fan of the UFC but the last several years haven't excited me much and I haven't watched regularly in a long time. However I am a CM fan so he temporarily brought me back to the UFC this week. I know that the "purist" don't like CM. He is no Royce Gracie. I know morally good people really don't like CM. His actions are at times appalling and his mouth is brutal. There is a lot not to like about the guy. To the casual fan there is a ton to like about him. CM brings excitement and unpredictability where ever he goes. CM is must watch. The UFC desperately needs more
  9. It would go against the way this front office has been doing business signing older players but like you said it could happen. And since the front office is so reactionary and they have found success with the 30+ yo Peterson I would think they could change that next season and sign an older receiver. God that interview should have been enough to fire Bruce Allen. No team wants the guy running the show to be that idiotic do they? Just shows me their is nothing Bruce could do to get fired around here. I am sad now
  10. We can't sign 30 yo receivers, wasn't that the reason they let Desean and Pierre go? They were too old. I was on the side of signing them both back, if you pressed me for just one guy I would have said Garcon. After seeing him get injured again yesterday the logical side of me thinks we did the right thing letting him go as that's happened the past two seasons to him. Still the homer in me says I still miss his swagger and see that as a desperate need for the receivers. I was beating my drum about us targeting him pre-draft. Dude looks like
  11. Steelers ploy wouldn't work because we don't have Ben or that offense coming with the pick. Giants have crushed us at drafting receivers and it pains me to say that. None of our draft picks ever made it to a pro bowl or All pro since Snyder took over. Not one. Our best receivers since Snyder took control have all been free agents. To me it's like chasing unicorns finding a receiver in the draft. Problem is I just looked into next years FA's and it's not a pretty sight https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/wide-receiver/ The best are too ol
  12. Can't get on board with drafting a WR no matter how badly we need some. The issue with it is that since Snyder came here they have drafted 19 WR's and none of them were very good. We think that Crowder is good and that Trey Quinn is going to be good but if they weren't on this team would we still think that? Maybe maybe not. We can't spot receiver talent in the draft and it work out for them. Rather pick up receivers in Free Agency and not waste the draft pick personally.
  13. i would take either of the backs on the team for fantasy. AP is ranked 10th for rush yards today after missing a game where the others in front of him haven't. Chris is currently 5th in the league for RB passing targets so makes for a fine PPR play. Both are fantasy worthy imo Alex is not worth rostering even in deep leagues imo. When your bye week comes my advice would be to check your waivers and find the QB who is playing against the team giving up the most points you can find and start him. Might have you starting a guy you don't believe in but when the matchup
  14. Target leaders so far: 1. Chris Thompson - 23 targets 2. Jordan Reed - 20 targets Our receivers come in 3 - 4 - and 5th separated by only 2 targets among them - Richardson 14 targets, Doctson 13 targets, and Crowder 12 targets. The top receiving options so far have been the RB and TE. It's surprising to see that Crowder has the least amount of targets so far among the group. Either way they have to get the receivers more attempts.
  15. Hopefully they don't have to answer that any time soon
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