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  1. If your saying that an average earner in that area can afford a game I disagree. That's the root of this issue. The price to take a family to a game has grown past your average wage earners affordability. Only the wealthy can afford to go now. Who do you think would be more loud and get behind a team? A 9-5er or someone wealthy? The average Joe was who filled up RFK stadium, I know I was one of them many many times. That was a good experience as a fan. Fed Ex so cost much more to go see a game that the average man can't/won't go. Get the prices down to where an average earner can afford to go and they will. Price it out of there reach and they won't.
  2. bobandweave

    Legendary Comic Book Writer/Editor Stan Lee Dies

    Oh wow this sucks, RIP Stan Lee.
  3. Not surprised by this. Truth is if Dan were to give the fans an affordable expirence like the Falcons owner did recently then more fans would show up to watch them. Since Dan is only about lining his pockets only the wealthy can afford to goto games and those aren't your die hard make a lot of noise fans. So who buys the ovely expensive tickets? The opposing teams fans. Make the game day experience affordable again and the fans will come back.
  4. This. And I totally get why Josh would say this. As someone not able to goto games as I live in another state seeing the way that home fans treat the team is not how other fans act. The home crowds are mostly visiting teams fans because the teams not cherished like it should be. Ive been saying this season how I think this is the end of the Josh Norman road here and this imo seals that prediction. Dan won’t sit down and say nothing about this. Bye Josh but thank you for addressing the elephant in the room. Maybe the fans of this team will show up and prove Josh wrong but I doubt it. At 6-3 the fans are talking about a QB change so I doubt it
  5. bobandweave

    Sports Wagering thread

    Hate to say it but Tampa -3.5 seems like easy money today @adamlevitan: Redskins without their starting LT, LG, RG, outside WR, slot WR and pass-catching RB today.
  6. bobandweave

    Does Doctson even care?

    Idk about you but I think Hopkins and Julio have something to do with that. We don't have talent like that to open up Josh like those guys have. IMO the team wrongly decided to go out and invest in an injury prone Paul Richardson instead of going with other options out there at the time. I wasn't a fan of Richardson and they still owe him a minimum of 26 million according to this And Richardson had a long history of injuries they should have paid attention to. I was wanting the team pre-draft to go draft Calvin Ridley because the receiver situation bothered me. It still bothers me. Now we are stuck with Richardson out for the year, and Crowder injured so the only receivers this week are going to be (not looking quite like himself) Jordan Reed and Josh Doctson. Not pretty. Now I do think that Payne is turning out to be a hell of a pick but had they went receiver in the draft instead I still think it would have opened up the receivers more which would have helped Josh Doctson.
  7. bobandweave

    Does Doctson even care?

    Yup good catch, fixed it
  8. bobandweave

    Does Doctson even care?

    Drafting WR in the first round historically has been a very risky thing to do: Here's the thing about Josh Doctson to remember. He was drafted in 2016. He has only played in 25 out of a possible 48 games. That's almost 50% of the games he could have played in missed. So looking at his "stats" his targets to receptions rate is improving the more he is playing: 2018 - He is catching the ball at a 54% 2017 - He is catching the ball at a 44% 2016 - He is catching the ball at a 28% So he is making more catches with the targets he is getting the older and more experience he gets. When I compare that to Crowders first three years its different: 2017 - He is catching the ball at a 63% 2016 - He is catching the ball at a 69% 2015 - He is catching the ball at a 74% One guys going up, one guys going down. The NFL average for receivers catching the ball when it's thrown to them is 0.68% I've not completely given up on either guy at this point. I heard some people suggesting that the team cut Doctson but that would be a mistake imo. If he continues to improve his catch rate per target then he will shed his 50/50 reputation. I never liked his speed but his catch radius I did so if he can catch the ball more with that radius he could still become a decent NFL receiver. More likely then not Doctson and Treadwell will both be first round busts at this point but I don't think it's time to give up on Josh. He has one more season on his rookie deal to show us something and that's a cheap cost. And it's not like this team is stacked with other options.
  9. bobandweave

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Yes I expect they would. When they have a real offensive guy calling the plays it shows. Panthers have Norv Turner calling those plays. We have Jay Gruden calling plays. First down run, Second down pass, Third down pass, Fourth down punt It's best shown here: That's Jay's offense. It's not imaginative at all
  10. bobandweave

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Completely depends on the round selected. If player was drafted in first two rounds the expectation is they are playing year one. Since this guy was a third round pick have to ask Does everyone know that the most likely outcome for a third round is just a special teams player? I wonder if our GM knows that? I'm sure he doesn't. If you are expecting a third round pick to play and be a starter year one it's not impossible but the odds are stacked against that happening.
  11. bobandweave

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Does he have any say in who is allowed in those press conferences? If anyone else wants to watch it now:
  12. bobandweave

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Part of the issue with the Oline is the vanilla easy to predict play calling being utilized by the offense. Examples - AP running on nearly every first down. Last game they did that 8 times and got 6 yards total from it. When your offensive line is doing this and being put in bad spots like that it only makes it easy to shutdown and get people injured. The passing game is not creative at all. Watch this from last weekend compared to the boring vanilla offense that we are using for an example of what an offense is supposed to look like. We don't have any of that here and there is nothing stopping them from trying to shake it up more but we've been saying that since McVay left. If your offense can't be creative passing the ball then it's gonna make things harder for the offensive linemen
  13. bobandweave

    2018 Season Injury News

    Keeping the faith is one thing. I’m ride or die with this team always. But doing the same things over and over again expecting different results is insanity. It’s time that Snyder stepped it up and offer the team the same things that other teams have and not let the bottom line ruin the team because it’s not profitable
  14. bobandweave

    2018 Season Injury News

    I am totally sure that’s the plan (sarcasm) but what I’m talking about you mentioned right there. That state of the art cooling machine you speak of is not new to the NFL. Cryogenic machines have been in the league for a decade. Yet here we are This team just got one of those in 2018. To most football teams this would be an embarrassing announcement. Instead it’s celebrated here. One recovery room isn’t enough and this isn’t new to the team. Football outsiders shows that in the five years Jay Gruden has been our coach he has had the most injured teams of any coach ever. Philip Daniels is one player who’s openly discussed this issue. He has said how it amazed him how those other teams he visited while here had better facilities then we did The point I am making is that this problem has been around much longer then any of the players on this team. The man who could change this is Dan Snyder. He may want to wait to fix this but that’s only out of greed and stupidity imo. You know who was the healthiest team last season? The Rams, the last unbeaten team this season. The idea that this is just an freak thing doesn’t hold any truth. This has been going on for years and until Snyder does something about this it will continue every year.
  15. bobandweave

    At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

    I feel you brother, I’m ride or die with team win or lose doesn’t matter. It is a curse but hope is eternal. What the team needs more then anything this weekend is an offensive explosion to take that disgusting taste out of our mouths from yesterday. First chance is Tampa. Let’s go!