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  1. JoggingGod


    They literally were about to score 6 if Hopkins made his FGs
  2. JoggingGod


    Oh FFS the starting team looked good. They lost when the backups starting playing.
  3. Haskins is gonna have KOC too next year but as HC
  4. They’re not firing Jay if they make the playoffs. That’s literally what the “hot seat” means.
  5. God you guys should have seen the reports of Mahomes in his first two offseasons lol. Everyone said he looked lost.
  6. JoggingGod

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Looks like we made the right choice in not trading for Rosen. He looks nowhere near ready to start right now.
  7. Penn was a 79 from PFF in 2017. Flowers was well into the 50s.
  8. Imagine reacting this way to a camp body
  9. So if you were forced to eat a peach, and you had a rotten peach, but I offered you an overly ripe but edible peach, you wouldn’t take the latter? With no fresh ones available? That’s our potential situation.
  10. You want to start Flowers week 1? Penn is a solid option if Trent isn’t on the roster. He would be at least an average LT which is better than complete trash.
  11. Yes he does because he has less experience. He needs to go through hardships as a QB to be better prepared and on track for his second. Enough with the boomer mentality.
  12. Sure but Haskins needs the reps with or without Trent. Sack rate is half on the QB anyways.
  13. So what happens if our starting LT goes down next year? You gonna bench Haskins again?