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  1. What so many of you aren't getting is that any QB that breaks out next year is going to be out of range from where we are picking. So baisclly we're in the same position that we are now. Are you still going to call for punting at the position again? Like you do every year?
  2. This is dumb logic. We went 7-9 last year with the worst QB group in the NFL. A halfway solid QB and we win 9-10 last year.
  3. So why not do that now when we already know there are good prospects? Why wait until there’s possibly only 1 or 2 first round talents and they will go too high? A good QB doesn’t fall to you. That’s not how it works anymore. You have to be ultra aggressive in getting your guy, which half of this fanbase thinks is the worst thing ever and we can still win with game managers.
  4. Franks is a camp body. Doesn’t mean much.
  5. He’s played 16 years in the league. We already know what he is.
  6. And if Fitz isn’t good? We’re screwed as a franchise.
  7. All I care about is QB because that’s the biggest gaping hole we have right now. If we don’t draft one this year we have to be desperate in getting one of the top guys next year because we can’t waste this core on Kyle Allen.
  8. What makes you think anybody that has a breakout is going to be in reach for us? If we finish 7-10/6-11 even we’ll be settling for scraps.
  9. We already know how it is on paper vs 2021. Zero top 10 worthy picks right now vs 2021. Meaning that if we don’t have a very high draft pick next year we have no shot at a QB and are now SOL. And we’ve wasted our defensive core again.
  10. The league heavily disagrees with you. It’s a terrible class next year.
  11. Yeah that's a garbage trade lol. They would just stay at 4 and take Pitts.
  12. Allbright is saying they haven't reached out to Atlanta
  13. Still should have taken Justin Herbert. Chase is a monster but we so badly need a franchise QB.
  14. That shouldn't stop you from trying to get an elite talent at QB. Average line play works with high end playmaking talent + you can use free agency and day 2 to upgrade if needed
  15. PFF had our line ranked top half of the league. The sacks came from Haskins and Alex being absolute statues. Lance has Cam-like ability to escape the pocket anyways so this isn't a relavent post.
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