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  1. Dan is a meat puppet for the NFL. He’s a piece of **** but facts are that billionaires owning an entire organization and controlling all financial aspects is a terrible concept that needs to die. Start demanding publicly owned teams like the packers.
  2. https://venuesnow.com/legends-to-sell-for-two-potential-nfl-stadiums/
  3. You’re not viewing it from a business perspective. People want a multi-use complex. City wants to host the SB. Most fans don’t want to sit in the freezing cold. They need a dome or a retractable roof stadium.
  4. Would like for it to have a retractable roof or at least have an opening wall like with Allegiant stadium.
  5. I would honestly do something similar to SoFi. It’s an infill stadium, meaning it’s open on the sides but is covered. It provides the best of both worlds where you are protected from rain and snow but also get that open feeling. Ideally, you want to have a transparent or translucent roof, too.
  6. It’s amazing how year after year this team finds ways to turn strengths into weaknesses with one swift move. We’re gonna release Montez Sweat next offseason for no reason and you all will use mental gymnastics to justify it. New head coach, same old deadskins.
  7. That’s what we have right now though judging by our offseason plan.
  8. Honestly who cares. Like who really cares outside of selfish fans. Rivalries aren't that heated to teams and players. Just let the man go where he sees the best opportunity and appreciate what he did for us.
  9. Wilson didn’t play well at all the second half of last year. It shouldn’t be that surprising.
  10. Because we don't actually make a move for a good prospect outside of with RG3. It's always settling for stopgaps and reaching for one in the draft. And it's continuing to be that way under Ron.
  11. I think heads should roll if we whiff on getting a franchise QB again this upcoming draft.
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