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  1. If they get more power than they currently have and have a path to the GM job after Hurney retires it’s possible. Basically the current Kyle Smith role.
  2. No not a buddy to the owner but someone who puts together the FO and scouting staff, and oversees contracts.
  3. Russell really has you played like a fiddle It'll probably be some more drama about the ownership fight that we'll forget about until the next news drop
  4. Translation: I’m okay with a ceiling of 6-10/7-9 every year
  5. Ok, and we shouldn’t even be signing Fitzpatrick so it’s irrelevant
  6. I mean a third of that 15 was from one QB.
  7. Don’t forget that the Titans got Tannehill for a 4th rounder essentially, and were able to sign him to a fairly reasonable contract. Huge pro talent evaluation move.
  8. That was 8 weeks ago bud. But keep pretending like we can do anything with **** tier QBs
  9. He’s gonna have a personality clash because...uhh... My god you people will make a million excuses for scrubs like Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke but players who have proven themselves to play at a high level like Stafford or Watson? Nah we can’t have them.
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