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  1. Lmao at the dudes in the comments ****ting on analytics
  2. JoggingGod

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This team isn’t full of holes. The biggest needs will be WR and CB. They should trade down next year and maybe try and re-coup that second.
  3. JoggingGod

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Jones could have been a possibility if both Murray, Haskins and Lock were gone maybe. I don’t buy at all that we seriously wanted him over the top 3.
  4. Cool. Now show me what he did when he didn’t have two elite WRs.
  5. If Jay thinks he can win with ****ing Keenum and McCoy he shouldn’t be a head coach.
  6. His release is wicked fast
  7. Mahomes didn’t throw 50 TDs because of Alex Smith. He would have been a stud right away in Andy Reid’s offense. Same deal with Aaron Rodgers. I cant find a single QB in the past 20 years that actually benefited from sitting behind a below average QB for a year.
  8. There is no magical bench. Guys don’t get better by sitting anymore. Sorry. Haskins starting this season is the only way he will learn and get better: with actual game experience.
  9. Anderson is downright garbage. He’s a 1 percentile athlete and hasn’t done jack **** in 2 years. Keep him as a situational run stopper/fullback but he shouldn’t be starting anywhere.
  10. No no no no no. We should not have the two slowest players on the team starting at ILB.
  11. Brett Kollman's analysis is way better
  12. Haskins played in a **** system that didn't utilize his strengths well.
  13. Teams had Murray as the number one QB, who went 1st overall. Shocking. Literally means nothing.
  14. Haskins is by far the best QB prospect the Redskins have ever had. Keep in mind I mean QB prospect and not athlete like RG3. He has a combination of arm talent, pocket presence, defensive manipulation, and leadership that you want in your guy.