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  1. We can’t use Warriors and not have a Native American connection. Many outlets and Native American organizations have said they should not use that name.
  2. Sheehan this morning said that the minority owners might have to just buy out Dan and then sell the entire team to another mega-billionaire if they want to get rid of their shares
  3. What do we do at QB if the season is cancelled and by all means end up with the first pick via lottery? Is Haskins development going to be ruined?
  4. The name needs to be changed. It’s a part of systematic racism and you have no right to collectively decide that it’s not when many many Native American organizations want it changed. Now is a good time and would go along with a new era.
  5. There’s definitely some racial bias going on with him, looking at his overall post history. It’s the same group that calls Lamar a RB and Cam a team cancer.
  6. Moses isn’t just overrated he’s legitimately not good. We should be open to Charles at LT and Lucas at RT.
  7. You wanna say the n word, don't you
  8. Jones has an entirely new staff too
  9. The dude above did a film breakdown. That’s worth a lot more than just stats.
  10. One of the things that’s different going into the season is Haskins body. I know some dog him for posting his workouts on social media but he very clearly lost weight. He looks more swole and his feet look lighter when he drops back. That will help him a lot in evading pressure vs last year.
  11. Trey Lance should be in heavy consideration if we have to pick a QB. He's gonna be a star.
  12. The Sweat trade is a huge blunder. Another Bruce special.
  13. If we can land Ashtyn Davis or Bryce Hall it might make our secondary average which imo is enough with an elite pass rush