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  1. Mosley isn’t even playing and the rest haven’t been more than average to somewhat underachieving.
  2. Dallas isn’t finishing worse than the Jets. The Jets have virtually zero talent outside of their LT.
  3. Lawrence isn't going back. He knows that he'd be passing on $40 million gtd and he's the guaranteed number 1 pick. I also doubt he refuses to play for the Jets if they fire Gase.
  4. Allen is a good backup at best. Don’t fool yourselves. We need a QB.
  5. I’m just totally in love with Zach Wilson. I think he (as well as Trey Lance maybe) is a reason to not be totally upset with falling out of the top 5 of the draft. His awareness, arm talent, mobility, and football IQ are off the charts and it’s a shame that some people will be lower on him because he doesn’t play in a P5 conference. He also fits Scott Turner’s offense perfectly.
  6. For those who are increasingly seeing that Ron Rivera is not the answer, this thread is for you. Who do you want as our new head coach or GM next year?
  7. Collins is a bust but on the other end Kendall Fuller is looking like a huge steal.
  8. Wow that is a very unimpressive overall list. Be real.
  9. No he should not. They should hire an outside executive from a winning team to be their GM. Kyle has done virtually nothing in the time he's been with the organization.
  10. Lawrence’s game is going to translate. That’s a fact just by watching him. You could see the questions with Haskins, not with Lawrence.
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