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  1. People here have astoundingly outdated views about the NFL. Not only is Parsons not Ray Lewis but there isn’t a single instance of a team building around a god damn LB today.
  2. No it doesn’t. Offense wins championships now and has ever since Aaron Rodgers entered the league.
  3. Is this a joke? Like is this actually a serious question? You take a HOF QB over a HOF LB any day. No questions asked.
  4. They won’t lose picks for something that wasn’t on the field related. He’s just speculating
  5. They're well more than one Parsons away from being a not-terrible defense. Plus they're not certain to bring back Dak.
  6. I don’t think there’s any chance Philly takes a QB with Wentz’s contract and just drafting Hurts
  7. That would be so stupid. Alex is limiting the offense’s potential.
  8. That won’t happen. All three are very clearly not the answer. We need to find a long term solution next year.
  9. If Dak hits FA and we win the division, we should go after him. Then we could use the draft to fix other positions.
  10. Alex very clearly isn’t a guy you can go far with. We won in spite of him today.
  11. We need a franchise QB. You can’t settle on that.
  12. We need to take a QB round 1 next year if we can access the top 4. Period. Kyle Allen is nothing more than a decent backup.
  13. That’s not how it works anymore. Teams have to take chances on a QB regardless of what team they havem
  14. QB3 in 2020 is about to have the best rookie season for a QB ever. Shut up and stop acting like you know what you’re talking about.
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