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  1. Very good chance they could do a big trade up in the draft too (for Wilson/Lance/Fields)
  2. I don’t want Okudah. He’s talented but he was terrible last year and there’s a chance he was a product of Chase.
  3. QB is the most valuable position by far. The difference between a mediocre QB and a very good QB is multiple wins.
  4. That’s just sad and pathetic if a scout leaving is your breaking point with this team, and not the other far more heinous things that have happened the past 25 years.
  5. So wait, you guys didn't like when Snyder got involved in football operations in the past, but now that he isn't he's supposed to?
  6. Darnold is worth a 3rd rounder at best right now. If anyone gives up a 2nd PLUS they are high.
  7. You save at least $8 million with a June 1 cut for Landon. They should heavily entertain that.
  8. How many times do people who know how the league works in 2021 have to explain to you the value of a franchise QB? These are the final 8 QBs playing this year: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Jared Goff. All of them are at least top 20 and the 4 remaining were solidified top 10 QBs this year. You’re absolutely delusional if you think that rolling with one legged Alex Smith and/or backup-caliber guys is a good idea when we have a lot of cheap young talent that won’t stay cheap. Like you’re just flat out wrong. If you’
  9. We beat Pittsburgh and I don’t think anyone would argue we’re better than them. You literally might as well roll with Heinicke in that case. Fitzpatrick and QBs of that caliber don’t get you anywhere. Because Heinicke has played one game and isn’t remotely the same QB that Stafford is. Once teams figure out how to scheme against Taylor you’ll see why he isn’t a starting QB.
  10. We have a way better overall team than Detroit or Houston. Now is the time to go all in and try to compete.
  11. You missed the point. Having a top tier QB compensates for having holes at some positions. No team is going to be able to be set at every position, not even close. The only way to stay a contender in the modern NFL is to have a franchise QB.
  12. Problem is a lot of users here are okay with Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke being starting options as if we have elite players at every other position to support them.
  13. Because a lot of you don't get why there's so much talk about getting a guy like Watson, Dak, Stafford, or trading up in the draft. It's a QB driven league more than anything. The chances of Watson getting traded are high so idk if that says much lol
  14. I mean sorry to say this but good QBs don't come cheap. If we want to ever contend we need to take a risk either in cap or picks to get a franchise guy. You won't get far otherwise.
  15. Getting Dak in free agency would be a monumental win for us
  16. Pray to god we don’t build like the Patriots. Once Brady left they looked like absolute garbage.
  17. Because this QB is arguably top 5 and is just 25 years old. All 4 of the remaining teams right now have upper echolon QBs playing for them.
  18. Oh yes I’m sure some expert would be posting on a public forum rather than working in the media or for the league.
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