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  1. rabidskin

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    What every analyst and scout said: Ryan Leaf — 2nd overall, 1998, Tim Couch — 1st overall, 1999, Ki-Jana Carter — 1st overall, 1995, JaMarcus Russell — 1st overall, 2007, Charles Rogers — 2nd overall, 2003 just to name a few. you never really know! the bust list is long and numerous.
  2. rabidskin

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    trade down a few spots if possible and go for Ga. or Iowa's OT and maybe pick up a 2nd rd also. We need a lot but we have to get a starter capable OT and a port-a-potty for Allen to stay in.. Moses always hurt and Penn might be too old.
  3. rabidskin

    Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: 2019 " Home" Game Finale'

    When it comes to the 5th pick or 2nd pick in next years draft, I would definitely send Eli off a winner. We will be facing Jones though. Skins cannot win this game or we will be facing Chase 2 times a year for years to come by gift wrapping the 2nd pick to the Giants. Even Miami and Detroit jump in front of us.
  4. rabidskin

    Week 15 Eagles at Redskins

    This is where your comment about wanting to lose is wrong and that wanting a loss shows we don't have a soul or decency. We do have a soul and decency for the very reason you stated... We want our team to do well and to do this, we need the higher pick as the season is lost and meaningless except for the outcome of the final 2 games. This is the only thing that will have an impact our team, not an Eagle win just for pride. We lost our pride and became a joke halfway through the season and all the years before with Allen. Also stop playing valuable vets we need next year to prevent them from getting serious injuries. If we would have lost to Detroit and Carolina, 2nd pick was a lock right now. Now we need to lose and get help to get Chase Young or get more picks for a team wanting Tua before the Dolphins scoop him up.. Stop shooting ourselves In the foot every year and go back to the losing ways you gave us most of the year for just the last 2 games. Allen already wasted our 2nd rd. pick In 2020 and 2nd rd. in 2019 for Sweat when we could have used those 2 picks plus kept Preston Smith who played lights out this year with GBay and will probably make the Pro Bowl. Very bad move again especially since the 2020 2nd rd would be close to a bottom 1st rd. pick. Put that up there with the Josh Norman pay vs. his worth as another brilliant Allen move. Add Reed and what expensive bench warmers we have. Pride? What does any Redskin die hard fan have to be proud about? Start winning next year by preparing right now and that is focusing on replacing Allen, getting a coach and good talent in the draft to fill the weak spots. That starts with losing the last 2 games. We all know this...it comes from years of making the same mistakes.
  5. Understand your point and a good one. I am in a difficult position though as I am on a short timeline to see them reach the SB. I have an incurable bone cancer that I have been fighting for 10 years and its getting worse now. The major happiness I have in my life is my family and the Redskins. I started going to their games with my Dad in 1961 and went to every game to 2002. My son was born in 1992 and has grown up with my Redskins stories and as you know, I have seen all the greatest play. I wanted one more chance to sit with my son and watch them be contenders. My frustration has boiled over as this year has been the ultimate joke. It's like watching Groundhog Day where the nightmare repeats itself over and over, year after year. Why it takes Snyder so long to correct his mistakes, I don't know. I have been a true die hard all my life but enough is enough. Our fans have been tortured to the point that the stadium is occupied with mostly visitors fans, and.... Snyder has to evaluate Bruce with a 3-9 record after 9 years and an empty stadium? Are you kidding me? What is to evaluate? Fire the jerk NOW like the thousands of fans have been screaming for years! I never pictured this happening to our fan base. Sorry about the "stupid" comment BTW, I am just looking from a different angle and more desperate than most die hard fans, wish I had more time and patience to experience those great years again. Have a good day!
  6. If we lose out, AND Miami and Atlanta lose out, we draft 5th because of strength of schedule after all the games are played. If we beat the Giants, and the Cards and Detroit lose out then we are looking at dropping to a tie for the 7,8,9 and 10th pick depending on strength of schedule. That Detroit game cost us dearly by winning and Carolina win made it even worse. We would have had the 2nd pick. Now the Giants need to beat us AND win another game for us to jump them in the draft. Now we beat the Giants and we could possibly pick 10th. We can't even get a benefit for being 1-9 and we go and blow the 2nd pick in the draft and possibly the #1. Skins are destined to fail as they can't even get the top pick and do that right. Too late to start winning now, should have won from the start!
  7. rabidskin

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    not turning a blind eye but watching our draft pick get worse for a meaningless win..... what will make you happy? 4-12 and pick around 7th-10th? Or would you rather have finished 1-15 with the 1st or 2nd pick? 3-13 or 4-12 makes no difference other than lowering our pick. Another great B Allen season....and what a "great culture" he has established. Those few wins will make a BIG difference...as in which players will want to stay or go the FA route? Don't forget all the hype and excitement we listen to at the start of every year, only to watch pathetic play while day-dreaming about playoffs. We need an instant starter like Young or the #1 OT and the wins don't help. Would rather see them lose out to motivate Snyder to fire Bruce and get a better pick. The time to start preparing for next year is now and that's by focusing on the draft as this year is over with another dismal season, and front office blunders.
  8. rabidskin

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    For all the fans that are happy with the meaningless wins, the Giants will be spending the 2nd pick we gave them on Chase Young who will be haunting us for years to come. Hats Off to the dumpster fire Dan and Bruce have given us with their stupid mentality and to those happy fans that like the meaningless wins.
  9. Not so welcome to me. Before last weeks game, we had the 2nd pick. Winning only hurts us and the draft was the only positive thing to come out of this season. Of course like always, we blow that by winning meaningless games. For all the fans who are happy about the wins, next year will be here fast, and you will get a double dose of Chase Young blasting our QB from next year on as we just gave the 2nd pick to the NY Giants. Cincy needs a QB so be happy with the wins fans. The Giants thank you! The stupidity of Dan and Bruce has even spread to some of our fans. For the life of me, I don't understand how any fan can be happy with meaningless wins and letting other teams draft ahead of us. Makes no sense, much less risking injuries to our decent vets. Anyone tears an ACL this late will miss playing time next year. Should have been playing the 2nd and 3rd string players to gain experience anyway. This is another reason we lose year after year. When the season was blown, you have to start preparing for next year. When you see Chase get drafted, think about what could have been for us. Remember, any team tied with us in the standings, gets to draft before us as we had a harder schedule. As of now, we draft 5th. we win one more and we could drop to 10th, so we have to sweat out the Giant game. If we lose out, we could get to 3rd and possibly 2nd again if Giants beat us and 1 other team. But that's unlikely. We had the 2nd pick 2 weeks ago and would have been tied with Cincy with one win for the 1st pick.
  10. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Maybe because they call the shots as they make the decisions.....Oh that's right, their decisions have produced another winning year and this "great culture". You go ahead and keep on rooting that we keep shooting ourselves in the foot year after year. This win only hurt us but you will never see that. Make sure some important veterans risk getting some ACL injuries also, so that they won't be ready for the start of next season...we don't want the backups to gain any experience. This will also make us a stronger team cause we have to get that Win so we can get into the playoffs chase by game 16.
  11. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Of course you don't see the logic. It's only logical to win a game, where a win can only hurt the team by lowering their draft pick. Makes sense to play most of the veterans and risk injuries that may affect next years strength as this 2nd win will most likely get us in the playoffs this year. Yes it is totally logical to not test all the backups with valuable playing time and gain experience to see if they can help the team. Yes, it is so logical to lower your draft pick for a useless win so we can get less talented players and continue this franchise fail. I now see the logic thanks to your help. I stand corrected as Bruce and Snyder were not on the field, and we all know they are 100% correct in all their football operation decisions. You can obviously tell by the great winning record and "culture" we have. Until stupidity is cured, happy losing records for years to come. It's only fitting that their tearing down DC./RFK Stadium in 2020....making sure that the only proof that there was once a great football franchise in Washington, is only in our memories. Can't even write HTTR anymore after 60 years of watching games as it has become too embarrassing.
  12. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    You will see the logic on draft day who we could have had and think back to this game. Nice win...now our playoff chances greatly improve...how idiotic! Same crap every year winning meaningless games and dropping our picks for nothing. Beating Jacksonville last December dropped us 5 spots in the draft. We just lost the 2nd pick ( and Chase Young..the next JJ Watt) and dropped to #4, Are we happy yet?
  13. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    You forget the Giants who the Skins just gave the 2nd pick to, thanks for nothing.
  14. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Yes and lose the 2nd draft pick. This win will really improve our playoff chances....how stupid!
  15. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    WTF!!!! Why? How stupid do you have to be to throw away the 2nd pick ALL FOR NOTHING! Now just sell the team and go to London as no one cares anymore....At least we had a top pick. Give it to the Giants!!! Dumbest As*es in football. Bruce and Snyder!! Can't even get that right and get something for the SH*T you give us on the field.