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  1. Just like tonights game....1 pt behind in 4th qtr and the disappearance of Peterson and we leave with a 15 point loss. At least Norman got an interception after giving up some TD's and a bunch of 1st downs. Knew we were screwed when Eagles had 3rd and 9 backed up on the 20 yd line on their 1st possession and Norman gave up a 1st down which started an 80 yd. drive for a TD. Nothing new though.....this is what to expect from a 75 mil contract to a player who can't keep up with receivers. All year long and you can count on it happening. Just don't understand all the fans who think he is good. He is average at best and slow for a corner and definitely not worth the salary of a shutdown corner. He makes 1 good play for every 10 blown coverages. Too many holding calls due to his slow speed. His mouth is underpaid though as he talks a great game. He should never have gotten upset at the booing fans for not being satisfied with his pathetic coverage. Wonder how the NE fans would treat him? But back to your quote....at least we were fun almost halfway and it was just too bad the TV analyst knew better and kept the Skins fans in a reality check. Couldn't even get the respect then. We will always find a way to ruin it.
  2. you will see how angry by the number of the constantly growing vacant seats at the last 2 home games. Fans have had enough of the B Allen bull and hype and the Snyder regime. Next years season ticket sales will plummet even further. Snyder will go back to selling to the ticket brokers. So sad what this franchise has become. Most of the fanbase never experienced the failures back in Sonny's days only to see them rise to being respected and feared. Now we have become the NFC Cleveland under Snyder and a Front Office joke.
  3. rabidskin

    Norman, enough is enough!

    Exactly! You hit the nail on the head....The "Mouth" needs to shut up and be a shutdown CB for the salary he's getting. Dez was right saying he's all talk and no game. 3rd and 7-8 yds to go and they throw to Norman's direction for a reason. He's just not as good as he thinks he is but don't attack the fans. Especially ones like me that started going to their games before Sonny Jergensen. Been around long enough to know when it's time to start booing his inept abilities to prevent TD's and 1st downs.
  4. rabidskin

    Norman, enough is enough!

    The Front Office....lol Yes, great decisions....then why are we in last place consistently and Norman stops 1 out of 10 times from getting 1st downs. Great decision trading away Fuller and letting Sean McVay sign with the Rams...Too many poor decisions to list here. Norman shows how pathetic our pass defense is if he is our best coverman because he can't stop anyone. Swearinger only good DB we have. Enjoy watching the rest of the year because wins will be few....it's rare to be in first place as the Eagles, Dallas and giants gift wrapped the East for us only to watch the Redskins /Gruden meltdown. More upcoming holding calls and 3rd and long giveaways by Norman, which you have not noticed I guess.
  5. rabidskin

    Norman, enough is enough!

    Could not say it any better! What is sad is that we finally have a defensive line so the DB's job is much easier and they do much worse instead. Swearinger is the only great DB we have and would be even better with some help.
  6. rabidskin

    Norman, enough is enough!

    Don't know the majority of games you have been watching but as you can see, the long time fans are sick of dealing with it and the sell-out run is over...the fan base has been historically fantastic and supportive and for 50 sell-out years have been here long enough to call out certain sad-sack prima-donna's whose mouths are far greater than their talent. What's worse is when the teams own players start to point it out themselves. The FO can deal with the empty seats...Seats are empty...deal with it.
  7. rabidskin

    Norman, enough is enough!

    I agree, but he doesn't help us, consistently letting his receivers make clutch catches for 1st downs. Paid like he is a shutdown CB, but mostly all mouth instead of all-pro 90% of the time. All the DB's are weak except Swearinger and are below par. Its the $75 mil contract for rookie quality play that singles him out based on his game talk. Who do you think Swearinger is talking about mainly in his press coverage after the Dallas game? He's average at best....and I would have loved the time back that we lost for his holding call at the end of the Texan's game....was going to be 4th down but they got the automatic 1st and killed the clock because of him, that was a major factor for the loss on him and he did the exact same thing the week before. Chalk it up anyway you like...he is better at running the mouth than his coverage, and you can rate him good, but below par in my book and pathetic for the salary. I totally agree with your comment!
  8. rabidskin

    Norman, enough is enough!

    How much suffering must we endure with Norman and this terrible pass defense? 1st Dallas possession, 3rd play and it's 3rd and 7 and Norman is nowhere near his receiver which converts for a 1st down and the drive is started as they go down and take a 7-0 lead. How many times is Norman yards away when the ball arrives and what about the holding calls on Norman during and in the final minutes of a close game? Even Swearinger was yelling and hand motioning Norman to move up closer to Cooper, who then completes another 3rd and long reception for a 1st down on Norman. Swearinger is the only safety/DB that we have, that plays with heart and is above average in talent. We have guys that can't even keep from falling down. Norman, you called us "keyboard warriors" and don't like our boo's....then start playing and earning respect like the salary you are being paid, or you will have to beg people to take the tickets you purchase just to hear their voices. By the way....how did that work out for the Houston game? More giving up TD's and holding penalties on your part. This team's motto all year is " We have issues that need to be corrected", and it's repeated at every press conference all the way to game 16. The Motel 6 saying: "we will keep the light on for you"…..Redskins saying: "We will keep the fans booing and emptying the seats until we get it right".
  9. rabidskin

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I for one, am not a Gruden fan. Another Dallas loss and poor preparation. You're 2 points are correct and I also don't like his play calling and clock management skills. The last 2 games, we had definite situations to run the ball considering our makeshift OL and his choice to throw that led to turnovers, game losses and even the QB receiving a season ending injury. Our new linemen run block better that pass protect...especially against Watt and Clowney's pass rush, as evidenced by Peterson's 2 rushing TD's. To have a 10 point turn around against the Texans when you have 1st and goal right before the end of the 1st half, was sickening. Game would have been tied instead of being down by 10 points. Then you lose another 3 pts at least and the QB, while in FG range....that's 13pts. and we lose by 2. Way too many games where his play calling cost us ballgames. McVay should have been elevated the end of last season as I was hoping for. Instead, he takes the Rams from last to 1st in year 1 as the Rams Front Office recognizes talent. Since Snyder doesn't have a clue and keeps B Allen and the Mouth Norman and that ridiculous contract, I can only hope the seats keep emptying until he wakes up. Swearinger's comments after the Dallas game is his way to maybe get Norman to shut his mouth and the coaches to start preparing better. Even he is frustrated with Norman's play and everyone coming to practice laughing and collecting their pay while they lose. You could even see him yelling in frustration at Norman and giving him hand motions to move up on Cooper, which Norman then proceeds to give up another 3rd and long conversion for a 1st down. Norman doesn't even have a clue that the "keyboard warriors" as he calls us, are booing him for his poor abilities and pathetic talent. You have your shutdown CB's and then you have Norman that makes 1 good play for every 10 bad ones. His Big Mouth is only matched by his ego and ridiculous salary....wish his play and talent were at least half as good.
  10. Your not remembering......with 19 sec. left he threw deep left which lost valuable time and then he threw 8 yd sideline pass OB to the right...then FG. Like all teams, Texans covered deep and sidelines giving up middle as clock continues to run on completion. Plenty of time to get 10 yds and spike it giving a makeable FG try. Poor pathetic coaching. I was stating that with 19 sec. left, he should have called a slant route to the middle where coverage was weak.
  11. The best call would have been to throw the ball on a 10 yd.slant route across middle as defense guards deep and sidelines.....enough time at 19 second mark to get to ball and spike it for a 52 yd. FG try.
  12. It seems that way but it boils down to coaching.....Gruden's play calling in vital situations cost us today along with Norman grabbing like the TB game and others as we sure could have used that time back that gave them the 1st down. Norman complained but you just keep your hands off and there would have been no call. Peterson's 2 TD's were showing Gruden that we should have pounded the ball at the end of the 1st half and worse case taken a tie game to halftime instead of the 10 point turn around and Houston lead....plus pounding it on the play Smith got injured as that was another 3 points erased by the sack. We lose by 2 and Gruden was the problem. Get what you can but take the points when you are in scoring range in a close game.
  13. Last 2 plays? How about protecting the ball with a make shift line and running to insure 3 points in the 1st half to tie the game instead of giving 7 away? Then field goal range on the play Smith injured his leg. That's a 13 point turnaround right there alone from poor coaching play calls. We didn't have the OL to pass protect Houston's pass rush in vital scoring situations. Norman the "Mouth" continues his pathetic play again and again and helps make sure we lose. ( and he whines about the boo's....clueless egotistical idiot) Needs to stop the constant holding on receivers due to his inept ability to cover. Gruden has to go and trade Norman and his ridiculous salary!
  14. Dallas don't need the refs as we have Gruden for a coach and the "Mouth" for a CB....that's enough for any team to get a win.
  15. rabidskin

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    Not the "Shutdown" CB he's being paid to be. Not worth the money nor the mouth....1st TD by Houston was on who? Norman... figure why the fans are booing yet? Who can take a team with just over 2 minutes left in the half and 1st and goal from the 7....down by 3 points.... and then go to halftime losing by 10. Gruden and Norman and company. Why is the fan base and attendance dropping off and booing.....???? I wonder.