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  1. This is where your comment about wanting to lose is wrong and that wanting a loss shows we don't have a soul or decency. We do have a soul and decency for the very reason you stated... We want our team to do well and to do this, we need the higher pick as the season is lost and meaningless except for the outcome of the final 2 games. This is the only thing that will have an impact our team, not an Eagle win just for pride. We lost our pride and became a joke halfway through the season and all the years before with Allen. Also stop playing valuable vets we need next year to prevent them fr
  2. Entirely unfair? It is totally fair and absurd what Bruce Allen has done to this team and its one time great fan base. This is what we deserve with the likes of Snyder and Allen. The dysfunction is from the Front Office and their creation alone. No sane fan will waste another dollar on these 2 bimbos. Not until change has occurred.
  3. Snyder and Bruce Allen. Vinny Cerrato act 2. This is as bad as our corrupt and dysfunctional political circus. You have got to be worse than a moron to not see that the FO decisions are wrong and often repeated many times. The fan base has dwindled and rightly so. Die hards have died away. You have played Preston Smith to the point he gained experience and then let him walk for 2 2nd rd picks. In the meantime, Preston gets more sacks with his new team than our entire team had after 3 games...plus a forced fumble and an interception. And you complain about having "new players". What is g
  4. This coach is a JOKE! Our DB's are a JOKE, Why do Skins fans have to suffer like this. Our O Linemen are always injured or playing injured for years. Gruden said our first half was a JOKE and the announcer said he's never heard any coach say that about their team at halftime. Gruden is the Joke as well as Snyder for not promoting Sean McVey and firing Gruden. Instead Sean is 8-0 and we are failures for another year. Get ready for the implosion the 2nd half of the season!
  5. Field goal now 13-7....Gruden SO Pathetic in Red Zone....TD by Dallas and extra point will lose the game....just like sweating the Panthers last week......also way to save the 2 timeouts again in the 1st half Gruden.. Get rid of the DB coach and no talent DB's. Fire Gruden and Allen....so sick of this staff.
  6. Redskins coach comments " we have got some things to fix".....Yes, like firing Gruden and Allen. After a bye week with two weeks to prepare...its time for change.....and we let McVay go to the Rams...Allen needs to go ASAP. Here is the latest media comment on the Redskins.....3. Is this your NFC East leader? This?! Coming off of a win over Aaron Rodgers' Packers and a bye week, the division-leading Redskins were out of their depth against the NFC South-pacing Saints. Greg Manusky's defense entered Monday as league leaders in total defense (278) and passing defense (187.3), but Brees and the
  7. Another reason Allen should be fired...here are some stats from our draft picks as noted on ESPN website: " the result is that the Redskins now have only one player left from their eight-member class of 2014, and just six out of 17 players combined from the 2015-16 draft classes (run by former general manager Scot McCloughan). All 10 members of last year's class remain. They have four players remaining from the 2010-13 classes." This is no way to build a team through the drafts with Allen.
  8. With the 53rd pick in Rd 2, Allen chose Cravens... and for that we get to move up 4 picks Rd 4 (109) and lose pick (113),up 7 picks Rd 5(142) and lose pick (149) and get a 163rd Rd 5 pick...all for a 2nd rounder #53 that should be a starter. Nice job doing your homework Allen...as Cravens did the same bull in college at USC. What a waste of a 2nd rd. pick and what a waste of a team President. Take a hike Allen as you have botched too many signings and non-signings and can't figure how to build a team. Go to school with the Rams and Eagles and see how its done.
  9. Now that T Solder from Patriots signed with the Giants, their other T Fleming is visiting the Cowboys....What is up with our OL that we can't get visits Washington? Our OL was eat up with injuries...how about some depth? Take off your blinders Allen!!! And how about Pouncey to replace Spencer Long! Whats going on and stop sleeping!
  10. Yeah, put a second punter on the roster as our punter gets too tired from all the kicking during our games. I realize he won't be on the final roster but how about looking at the quality FA's on the market, or keeping at least some of our starters. Remember all the injuries we had to our OL last year?....and now 2 failed physicals this free agency period and both were Redskins.....Great strength and conditioning job by our staff. Seems we always are in the top 5-10 for injuries year after year. Snyder please sell the team so that you and Allen can take an extended vacation. You have ruin
  11. Why didn't we make a play for OL Justin Pugh or T Nate Solder , or DB Tyrann Mathieu , or C Ryan Jensen, or DL Richardson ... Dontari Poe ....Suh, or CB Kyle Fuller...or any of the pro-bowl players. We picked up WR Paul Richardson and paid big money to someone who wasn't a starter and his career high was 730 yards...even Richardson stated that he was shocked with the Redskins offer, but we didn't even look at Jordy Nelson. Why do we always get the lower rung quality players without even interviewing the pro bowlers. We should have tons of cap space considering the lack of pro bowl players on
  12. So far Richardson WR is only pickup off free agency....We have lost Cousins, Murphy, Grant and Breeland.....Grant had great hands. Fuller was given away in the trade for Smith as well as our 3rd rd. pick.....WHY is Bruce Allen still with the Redskins and what has he accomplished as far as building our team...a losing record? We are going to continue to lose with this maniac and Snyder sits with his thumb up his rump to keep his brains from falling out. We are constantly digressing......while the Eagles and Rams can make changes and go from the bottom to the playoffs and SB trophy in 1 year.
  13. PS. JimmiJo.....your statement "Finishing the season strong, as the Redskins are doing, sets them up well for next year.".....what the H are you talking about? Winning these games does nothing for next year except lower our draft pick. It only hurts the Skins...these wins came way too late and why bother when the coaches choke when it matters. By the way, Gruden didn't even seem concerned last year when the field goal was missed and they tied the Bengals in OT in London. I realized right then that we would miss the playoffs somehow by that tie as it really is a loss when it comes down to
  14. Yep....another useless win only to drop from the 9th pick to the 15th in the upcoming draft....Now that they choked and blew the leads and wins against the Vikings and Saints that would have given us a wild card, we shoot ourselves again by winning meaningless games to drop further down in the draft order. This team can't do anything right year after year. Lets see how we lose Cousins next year when we could have signed him 2 years ago for a lot less money. B Allen and Snyder are a complete joke....lets give Pryor a contract extension for 10 mil a year and sign Johnny Manziel to replace Cou
  15. Absolutely makes NO Sense! Now that the season was blown, the only reward for a losing season is a higher draft pick....so it's only fitting that they choked when it mattered on the important games and beat the Cards today to move them in front of us for a better draft pick. Let's win a couple more useless wins and drop down in the draft even further. This win today will raise us from 3rd in the NFC East to 3rd in the NFC East. Way to go.....just about 4 weeks too late!!! Every year the Same Old S. This franchise is the bottom feeders with the useless Browns year after year. PS re-sig
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