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  1. dodgeman9

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Hey ES Crew...Thanks for another season of lurking on the game day threads. Ya'll make following this mess of a team somewhat fun. That and beer! LOT'S of beer! Misery loves company I guess! You all take care and I'll see ya in September...HTTR!!
  2. Nah....Never like the hard stuff...I have the belly to prove it!!!
  3. I vaguely remember that now that you mention it!!
  4. Have we EVER had a good MNF game! I"m too old to remember!
  5. Oh well. Typical Redskins. Dallas still sucks!!! Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!
  6. About as likely as these guys ACTUALLY having "36 All-Time GREATEST Hits"..................I have to admit that it would be nice though..............The Skins winning the Superbowl I mean!!!