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  1. Bruce Allen….my point...great job! As one analyst pointed out, sign some players who can actually be on the field and are not on the injury list game after game, year after year.
  2. I agree on how ridiculous our moves have been, We lost a high 2nd rd in 2020 and last years 2nd round for Sweat instead of keeping Preston Smith and drafting 2 more talented players...and giving up the pick for Haha Dix for just a part of 1 season playing time was idiotic. We will do the Redskins traditional win meaningless games soon only to lower our picks out of the top 5. We must keep shooting ourselves in the foot year after year and after 9 years of Bruce Allen, are we happy yet? Clueless in Washington and way past moronic. The stadium is only occupied by majority of visiting fans and the handful of die hard Skins fans and Snyder still doesn't have a clue. 9 years of Bruce Allen and we are 1-8 so far...great job!
  3. rabidskin

    San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

    Entirely unfair? It is totally fair and absurd what Bruce Allen has done to this team and its one time great fan base. This is what we deserve with the likes of Snyder and Allen. The dysfunction is from the Front Office and their creation alone. No sane fan will waste another dollar on these 2 bimbos. Not until change has occurred.
  4. Bruce said he graded him a 99 and was a 1st rd. pick talent wise. He wanted him over Haskins...just kidding. Trying to use the Bruce Allen manual on football operations 101, year 9 edition. Reynolds was an undrafted FA out of Kutztown Univ in Pa.
  5. you will probably win the Redskins beanie if you really want it....would love to see this score for the great Allen "culture" of the franchise. I can't even look at his face! It's disgusting. His culture has emptied the seats and lost the fan base....Great Job Bruce!. Along with destroying the team and losing the fan base, does everyone remember the 36 million cap penalty he caused? Why is he still here?
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    Not with Bruce Allen around.....I have said it for years and years. Cerrato / Allen curse. Bruce has decimated the fan base and our team.
  7. rabidskin

    Redskins at Giants: Trajectories at an Intersection

    Snyder and Bruce Allen. Vinny Cerrato act 2. This is as bad as our corrupt and dysfunctional political circus. You have got to be worse than a moron to not see that the FO decisions are wrong and often repeated many times. The fan base has dwindled and rightly so. Die hards have died away. You have played Preston Smith to the point he gained experience and then let him walk for 2 2nd rd picks. In the meantime, Preston gets more sacks with his new team than our entire team had after 3 games...plus a forced fumble and an interception. And you complain about having "new players". What is going on after all these years? Is this being done on purpose as it is past being outright stupid. Bruce should have been fired after the Shanahass debacle. Same excuses year after year along with the preseason hype. The next wreck this year will be Gruden winning a few meaningless games late in the season to ruin a high draft pick. All I can say is Please Miami, Jets, Bengals, and Denver...win some games. Gruden, don't you dare beat Miami and the Jets. Do something good for the Redskins for once and lose those 2 games. Its the only thing we have to look forward to. We are already the laughingstock. Please get Mike Holmgren out of retirement to run this team.
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    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    What do you expect from a Bruce Allen and Gruden team. The only thing we have learned is how to empty our stands of Redskins fans and not that it isn't deserved. Started going to games back in 1961 to 2002, but until last year, I never thought this would happen to us. My Dad sold 2 of his 4 seasons tickets back in the day for an RV and cash. I can not believe how Snyder surrounds himself with losers and lets the winners move on to successful teams. Our coaches and front office destroy good talent. I would bet the world that had AP been active last week, we would have won that Eagle game. Such stupid decisions with inept abilities. It won't end until their gone!
  9. rabidskin

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Swearinger was just stating the truth and Gruden couldn't handle it. So the idiot knee jerks away a possible trade pick and just cuts him....the most effective DB we have in the backfield and full of fire and desire to win, but he has to go because he told the truth about Grudens ineptness. Such a loser! Fire Allen and Gruden NOW!
  10. rabidskin

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    gotcha on this but this is why I mentioned that Allen and Gruden have to go. I believe that AP decision is on Gruden
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    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    AP seems the better RB IMO. He carries guys after the hit better and Guice seems slower than before his injury and seemed to go down easier after contact. I think AP would have really helped extend some drives better after we were up 17-0. He need to be on the field and Davis brought back and Reed should go the route that Doctson did and Richardson Jr along with him. Tired of roster spots being taken by players who can't stay on the field and produce.
  12. rabidskin

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    He's the HC and responsible, just like the decision to keep Reed who can not play a 16 game season, which cost Davis his job, and AP being inactive when we needed him the most with a 17-0 lead. IMO AP is the better RB. Now there is more veteran player dissatisfaction in the locker room from this stupid move. Then to learn from this, his press conference statement that AP will be a week by week decision just alienated another good player and many veterans on our squad. Face it, like the stats showed during the game...Gruden has 35 wins in 6 years to the Eagles Pederson who now has 30 wins in 3 years. 6 years to build a team and we are at this point.. I Could list numerous reasons for not liking Gruden but will cite the main one....He is a loser and after 6 years, enough is enough. Lets see if he can break his previous record for using the term "correctable mistakes"during press conferences with special notice how much he uses it in the last few remaining games of the season. Those are the one's that take the cake as the corrections never occur. Change is long overdue as it will never get better, there is no Super Bowl in Gruden's future and like they say, wins matter and you get nothing for 2nd place. We don't even get a chance to dance. The blame is on Allen and Gruden. 2 3rd down and 10 to go and the same man beats you twice in the same game with the same long bomb TD and that man was not worth the 3 million to keep him on your team. He seemed pretty good for the Eagles even years later but not good enough for Gruden to keep.
  13. rabidskin

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Because Gruden and Allen are mentally challenged. We sure could have used AP after being up 17-0 as he is a better runner by far. To make matters worse, like every other mistake, he didn't learn from this blunder after the game was over and stated that AP being inactive would be a week by week decision. Going by his special teams excuse for the move, just realize that this was created by Reed who can not play any game without missing time and being hurt. I said to cut Reed and Doctson 2 years ago and Reed continues to hurt this team and costing others their jobs. My heart goes out to Davis who belongs on the team and to AP who belongs on the field. Lets just alienate every veteran we can, for the sake of the oft injured losers. Every die hard Skins fan, please count the number of times Gruden says correctable mistakes at the press conferences this year. I know he must have been over 150 last year when I got fed up.
  14. rabidskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    because Houston inquired about a trade and we didn't solicit one and were not interested....And no they still don't need as Houston gave up two 1st rd and a 2nd rd pick for LT Tunsil. Houston doesn't need Trent now....blew it! Just like Gruden and company blew the Philly game today and I stated that we would need AP and making him inactive would cost us. AP is a better runner than Guise and we could have used him after being up 17-0. Same old correctable mistakes and excuses every year with the same blown leads and losses. Gruden has won 35 games in his 6 years and Pedersen and the Eagles have won 30 under him in his 3 years. When is enough, enough?
  15. rabidskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Why waste another year.....he did not show, stated he would not be back in the Redskins facility and is a disgruntled player. What did Texas offer? At least make a move to better the team and not just sit there doing nothing! We are going to suffer without him either way and at least use the 1st rounder trade to move up and take the best OT in next years draft.....Instead we get nothing as Bruce's ego is the primary concern. Fans are tired of the loser mentality of this President and Allen needs to go...now! 1 step forward and 2 back. Gruden is "numb" from the constant "dog and pony show" he put on all off season. Everyone saw this coming, especially Allen and Gruden who spoke with Trent. No show was nothing new and the Redskins are sitting flat-footed again and getting/doing nothing to improve this situation. At least we could have looked at multiple 1st round picks next year most likely, instead of ignoring other teams offers. Even with a Trent comeback, how much "effort" will he give....no win situation except a trade and Allen blew that!
  16. rabidskin

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Agree and I am like you.....I think points will be hard to come by with this OL. Let us pray that Flowers plays like a pro instead of college quality. The latest ESPN article is that Gruden is "numb" concerning Trent.....Look what Houston gave up, so you know we could have had at least one 1st. Rd pick for Trent. Bruce Allen can't get a HOF to play or even make a trade....waste another year and talent. We will never win with Bruce Allen. Now we risk more injuries to our QB's and RB's...Thanks Bruce!
  17. rabidskin

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    It varies dependent on circumstances such as players history of committing H to H hits, judgement of severity, was there a clear and unobstructed path to make the H to H contact clearly avoidable, was there a lowering of helmet motion used to target the head and neck area intentionally. Most of these are judgement calls. The Burfict fine for 2 hits In the same game against Antonio Brown and Connors of the Steelers resulted in $112,000 in fines.
  18. rabidskin

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    $28,075 fine was issued to safety Neal of the Falcon's.
  19. rabidskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If I had to bet, I would guess that TW is not going to take the $$ hit that sitting out the season would result in and will report sometime after preseason is done by the 3rd game at the latest. I think you are going to lose that bet!
  20. rabidskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    you are right. But going by those close to the source, look at our training and medical staff over the last 2 years and look what has happened to our team with injuries. It's absurd. Truth be said, my family was season ticket holders from 1962-2002 and I've seen it all as I went to every game. I have been battling an incurable cancer (multiple myeloma) for the past 10 years and my body is getting tired much like my wanting 1 more Super Bowl. I am sickened by the constant (issues) and FO decisions that keep delaying playoffs. Always something! Tired of the excuses and talk of building a winning future that has never come. My selfish reasons are why I want Trent on the field as he is the best LT in the NFL and am sick of stupid decisions like getting rid of Swearinger on a knee jerk reaction and then Gruden questioning himself about making it clear to him about tightening his lips. We could have gotten something in trade value at least but I liked Swearinger for his spunk, fire and desire to win. Selfish reasons, I want playoffs this year and we will definitely not get there with this line and without Trent. My last year of hoping and if not, I'm done as a fan until major changes are made. Maybe the stands need emptying to get the point across as nothing else has worked.
  21. rabidskin

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I think we are forgetting how good Trent is and that most all players get injured. How many Redskins players In the history of our franchise, were considered the #1 player and the best at his position of all 32 teams? He is definitely the best player on our O-line and the core of our O-line strength....Pay him and stop wasting years of trying to build. We just signed a 36 year old in Penn to take his place? Trent is 31 and Bruce wants to nitpick the best LT in the NFL??? Give Trent what he deserves contract or not as he has earned it and keep building around him. When will the FO get it together?...years and years of losing but then you see what a man like Dorsey can do with a 1 win and 33 loss team over 2 years and they can compete for their division now. I am sure Trent wants to leave, but think what this will start when you hear Kerrigan, Shreff, Payne, Allen all start saying the same when their contracts are almost up. This will effect all of our players....It's time to change the consistent problem of losing and that is with Allen and Snyder's decisions. Fire Allen and pay Trent what he deserves. Winning is now and not always something for the distant future that never gets realized. How many of you fans can go to work and fail constantly without getting fired. Are we winning yet year after year? Why? Is our fan base shrinking?, yes and more each year. Wait till you see the stands if Trent doesn't play...a few early losses and the stands will empty the Burgundy and Gold and be filled with visiting teams jerseys like last year. Watch what happens if Trent doesn't play....it won't be pretty.
  22. rabidskin

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    So we need to count on an injury prone Hamilton and good luck with him playing 16 games. While Foster's injury was caused by stepping on another players foot, there seems to be something terribly wrong with the Redskins strength and conditioning programs. 2 straight years of season ending injuries that more than double other teams averages. How many feet get stepped on during the year by all the teams and yet we lose a vital player on the 2nd play of OTA's. This is the start of the 3rd year of disastrous injuries and something has got to change immediately before the year is blown before the season even starts. We are definitely doing something wrong and it has not gotten better. Our players are not in physical shape to withstand stepping on someone's foot and falling. Enough is enough with this staff and its strength and conditioning program as our players continue to get serious injuries even without hard contact yet. Overworked and pushed too fast or underworked, something is not right. I'm not an expert, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this is not just bad luck or bad breaks....not with just about half the team on season ending injuries for 2 years in a row and starting off like this again. Just my humble opinion.
  23. rabidskin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I totally agree with your points that Bruce will dig us deeper and also taking the hit with Alex. Draft the QB from Duke as I watched 4 of his games and he can compete with rookie pay and we suffer one season, and we are done. Also move on from Reed as his salary is too much for a few games a year. When he plays, he's playing hurt anyways. Draft O-linemen, DB, TE and QB. The big mistake was letting Swearinger go for nothing. That hurt our poor D backfield even more. I hate to say it but I wish they would have gone after G Williams as our Defensive Coord. I would even offer Callahan the HC job to keep from losing him as he is a miracle worker with the O-line....he could hire an offensive coord and Williams for the defense. McVay was the loss who should have been promoted to HC but Bruce isblind to everything football related. It seems he's staying put so I won't be going to the games anymore and will just watch the tv occasionally.
  24. rabidskin

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Last time I checked, he was rated as the #11 safety in the NFL and just made it to the pro bowl as an alternate...but who needs pro bowl talent anyway? We are teaming with those in our defensive backfield. Just ask Gruden.... we are so stacked in the D backfield and overall depth at all positions with pro bowl talent, that we don't need to seek any compensation or draft picks. Swearinger was so poor in talent and attitude that The Cardinals jumped to have him on their team AGAIN. They knew how terrible he was when he left the team and they jumped ay the chance to sign him so they could get him back as he was sooo bad. They had to protect their last place finish in the NFC West and knew signing him would help them achieve last place again, but what do they know. The Redskins are familiar with earning last place but Swearingers knowledge was noticed by our astute staff and he might prevent us from getting last place next year. He had to go....he knew more than the coach and that might get us closer to 1st place...Good thing we have Gruden and B Allen to keep us at the bottom and get rid of the players who want to win. Such a crazy game!....its so hard to see the sneaky good players that try to undermine our goal to fail.... Good riddance DJ. Your desire to win, playing with all your heart, above average talent, and being a pro bowl alternate pick are not wanted or needed here. If you would have just kept quiet and taken your losses for the team, and be a real loser, you might have been able to stay a part of this constantly declining franchise. You could have enjoyed a future of being another face in the crowd, unknown by all and judged by those who did know you, as a loser. But you blew it. Your intelligence and pro bowl talent were exposed and now you had to go. If you can, see if you can talk Trent Williams, Scherff, Jonathan Allen , Payne, Kerrigan and a few others to go with you....I feel they are not taking losing seriously and we don't need more of that. We are destined to be in the NFL Hall of Fame, the National Football Losers HOF and Gruden, B Allen and Snyder will get us there!
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    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    I totally agree Joeken 24. Love hate relationship is what this team and FO gives you to work with. You want to stay a die hard fan but they keep putting out the manure year after year. dav87sc said "the expectation is for players to do what the coaches say, right or wrong" Well, there is the problem as he did what the coaches expected ….over and over again with negative results....surprised it was only 4 times that he expressed displeasure....I expressed it many more! Swearinger wanted to win badly and tried to get them to listen but was ignored and he kept playing as the coaches directed with the same idiotic results. I would be frustrated too....as he stated that our talent wasn't as bad as the results were showing and he knew why. The guy gave his heart and desire to win and even with the negative results, he ranked #11 in the NFL for safeties and made the Pro bowl as an alternate. He must have a little knowledge of what is happening on the field. I won't forget him yelling and waving Norman to move up on his receiver during the Texan's game with 3rd and 9 to go, and Norman played back and was beaten on a 12 yd. pass for a 1st down ( just like 8 out of every 10 times) that extended the drive for a TD. His reaction showed his desire to win. Our staff's ego did not allow his input and advice and he realized he was sailing with a ship of fools, but was man enough not to accept losing without a fight. It is our loss again due to ego's and ignorance....it shouldn't take long to realize how many times we can't stop 3rd and long or how to close a game out. Week 16 of another year and were still going back to look at game film as we have corrections to make. After all these years, is this ever going to stop and will we ever be properly prepared for a game? Another thing, if Swearinger was sooo bad, why did the Cardinals jump on the chance to take him back? A new team... Ok... but a team he recently played with??? They knew what they lost before and he must be doing something right. One thing for sure, our coaches sure as heck don't know and Swearinger was right in my book to call it for what is was and be fed up with the ignorance if they didn't want to listen. What ever happened to "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", and shame on me and shame on me, and over and over. Congrats Gruden for keeping your pride and ego intact and losing us a pro bowl talent because your defensive coach is clueless. We don't need pro bowl talent in our defensive backfield....were good, our record proves it, as well as the withering attendance. I'm not one to burn my jerseys, but I think after this move, I might wipe with it. How long does this joke go on? It's Vinny Round 2. The Redskins Rule: When the coaches don't know what they are doing with the talent they have, don't tell anyone and go down with the ship....keep quiet and remember that we need to get paid every year....its a business decision! Yeah send them our way Belichick...we are worse than Cleveland now...Bang!