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  1. Washington Football Team vs. Cincinnati Bengals at FedEx Field, Nov. 22. Washington won 20-9. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  2. Saints 43 - Redskins 19 DEFEAT. Postgame thoughts When the ground game never gets going and your receivers are missing in action as they have been for the first month of the season, it turns out it's pretty difficult to put points on the board. Conversely, when your defense practically begs the home team to start off hot by picking up penalties on three early 3rd down plays to keep drives alive, you're going to face an uphill battle. And if both of those things happen at the same time to the same team ... well ... you get a blowout of epic proportions.
  3. Hello again friends, and welcome to ExtremeSkins' Week 4 coverage as the Washington Redskins travel to take on the last undefeated team in football, the Kansas City Chiefs. I am your good luck charm, murf, and I am joined by TK. As you no doubt are aware, the 2017 Redskins are undefeated (2-0) in games I cover and winless (0-1) when I am not in attendance. While that should be comforting to 'Skins fans, this week's matchup will put my winning streak to the test because the Redskins have never emerged victorious in Kansas City (they're 0-4 lifetime when playing at Arrowhead Stadium)
  4. VICTORY!!!!!!!! Redskins 27 - Rams 20 Hello friends. I know it's been a while since last we chatted, but I am back again for season number 13. Much like many of my previous seasons covering this franchise, the Washington Redskins did not get off to the best of starts with their 2017 campaign -- snapping a five-game winning streak over the Philadelphia Eagles with a disheartening 30-17 loss.Whether it was due to nerves or the first-team offense not getting enough reps throughout the preseason, quarterback Kirk Cousins was more inaccurate than 'Skins fans are used to seeing. Whi
  5. Thanks, Hap. It was definitely the coldest I've been on the sidelines in a few years. Fortunately, when you're watching an ass kicking like that, it tends to warm you right up.
  6. themurf

    Big Game Hunting

    I was only in Detroit for 29 hours, and yet, I was somehow in town longer than TK was. Fun times.
  7. We had some issues last night uploading the photos into the new gallery setup. Thankfully all of that has been figured out and the images are now posted here.
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