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  1. themurf

    2021 Minicamp

    The Washington Football Team holds a minicamp for veterans, rookies and roster hopefuls at the team's Inova Sports and Performance Center, June 8. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  2. themurf

    2021 Rookie Camp

    The Washington Football Team holds a minicamp for their rookies and undrafted free agents at Washington Football Team Park, May 15. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  3. Washington Football Team vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FedEx Field, Jan. 9. Buccaneers won 31-23. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  4. Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, Jan. 3. Washington won 20-14. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  5. Washington Football Team vs. Carolina Panthers at FedEx Field, Dec. 27. Panthers won 20-13. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  6. Washington Football Team vs. Seattle Seahawks at FedEx Field, Dec. 20. Seahawks won 20-15. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  7. Washington Football Team vs. Cincinnati Bengals at FedEx Field, Nov. 22. Washington won 20-9. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  8. themurf

    2020 Week 5: Rams at Washington FT

    Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Rams at FedEx Field, Oct. 11. Ravens won 30-10. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  9. Washington Football Team vs. Baltimore Ravens at FedEx Field, Oct. 4. Ravens won 31-17. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  10. Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field, Sept. 13. Washington won 27-17.(Photos by Brian Murphy)
  11. themurf

    2020 Ron Rivera Press Conference

    Introductory press conference for Washington Redskins head coach Ron Rivera at Redskins Park, Jan. 2. (photos by Brian Murphy)
  12. themurf

    2019 Week 17: Redskins at Cowboys

    Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, Dec. 29. Cowboys won 47-16. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  13. themurf

    2019 Week 16: Giants at Redskins

    Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants at FedEx Field, Dec. 22. Giants won in overtime 41-35. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  14. themurf

    2019 Week 14: Redskins at Packers

    Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, Dec. 8. Packers won 20-15. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
  15. themurf

    2019 Week 13: Redskins at Panthers

    Washington Redskins vs. Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium, Dec. 1. Redskins won 29-21. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
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