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  1. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    No need for logic here... Becuase danny dimes! LMMFAO Not to mention over half of Haskins turn overs came in relief duty where he wasnt getting the 1st team reps and had a coach who didnt want to work him into the plan. (And/ or the team was behind) If you remove the stats from his relief efforts on account we were losing and he was dealt a weak hand... And judge on starts vs starts for turnover rate the narrative then changes and paints a different picture. Go figure. 30 other teams choose Danny boy over Haskins? Is that a fact? Love to see the data to back that jack- When I see "Dannys boy" and "simba" used as jabs... I fully expect to read an agenda riddled post full of incompetence. Who TF cares wtf his handle is on Twitter?!!? The owner likes his new qb? LMMFAO say it aint so Joe! GTFOH
  2. Are all of those guys UNrestricted free agents? Im probably in the minority but I wouldnt pay big money for Amari Cooper.. I watched a lot of drops and half assed efforts in Oakland... But id be ok with dullass not having him! LMAO Doesnt Diggs want out? Not sure RR would want him with some of his antics though. Minny is in cap hell though- LMAO
  3. CowboyKillerz

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    How nuch Is TeddyB making this year? If I was a Vikes fan id be salty AF we overpaid Kirk and let Teddy walk.. There were options that didnt require giving up the farm for good ol kurt. This thread has kind of run its course... What would you give up for Diggs on the other side of McScorchin??? I think itd be fun, but we definitely could use a TE like Rudolph more IMO. TE is a BIG need esp for a young qb. All the top teams have ELITE TEs and I think itd progress the O further to have one over another stud at WR. Man Kirky is stacked with talent over there... As for the thread title? Still no.
  4. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Like an 8th year senior... Dude will be like 40 on draft night!!
  5. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I think some are trying wayyy to hard to read between the lines on RRs comments about DH... They havent even ran a single practice together for christs sake! Some of yall crack me up man... If KOC was the qb whisperer some make him out to be- wouldnt he have a resume? Are we giving him ALL of Haskins growth in the last few weeks? None is on the actual player? Or idk on the job experience? Is it insane to think that RR is confident he can not only duplicate any success KOC had in Haskins growth, but more importantly get the RIGHT people in house and do a far superior job in grooming him?!? I laugh when I read the comments about Haskins being entitled... Or Dannys pet or buddy or a self centered diva etc.. The narrative is trying to paint this guy like he is Antonio Brown status full of himself, and literally took over Bruce Allens old office! Lollll Any star player is close to the owner- moreso the qbs; Kraft and Brady? Said Brady is family, BLOOD family! guys come on... Portis and Snyder were pretty tight too- he is the star qb. Just becuase he has a conversation or god forbid a dinner with his boss, doesnt mean he is some kind of suck up little teachers pet to the guy. Good grief. He missed a non mandatory meeting in the off season? In which time most all players are taking a vacation before the offseason grind?? Oooohhhh ahhhhh what an ungrateful brat! LMMFAO
  6. Thats fair. But ya I def see it differently, and Wentz has to be held accountable for his actions too. I do tend to side with the defenders due to the target area shrinking every year, and the not lead with the head? Try simply walking without leading with your head! LMAO but seriously the game HAS changed and I feel like defenders are severely handcuffed. Two of my all time favorite Skins were Dexter and ST, and love good hits in the game! - unless its like the hit J Reed took... THAT was dirty AF and yet no suspension. Id be surprised if Clowney is even fined, but i can see the league trying to save face by fining him. A suspension would be ludicrous especially given how Wentz didn't utilize the rules and negated the option to protect himself from ANY hit like he should have. I know sports casters are back and forth on the topic... I see Clowny go to punish Wentz for being dumb af, and actually you can see his helmet/ head tilt to the left trying to spare the some of the helmet to helmet.
  7. I disagree with that man... Dirty hit? Nah. If anything it was a moronic play by Wentz. He gave up all of his QB protections by diving head first. Had he slid feet first (like a qb protecting himself does) then he makes it back to the huddle; and can finally complete a playoff game for the team he led there. Instead, for what ever reason, he goes head first which is a green light for defenders to hit him. And he got hit. Guess what? Thats what you get! By no means am I saying Im glad he got hurt, that sucks big time for the kid... But he also hurt his team by putting himself in a position to take an unnecessary hit. Clowny dove at him... And the contact wasnt egregious- but rather unfortunate. Watch it in full speed. You think he had time to think 'oh im going to hit him on the back of the helmet if he dives', then had the perfect internal clock to time his dive at Wentz when he started to dive? Wents went head first and got hit legally. The fact that it knocked him out of the game doesn't change the fact that it was a clean hit that should've been avoided altogether if Wentz just slid like a normal qb ;rantoff
  8. CowboyKillerz

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: 2019 Nightmare Season Finale'

    THE CowboyKiller!!! I cant root for a loss... But I know the prize for one benefits the next decade of beating the cow****s- and that is more inportant. Even if they squeak into the playoffs, one and done is funny AF to see! *Thank you GB! Lollllz
  9. CowboyKillerz

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Pretty solid math... Although this team is frequently MUCH better on paper then in real life! I think Young is an impact player for sure- but a GOOD to GREAT DC is likely more impactful- especially if we add Chase on top of that. The DCs in DC have been criminally bad as of late
  10. CowboyKillerz

    Should The Redskins Draft A QB?

    No. Draft Young and take a viable prospect later in the draft to push Haskins/ back him up. If a guy like Herbert or Fromm is around I wouldnt hate taking a 3rd round pick on a qb. Prefer to get Young and add pieces like TE and Oline around our 2nd year qb
  11. CowboyKillerz

    Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

    Yall are funny! Thanks for the entertainment
  12. CowboyKillerz

    Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

    I believe you.... BUT number 6 on my list... After strength of victory is quite clearly strength of schedule. So the entire list cant be based on a scenario of same strength of schedule. Muat be the tie breaker for getting in to the pkayoffs- despite my pointed keywords in the sesrch. Is the strength of schedule determined at the begining of the year for this possible tie breaker? Or is it reconsidered after the year as teams change how "strong" they are? AZ And Tampa who the NYG played vs us going against 49ers and Carolina. 49ers the difference clearly... But thats this year not when the strengrth of schedules were originated last year According to this site: Our strength of schedule gets the same grade... So would it not then go to head2head and/or division record?
  13. CowboyKillerz

    Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

    Two Clubs Head-to-head, if applicable. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games, minimum of four. Strength of victory. Strength of schedule. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed All I could find for tie breaker via google.. I googled: "order of tiebreakers in nfl for draft" Is this wrong?? Im OK with the L today... But its not in my DNA to root for a loss to the pukes... EVER. Big part of my disdain for Kirk is all his losses vs the pukes. I hope we can still hold the pick for Chase AND beat the cow****s!!
  14. CowboyKillerz

    Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

    I dont think the Giants leap frog us... Theyd have 2 division wins to our 1
  15. CowboyKillerz

    Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

    Soooooo... How bad would it be of we beat dullass next week? If Detroit wins a game I think itd be no change?