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  1. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Ok cool... So who is this miracle franchise qb savior? We need help allllll over this team. I for one am ok with trying to develop Haskins and building around him. If we have a worthy oline, a formidable pass rush, and a capable D.. THEN we can insert a qb and be competitive if Haskins trully is not able to improve. At this point we are not a franchise that can take who, Burrow? And excell. We will flounder with ANY rookie qb- and miss out on pieces that can help. Im ALL for Chase Young- preferable via trade back to 3 and getting a 2nd... Trading whom ever we can for picks and taking the best olinemen and TE (in that order) available. Im also for BPA so that may look different. The idea of drafting a qb high to fix this team has proven fatal over the years... If we see something in one of the qbs then we have to pull the trigger- but as of now I'm not all in on any of the top prospects over DH. I was worried of Tuas inhury history and he might never play again. We need to build this team from the ground up is my point.
  2. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Jason Campbell??? Wt holly **** Does he have to do with this thread?? Holly **** batman, that was like 20 ****ing years ago!! With as many qbs since!!! Smmfh Ok, it was only 10 but still. And anything you may have thought then is irrelevant- BUT nobody knows what his career COULD have been given a better (stable) situation, right coaching, and players around him. Funny thing is his career QB rating is higher then most would guess... Not gonna fact check Wiki but Elway the one and only HOFer I crossed checked has a lower rating.. All that for- who the serious **** cares about JC here and now on this thread? Get a clue man- no one cares wtf you posted then just like bust or Hall with DH... No one will care what you spewed here in 4 years either way he turns out. We ALL know that we dont know... And wont for a long while. Telling us about all your vegas winnings would be less boring- but equally irrelevant to DH. WE GET IT
  3. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    The next poster who types bust should take a self imposed ban. This forum is unreadable with the same post reiterated every 5 mins. You want a golden star? Stfu already geezus Christ! You are not "right" you are not a qb guru... And as of now you arent even rooting for your team; rather against them and hang on only negatives. Haskins faced a stout D and the line/ rbs did little to protect- he looked lost at times and also flashed. The later being something we ALL should want to see. If anyone thought this 1 year ncaa starter would step foot on the field vs the nyj D and break records- oh wait, not a single person said anyhting close to that. Nor were those the expectations. He is raw. And is trying to build on each week. Ya, the floor is below the basement, but there IS positives. God I wish the pukes gave up on Aikman as fast as this fan base is with DH... Maybe they dont dominate the majority of the 90s. :puke: Progress. Each week. Kevin please be more creative. Calli please allow this. Lets work on blocking calls at the line... Lets improve that. Lets see more of that 40 yard dime to McScoarchn.. Lets see more dump offs to Guice.. Lets attack wraknesses. Harmon and Guice had some nice plays- I like that. Im even ok with the L... That much closer to Young! Thanks to the posters who have been level headed and analytical. The good the bad and the ugly. Thoughtful breakdowns are a good read for me... The smear campaign is so tiresome though, and any valid points lost in the back and forth about NOTHING. *All the hurt feelings... Go pollute social media with that mess SOB
  4. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Someone get this man a beer!!! Top post of the season right there @PartyPosse
  5. Is Guice able/ expected to suit up on Sunday? Idk why I have week 11 as the time table for return (mandatory or otherwise)
  6. CowboyKillerz

    Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

    23 - 13 Skins win... Id love to see Young in the B&G... And maybe that still happens.. I wont be sad if we lose, but will be rootin em on per the (y)ús(h)
  7. CowboyKillerz

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Sorry to rehash a slightly aged post... BUT, being in the Denver market I have to point out some flaws with this post. Denvers qb situation has been as bad or worse then ours since Manning. Now, Brandon Allen DID look solid in his forst start; he also had playmakers making BIG time plays for him. Things like a hand off to Phillip Lindsey that went like 30 yards to the house with some great moves from PL. Be nice if our rbs could get in the endzone some time! Lol A poor throw to the endzone, that looked like a sure fire INT, was caught for 6. Cortland Sutton bailed him out with an acrobatic catch for the highlight reel. Also, Noah Fant channeled his inner Gronk and went yard on a 10 yard pass- shedding multuple defenders and scoring a 75 yard TD. So ya, stat line and score says one thing, but Allen had help from his play makers. Going 12-20 isn't horrible- Granted he DID show some elusiveness and made the Denver O move better then old man Flacco, and made some good reads... But 60% for 193 including 75 yards on a short pass and great run paints a different picture. Haskins sans 4 playmakers (Reed, Davis, CT... Guice [arguably unproven] Crowder gone) hurts big time. Furthermore Denver did NOT develop Brandon Allen. He was signed the beginning of Sept... In fact the 2 qbs they ARE developing were deemed less ready then a guy off the street. Yea, Drew Lock hurt his hand in preseason (not as severe as Breezey)- but he is no where in the picture, dispite being fully healed by all accounts. Brett Rypien also drafted this year, is the back-up and apparently less ready then Allen. So, I see the Broncos in the same conundrum... It takes time to develop a rookie qb, some more then others. We can argue that Haskins wasn't worth the pick, but that ship has sailed. If he can be developed and shines in the future, where we drafted him will be moot. If he fails to NFL, then we whiffed on a(nother) first round pick. Plain and simple. His draft position shouldn't regulate how little of a leash he has or how our patience with the young passer is measured. Just my $0.02
  8. Lol perma ban??? Damn... Thats hard up! I actually still have a Terry Allen jersey... Reebok reversable for both home and away! But I get your point... Mine was moreso AD having his knee repaired then nesrly breaking the all time rushing record the very next season. Your point is valid minus the ban LMMFAO
  9. Any updates from practice? The kid can play if he is trully over these injuries... Glad he has AD to learn from. AD forever changed the way the sports world and ACL surgeries are viewed. #2kAllDay
  10. CowboyKillerz

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Soooo.... Are they looking for ABs helmet to fit the guy and put his ass to work yet or wtf?!
  11. CowboyKillerz

    Redskins vs Bills Prediction Thread: Fate Is The Weight Of Circumstances

    17-13 Daaaa SKINS
  12. CowboyKillerz

    Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

    What happened to VD? Didnt think he was out this long