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  1. https://www.hogshaven.com/platform/amp/2020/10/9/21510192/what-haskinsd-viewing-gold-by-j-t-osullivan Pretty good breakdown if you are up for it. Very valid points... Ultimately, there is so much more wrong with the O that isn't named Haskins. Yawn. Wake me up when its over... undoubtedly get the #2 or 3 best qb in the draft... that will of course bring the suck per usual. Awesome
  2. Here in CO listening to Altitude sports radio, mostly Denver sports talk... one report said Haskins wasn't at practice? Did he hit the pouty button and bail?? I just want a qb, not even wins at this point but hope. Who is out there?? Brett Rypien? Raw but at least he can huck it down field!!! Tyrod after his lung heals? Id even be ok to see what the practice squad qb CUs Steven Montez can do (yaaa not much).... but seriously, Kyle Allen? Kill me now. 1% better than his year last year compared to Haskins this year... and what 50/50 td int ratio?! Sooooooon ova Crap. If
  3. I try to tip toe the middle of the apologists and haters, but my desire to have a solid franchise qb (ANYONE) does make me lean a little bit to the side of hoping he pans out. Ultimately, stats and play aside, I think a larger part of the haters (than would ever admit) just despise his face, his mannerisms, and how he looks on and off the field as a person! I'm absolutely serious, he as r me out... He has the look of being disinterested when looking at plays after he is on the bench, on the field he looks bored, on the sideline he can be seen looking as if he is THE Man
  4. lmmfao! Kurt Grossman had a qb rating of ZERO through 3 quarters.... finished with 16. Love to hear the Kirt loyalists defend that turd of a game Poor viking fans.. "you like that?"
  5. Man i miss a healthy Jordan Reed... guy is one hit away from loosing the last of his marbles though. Despite being a liability, I still saw us cutting him as surprising, instead of letting him play or retire
  6. Its often said, "if a ball hits your hands you should catch it"... with the gloves these days, as a pro NFL player, that rings true even more so. Now, not all balls you get a finger on are catchable- granted. After rewatching the game today, Haskins made throws that gave guys a chanc to make a play. He generally made good reads, and didn't throw any INTs! There was very little time in the first half to throw down field, BUT there were chances for players to make some grabs. If half those plays get hauled in and we build some momentum (and/ or keep it) we can definitely bang with the Browns.
  7. Is Cam Simms so bad he can't get playing time over Inman? I know his run at a colt Brennan award was short-lived, but you cant teach size... sucks all his great catches were on a practice field or pre season game. Little Sims is a good slot guy... Terry needs help for the 2 role bad AGG made a brief appearance... is he also that fsr behind Inman?
  8. Simply perfect that we didnt reach on him and brought him in as an udfa. The fact that it was US and not another team may speak well of the new FO as well. Despite not being a top 10 talent, his name draws attention, there HAD to be other offers? Another thing of note, LSU had great wideouts and Moss played decoy a bunch- with ZERO drops this year, its hard to know what he actually CAN do in the pass game. Another thing I havent heard anyone say, is his awareness is top level. To many times did i see Sprinkle or (insert bum TE) just go to a spot and sit there... Moss
  9. Ok dad. Sorry I hurt your feelings I didnt use a derogatory name... But i guess it would be an insult to homosexuals to align them with the NYG... So i fixed it.. Didn't know yall were going to be so uptight and serious on here. Frustrated watching rivals make moves.. Sorry to all, ill go to timeout
  10. Why? Seeing the enemy add another STUD WR then Diggs as we are sittin on our hands this roynd has my stomache turning. Gross
  11. God I hate the dam cow****s. Despise them. And the vagiants Fecals too.. But especially dullass... And this draft has gone much to well for them as we sit here with no 2nd
  12. SO happy thisbthread didnt jinx us.. Welcome to the squad Chase!! #HTTR
  13. Tdub for Travis Kelce straight up Swap Alex Smith for Michael Thomas... My first born for Guice and Bryce to have bionic knees from Mars installed But seriously, we cant afford to trade the few good players we actually have. If we could get a 2nd for Trent at this point id be down... Do we get a comp pick for Reed? Man thats a saaaaad story
  14. No need for logic here... Becuase danny dimes! LMMFAO Not to mention over half of Haskins turn overs came in relief duty where he wasnt getting the 1st team reps and had a coach who didnt want to work him into the plan. (And/ or the team was behind) If you remove the stats from his relief efforts on account we were losing and he was dealt a weak hand... And judge on starts vs starts for turnover rate the narrative then changes and paints a different picture. Go figure. 30 other teams choose Danny boy over Haskins? Is that a fact? Love to see the data to back that jac
  15. Are all of those guys UNrestricted free agents? Im probably in the minority but I wouldnt pay big money for Amari Cooper.. I watched a lot of drops and half assed efforts in Oakland... But id be ok with dullass not having him! LMAO Doesnt Diggs want out? Not sure RR would want him with some of his antics though. Minny is in cap hell though- LMAO
  16. How nuch Is TeddyB making this year? If I was a Vikes fan id be salty AF we overpaid Kirk and let Teddy walk.. There were options that didnt require giving up the farm for good ol kurt. This thread has kind of run its course... What would you give up for Diggs on the other side of McScorchin??? I think itd be fun, but we definitely could use a TE like Rudolph more IMO. TE is a BIG need esp for a young qb. All the top teams have ELITE TEs and I think itd progress the O further to have one over another stud at WR. Man Kirky is stacked with ta
  17. Like an 8th year senior... Dude will be like 40 on draft night!!
  18. I think some are trying wayyy to hard to read between the lines on RRs comments about DH... They havent even ran a single practice together for christs sake! Some of yall crack me up man... If KOC was the qb whisperer some make him out to be- wouldnt he have a resume? Are we giving him ALL of Haskins growth in the last few weeks? None is on the actual player? Or idk on the job experience? Is it insane to think that RR is confident he can not only duplicate any success KOC had in Haskins growth, but more importantly get the RIGHT people in house and do a far superior job in grooming him?!?
  19. Thats fair. But ya I def see it differently, and Wentz has to be held accountable for his actions too. I do tend to side with the defenders due to the target area shrinking every year, and the not lead with the head? Try simply walking without leading with your head! LMAO but seriously the game HAS changed and I feel like defenders are severely handcuffed. Two of my all time favorite Skins were Dexter and ST, and love good hits in the game! - unless its like the hit J Reed took... THAT was dirty AF and yet no suspension. Id be surprised if Clowney is even fined, but i can see
  20. I disagree with that man... Dirty hit? Nah. If anything it was a moronic play by Wentz. He gave up all of his QB protections by diving head first. Had he slid feet first (like a qb protecting himself does) then he makes it back to the huddle; and can finally complete a playoff game for the team he led there. Instead, for what ever reason, he goes head first which is a green light for defenders to hit him. And he got hit. Guess what? Thats what you get! By no means am I saying Im glad he got hurt, that sucks big time for the kid... But he also hurt his team by putting himself in a po
  21. THE CowboyKiller!!! I cant root for a loss... But I know the prize for one benefits the next decade of beating the cow****s- and that is more inportant. Even if they squeak into the playoffs, one and done is funny AF to see! *Thank you GB! Lollllz
  22. Pretty solid math... Although this team is frequently MUCH better on paper then in real life! I think Young is an impact player for sure- but a GOOD to GREAT DC is likely more impactful- especially if we add Chase on top of that. The DCs in DC have been criminally bad as of late
  23. No. Draft Young and take a viable prospect later in the draft to push Haskins/ back him up. If a guy like Herbert or Fromm is around I wouldnt hate taking a 3rd round pick on a qb. Prefer to get Young and add pieces like TE and Oline around our 2nd year qb
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