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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2020/06/30/tucker-carlson-has-highest-rated-program-in-cable-news-history/amp/ Anyone want to actually address the facts or the logic behind what I'm saying instead of calling me a "racist"? Open debate is good and challenges preconceived notions.
  2. <edit more crazy stupid rigthwing moron off-topic stuff---(name it and claim it)>
  3. So anyone who disagrees with your point of view is a "racist"? Which is the most overused word in the English language today. I think you are an intolerant bigot. No way am I racist, I just don't like the fake mainstream news media's outright lies, and marxist takeover that's happening in America my friend, and neither will your future grandchildren when their living under true oppression and poverty. https://www.hiddendominion.com/the-cycle-of-collapse/ The cycle of collapse
  4. I don't buy the narrative that minorities are so oppressed and banned from positions of power and authority in America as progressives would have us believe. The Obama's were just president and first lady of the United States, there are also plenty of minorities in the supreme court, house and senate. Plenty of minorities in government jobs, military, police, entertainment, media, sports. Plenty of opportunities too, I believe it's 80 something percent black athletes in the NBA and 60 something percent in the NFL. Maybe we need more diversity in these leagues and should look for more talent in
  5. Raiders, Bucaneers, Vikings, raped, pillaged, and murdered. Do their names need changed too? George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, should we tear down the Washington and Jefferson monuments and rename Washington DC? Aunt Jemima syrup is offensive for God's sake. Maybe we just need to burn the entire world to the ground and restart from year zero because everything offends the snow flake few. Sad really.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/South-under-siege-1830-2000-relations/dp/1568373945 This book is that rarity of rarities, a history of the South covering the turbulent 19th and 20th centuries, written from the Southern-conservative viewpoint. Its central theme is the devastating culture-war which various groups of Northern liberals have been waging against the conservative South since the 1830s, using the South as their battleground to defeat limited republican government under the tenets of Christianity in the U.S. as prescribed by the Constitution, asnd replace that with a socialist natio
  7. But back to the thread, Redskins will be making a BIG mistake if they change their name, lots of fans will say sayonara.
  8. It's 2020, systemic racism no longer exists my friends, turn off CNN.
  9. Are you referring to me? Facts hurt your feelings? What exactly is a disaster?
  10. I might stop watching football all together if the REDSKINS cave to the "woke" mob and change their name. Racist anti American communists like Colin Kaepernick will run the NFL into the ground and I'll sit back and laugh while the league crashes and burns, kinda like what antifa and BLM is doing across all major us cities. More important things to think about like saving the USA from a communist revolutionary takeover by Marxist university establishment indoctrinated youth. https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/organizations/political-correctness-cu
  11. Don't change the name. That is all Or move to Virginia and change your name to the Virginia Rebels
  12. https://www.redskins.com/video/chase-young-i-plan-to-make-a-big-impact Chase Young Press Conference
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hogshaven.com/platform/amp/2020/4/26/21237253/thaddeus-moss-could-bring-incredible-versatility-to-scott-turners-offense
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