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  1. On the positive side , people who go to these religious gatherings tend to be conservative...
  2. What I find hilarious is Republicans calling Biden winning fair and square a "coup". Just listen to their rhetoric. Ooh, it was the radical democrats who won due to a coup. No proof for that of course. I guess the next time Republicans do a real coup (not this stupid stuff), they will claim that they prevented a coup. The two I will guarantee are Alito and Thomas. These two are the biggest political hacks out there.
  3. I don't know about a coup, but if it's close, the supreme court will steal the election and vote in favor of the Republican candidate.
  4. This I thought was an interesting article. I don't agree with the tone, but it is interesting. Just because the coup is stupid doesn't mean they won't succeed in the future. https://medium.com/indica/i-lived-through-a-coup-america-is-having-one-now-437934b1dac3
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