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  1. Republicans making a big deal out of critical race theory. I did not know this was going on in Loudoun county of all places. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/06/01/us/politics/critical-race-theory.amp.html
  2. Got my first pfizer vaccine. Don't have underlying conditions. Just went to a mass site and got it. What surprised me was that most of the people I see there were young. But I am happy.
  3. GME tanking big time. The question is, when will it get back to 12?
  4. The retail investor does not have infinite money. Plus, the stock doesn't keep going up. I can't predict the market, but if there is a panic, it could easily crater 90%.
  5. I must say that I want to see Citron and all the other negative nancies go bankrupt. What they do is take a short position and then announce what they are doing. The stock immediately tanks.
  6. So 15 million shares traded. Multiply that by stock price, and we are talking about billion+. So hedge fund joined this action because that is a lot of money for retail investors
  7. I can bet many hedge funds are making money off this. Some hedge funds just do computational trading.
  8. I don't know if Gamestop has thought of doing this, but to boost their balance sheet, they should seriously consider selling shares. They could easily raise a billion.
  9. Good idea. There will be people left holding the bag though. I was looking to see if there was a way to play the short game by buying puts. Say something like 40 or 50. Even those are super expensive. Incidentally, my mom has been holding Nokia for the last few years. It just shot up. It was due to this reddit site.
  10. This will be interesting, but I bet the stock price just collapses one day. You will see peoppe crying.
  11. From what I can gather she hasn't been arrested. Otherwise, I think it would be reported. If they were living together, why wasn't she arrested along with this guy?
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