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  1. He just threw an interception. Guess who else looked better in his first few starts? Kyle Allen.
  2. That was a clear holding or pass interference by Kuechly. Are you kidding me?
  3. Jonathan Allen is an absolute bust. Look at his PFF score. Total garbage.
  4. How can you keep a receiver that open? Horrible defense. I would fire Manusky at half time.
  5. Jared Goff was just horrible his rookie year. I thought he was a surefire bust. Then all of a sudden, when McVay became the head coach, he had QB rating of 100+ for two straight years. People may say he is a bust based on this year, but he got a nice 100+ million contract. So we never know. If I had to guess, Haskins is extremely close based on the reads he is making. Now, people say his stats were inflated at Ohio state. Probably so, but the touchdowns don't look dink and dunk to me. Guy looks accurate. He is not going to miss all the deep throws like on Sunday. He had 17 20+ yard touchdowns.
  6. I don't see the Jason Campbell comparison, because it appears to me that he appears to not be afraid of throwing the ball. It also appears to me that he can throw with anticipation. At least he made the correct reads most of the time. If he didn't make those reads, we wouldn't be seeing him miss all those throws. He would be taking sacks. Now, the accuracy was a problem on Sunday. What was his deep ball completion %? Probably close to zero. So I would not expect his deep ball accuracy to be that bad forever.
  7. He missed a lot of throws, but the reads seem to be good. I don't think he will forever be this inaccurate.
  8. redskins59


    We need to keep drafting QB's until we find the one. Haskins ain't the one. You can find good QB's in the fourth or fifth round. Keep drafting.
  9. redskins59


    Wow, the team's given up. Honestly, I would start cutting players now, starting with Josh Norman. Need to give them some fear.
  10. redskins59


    Campbell was competent. There is a reason he was a backup for a while on a different team. Haskins looks like he doesn't belong in the league.
  11. At least he seems to throw with anticipation. That is a huge positive. Accuracy needs to improve.
  12. redskins59

    Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

    Cut Norman tomorrow. Totally useless. Just give a younger guy valuable time.
  13. redskins59

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Gruden needs to go tomorrow. This is his sixth year. How long is he supposed to get to make redskins a playoff team? People say Manusky, but who hired him?
  14. Everybody knows that Biden is losing it. It won't make a difference. He makes so many mistakes that the attacks don't work on him. Last I checked, Biden is still at 30% support among Democrats. Warren and Sanders are wayy down. It is just not changing. Besides, the polls show Biden beating Trump by more than 10%. He is the safest pick. Trump MAY beat the ither candidates. I mean right now everybody is beating Trump, but the margin is biggest if Biden is the nominee. If the goal is to beat Trump, Biden is the man. The rust belt whites seem to like White dudes who are "authentic". Authentic here means somebody who seems lost. Trump is the same type. Just think about it. What do they mean when they say that Trump speaks his mind? Build the wall is very simplistic. The rural whites understand it. Everybody can see that Biden is making all these gaffes left and right. Yet, the polls aren't changing. I feel that Biden will beat Trump by 10%. Stupidity will cancel stupidity. What will win is likeability.
  15. Biden makes so many gaffes that nobody cares, except super liberals. This is who he is. I would think that the gaffes make him authentic, especially among rural folks. The polls show Biden beating Trump handily. Other candidates are all risky. Now personally, I align more with Elizabeth Warren, but practically speaking, she will have a hard time in the rust belt. I find myself switching between Biden and Warren quite a bit. I just don't see Biden losing to Trump. Biden makes so many mistakes that he is basically immune.