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  1. Let Republicans confirm their justice. It would energize democrats. I say don't count on judges moving left( which could happen with Roberts and Gorsuch). Biden needs to expand the supreme court. Don't say it loud right now. Don't want to energize the right!
  2. Not happening. Roberts won't do it, and I don't think neither would Kavanaugh or Gorsuch. The other conservative justices are pure scum though.
  3. Let's see what happens. Hopefully some justices move left (Roberts, maybe Gorsuch).
  4. This is just a terrible news. RIP. We all knew her health was deteriorating.
  5. Read the article below. This is deeply concerning. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/14/florida-latinos-disinformation-413923 Lots of anti-semitic propaganda in Latino airwaves it appears.
  6. I guess he played like Alex Smith. Not many mistakes. If the D is good, we can win like this. He needs to be better than a game manager long term though.
  7. Haskins with horrible accuracy. Why does this happen? Guy has been playing QB since he was 10. Can't hit anything.
  8. I must say that Gibson looks pretty good.
  9. The question to me is, is Haskins playing horrible, or is everybody covered? Could be a combination of two.
  10. Hopefully, they improve next game, but this team looks like they should go 0 and 16.
  11. Haskins, I thought, would be better than this.
  12. Not super worried yet. Not much preseason. Hopefully, they improve.
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