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  1. For sure we will, no doubt about it. But that seems to become an habit from players here to force us to tag them then let them leave. We might start to think about a better strategy on that side of the ball.
  2. France 1 Germany 0 With ease. Feeling good tonight after yesterday's mess where I checked almost every possibility for ES to be down. Team moving on, myself being banned, site restricted to euros, site got nuked by chinese bots, (or russians if you like), third world war beginning, aliens on earth, and so on... Spend lots of time asking google what was going on, only to find another extremeskins site, that talks about going to a redskins' game for a first date and NFL scandal with tiktok nudes???? Google is so amazing at times! Never expected the R
  3. "Official" word is he was granted permission to seek a trade. Which means he's the one looking for a trade. And I can understand that, after drafting Cosmi, he probably started to feel the heat, and with the signing of Leno, he knew he would be better elsewhere. As Kdawg said, game as changed, so it's now part of the game.
  4. That's the one I was looking for
  5. Who was that LB that left here to play for the Giants? Can't remember his name...
  6. Somehow, that's how I felt first. Like, man... the Eagles? Come on! Would Dexter Manley have signed for the Cowboys if that was his only offer? Probably not. But times are changing, and since the guy was always class here,full throttle all game long, I also find it hard to be tough on him. So I'm gonna wish him best of luck for 15 games out of 17. I know he'll understands that. It stings a little bit to see him going to a division rival, but I'll be able to get over it easily. From what I read, Bengals and Steelers where also interested. The guy
  7. Well I guess you can now add Bobby McCain (S) to the mix. Not sure it is relevant to add Jordan Ta'amu in the QB list as he replaces Steven Montez for this minicamp.
  8. I'm not sure the Cult of Colt started as a joke. We really believed in it at first I think, even if it ended up like a joke. Anyway, that was a shock to read about this and felt sad for the guy that got us excited years ago and his whole family. RIP Colt and Thanks for the memories.
  9. It seems everyone that's being drafted by the cowboys does have some character concerns. That seems to be their #1 criteria when scouting a player... Now, to get back on topic, I'll give the team an A+ hands down. I mean trading up to draft a LS in the 6th round and not being blasted by the majority of fans? That's talent. Had Bruce Allen done this this place would have nuked in a second...
  10. He looks like he was drafted out of pee-wee league...
  11. Mind you there's no holes in Gruyere. But there's lots in Emmental. Which is french. That mistake is otfen done.... Ok, so since we've drafted the cheeseman, I believe there's no chance Rodgers leaves the cheesehead to team up with a cheeseman then...
  12. I'm rooting for someone to draft Cameron Cheeseman. Probably the best name of this whole draft.
  13. Considering he was drafted by us, it's possible he won't have the same coaching staff in a year or two
  14. My daughters would then vote for Unicorns! Honestly, none of those named had me excited over it. Lots are bad, most are meh. And a few are a average. But at the same time, there's lots of sports team names where I'm still meh about it and don't get why they went this way.
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