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  1. My daughters would then vote for Unicorns! Honestly, none of those named had me excited over it. Lots are bad, most are meh. And a few are a average. But at the same time, there's lots of sports team names where I'm still meh about it and don't get why they went this way.
  2. I thought he was playing basketball with Bugs Bunny...
  3. Because he was a stop gap on crappy teams with crappy coaches trying to grew a younger QB. Which is hinda what he'll have to do here, play QB with two young guys behing him, maybe three if we draft one. He's fun to watch. Alex is a great QB, but he's boring to watch.
  4. To be fair the guy haven't played a full season as a starting QB since 2015 when he was with the Jets so that doesn't help. He's been a stop gap QB for many years, and he's good at it.
  5. The more I rad about Fitz, the more I love the guy. I didn't know much about him prior to him joining, but I really like his handling of things, him being excited of being given a chance. A chance being the only thing he's asking for. Guy is obviously a football addict and only cares about being on the field playing the game. That will be something different for us. So yeah, I really look forward to watch the guy play. I'm already expecting headscratching plays from him, but I'm also expecting lots of fun watching our team playing and seeing him throwing balls to Samuel and M
  6. For once Fitzpatrick will have to play behind a good OL. Somthing he hadn't had in a long time.
  7. Moving from Alex Smith to Fitzpatrick is quite a leap I didn't really expected
  8. That tells a lot about those guys remaining cold headed in such a situation. Badly trained guys would probably have turned it in a bloodbath, but in this case. I'm not sure you have the same ending of what happened, because the mob would have been quite unstoppable then.
  9. From the Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/02/04/doug-williams-new-role/ Doug Williams, the Ring of Fame quarterback and longtime member of the Washington Football Team’s front office, has been appointed senior adviser to team president Jason Wright, it was announced Thursday. The role is Williams’s third in as many years and marks a shift from the personnel department to the business side of the team’s operations. Click on the link for more
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/biggest-difference-between-dwayne-haskins-and-justin-fields The Washington Football Team needs a quarterback like The Bachelor needs fewer commercial breaks. But where can the franchise find that ultra-important piece? Because the organization was a part of the race to land Matt Stafford, because Deshaun Watson is on the trade block and because other veterans like Sam Darnold, Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr have all been linked to the Burgundy and Gold even though they reportedly aren't even available yet, most are focu
  11. That's it. Here in France the only ones that carry flags are those that are 3rd or 4th generation immigrants (Mind you 1st and 2nd don't do it, they see themselves as french). We just don't do that. But that's still our flag. That's how most people operate, if you need to show it, that's because you've got a problem with it. Just like ****'s length....
  12. They're so proud of what they've done that they'd be talking for a Vet min + Incentives.
  13. Talking about Senior Bowl. https://riggosrag.com/2021/01/29/five-offensive-players-washington-football-team-should-watch-during-the-senior-bowl/ The Senior Bowl is one of the biggest events of draft season and in 2021, it will take on an added importance. With there being no 2021 NFL Combine as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, prospects and teams will be limited to regional combines and Pro Day workouts. As such, the Senior Bowl will be a big chance for these players to prove themselves and make an impact on their draft status moving forward.
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