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  1. He paid $750 in 2017 while being President? You guys could at least pay your President decently!
  2. Exactly, Trump answers will be: A - Fake News B - A Lie C - [Insert Insult here] D - Blame someone else This debate will be pointless as Trump's partisans won't bulge in any way, and those that are still wondering who to pick are already lost anyway. Because if you don't have a clue by now, you won't have a clue after the debate as well. And first and foremost, it takes two to tango. Trump is not into that. I'd suggest Joe to ask him to undergo a lie detector test!
  3. The Good: No logo, No name... But I was still able to root and care for the team and enjoy the win. Fandom is still great
  4. Put an 8 ball on his desk. Just like the number of sacks we got
  5. I always thought that the biggest crime against humanity is spreading stupidity. We should be able to fill a complaint against Trump at La Haye for this.
  6. That would be the best plan I think. It on't do much against Trump's deep basis, but it would really help against those that are actually undecided. Put Trump on the hot seat early, and keep pounding for 4 Quarter (not like Jay Gruden then). The guy is so imbued of himself that he'll get out of proportion early and will keep on saying stupid stuff and lying, all the time, even contradicting himself. Bring him on the rigged election and him asking for people to vote twice, thus rigging the election. Start with his well known history of cheating when playing golf. Pushes on
  7. I'm not denying this in any way, as it's pretty obvious to me. What I'm not getting is why no one is calling him out for trying to blatanly cheat??? Looking at this from the outside, it seems to me that Dems are still running behind Trump for the campaign waiting for his next move to react. Go on guys, he's a cheater, he's paranoid, whatever. Strike fast on this. Hit where it hurts the most. Doing politics against Trump won't help. Does he have any kind of program for the next four years? No, he doesn't even have one for the next week... Good point!
  8. In my book, asking for supporters to vote twice is the basis for the conspiracy theory that votebymail will lead to a rigged election. Should be pretty obvious to everyone no?
  9. Completly agree here, and the world is watching this closely. You can note some countries are already taking advantage of this with some military demonstration here and there because Trump is too dumb. Having Trump going for more years will be a green light for many wannabee dictators to do what they want freely.
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