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  1. Law & Order doesn't mean you have to shoot your own citizens or put them in jail at any time just because they protest against the government. That's dictatorship. If the only plan you have against riots is sending in the army, then you have no plan.
  2. Guy seems to be ready to order military to kill them all... Some are posting comparisons of him and Adolf on his twitter... The more it goes, the scarier it is. This guy really have no compassion or whatever? We had a small riot today in Paris, not linked with George Floyd's but somehow related to a guy that seemed to die the same way four years ago. Which came back to the surface due to this. Police did its job like they used to. No need to kill them all. Disgusting.
  3. What's not affected by this thing?
  4. So if I read the tweet correctly, it's a $30 test that the healthcare worker will pay $100. Which will happen three times. Not bad. $210 bonus for the insurance. I should have worked in insurances company. Maybe should I start one?
  5. Wildbunny

    What's your theme song?

    That's an easy one!
  6. That wouldn't have been fun then!
  7. So taking your best scenario into account, which is 1% of immunity with 3.3m infected (making it 33.000 immune). Considering US population is roughly 330m or close to it. That would require 198.000.000 of immune americans to reach the 60% thresold. Then 19.8 billions of americans have to be infected to reach it Sounds doable
  8. Well, day-to-day things are calculated ones. You know at something like 98% rate how many will get infected, seriously ill that will require assistance, and sadly death every year. Societies, politicians, are designing our healthcare system to be able to handle this and not get swarmed and crumble in front of it. If our healthcare system wasn't able to handle all those "day-to-day things" like flu every year, you'd have that situation happening every year. And it may very well happen until this thing is under control. That's why it is totally different. It's not much about death counts or whatever, it's about making sure your healthcare system can handle it, can absorb the hit and stay upright. Because that's what a country is here for, protect its citizens. If it ever fails for whatever reason then the government have a huge problem. Lock down, quarantine, whatever you call this. That was done to protect the health system first and foremost. It helped saved life, but it allows hospitals and everything that goes with it to keep afloat through the storm. If a government isn't able to protect its citizen, feed them, it never ends up good for that government. And it seems Bolsonaro will soon learn this the hard way.
  9. You need a brain and to use it to learn something. Some people just never learn. Never.
  10. Wildbunny

    The ObamaGate Thread

    Deep Blue Sea
  11. I'll tip my hat to that GOP Governor from North Dakota. Someone still has a brain over there. I was thinking that they were all dumb and helpless. Looks like some may be worth salvageable.
  12. The kind of info you need here is the evolution of % positives tests/testing. I'm not sure you have the numbers of tests done back in the days compared to nowadays.
  13. Had I been the GM Co, I would have thanked him to come, and slam the door in his face. That's weak from Ford's boss.
  14. HIV? That one didn't last long. And flu is only coming back every year. Only one I found was smallpox. 40 years ago. But I just read stuff that we also found this virus buried in permafrost in Arctic. Which could go live again if climate keeps heating and permafrost melt... And plague still lives one in some countries like Peru or Congo it seems. Can't imagine those kind of stuff running wild with globalization.
  15. Not good at all. It's another freaking ****. Hopefully your brother will get out of this but it's gonna be tough. I really feel for you and him mate...:(