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  1. Wildbunny

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft

    So if he's not you're going to embrace the Kyle Murray hype ?
  2. Wildbunny

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    L. When we got someone that looked like a decent to above average or even just good QB, we ran him out of town...
  3. Wildbunny

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    There's nothing to see in L'pool... Not even girls!
  4. HE was traded from NY to JAX, then not signed by JAX. Just like what we did with Clinton-Dix.
  5. Wildbunny

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Click on edit below your post. Click on the picture. Then hit the DEL key. Save changes...
  6. Wildbunny

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'm sure he's happy about our new monster LG we just signed! Hell yeah, we all know how it's gonna end up. Lauvao will get hurt in week 2 of the preseason, we'll run some scrub at LG for a few weeks. Our running game will never take off and Giuce will be hurt by week 3 of the season. At this point we'll be 0-4 and Jay will get canned as well as O'Connell. Ryan will be our Interim HC which won't go along with Horton and Manusky. Case Keenum injured on week 6 Colt McCoy on Week 8. But at this point FedEx Field will be a foreign place for Redskins fans as it'll be filled by 80% of the visiting team... My 5 years old daughter is better at baking cakes than Bruce is, so I wouldn't trust him on that department either...
  7. Wildbunny

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well, somehow, the news of Jay not being consulted at all tends to prove that he's on his way out. Willingfully or not remains to be seen, but it was highly probable at the end of last season that he'll get the axe this year. Now this probability is slowly rising up to 100%. His first failure will get him is ticket out. Pretty sure he'll welcome that as a big relief...
  8. Wildbunny

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Large timing was originally done due to time span between some posters around here. Some have always been willing to wait a bit to see if they can get a trade prior to the pick. That is fine. But if too many are doing this, then it becomes a problem as we witnessed it last year. I think a good thing would be to still have large time to allow for time span. But once you get on line and you're on the clock you only have 1 or 2 hours max to make your picks. No matter what the clock says. So if you're online when your turn comes in, you just have two hours. If you come after 4 hours of being online, you still have 2 hours to make it work. And if you come after 7 hours on being on the clock, you only have 1 hour to make your pick. Seems like a good idea to me and may speed up things. Especially when lots are online. But that's just my own idea.
  9. Well before paying Allen and Payne, we'll have to pay Scherff... Which will be really, really, really, really tough now... Has Bruce really understand anything? Except our HC and TP thinks we are close...
  10. I don't doubt the fact that we'll have enough cap space to sign often injured players... Those are coming cheaper. It's been reported for weeks that the FO wanted to have a splash move. Here is our splash move, a ST fan that used to be Redskins fan and that is also good at his position. BAM huge contract coming. We won't be able to move again before we move stuff from our side. Which may takes some time, and seriously who will trade for Mason Foster, Zach Brown? Not many I believe... So we'll have to cut guys left and right to create cap space so we can sign our own draft picks...
  11. We've had a powerful offense for some years, now we're going full D and offense is starting to sputter. Crowder is already leaving, AP will go soon as well, he was supposed to sign weeks ago (just like Josh Johnson btw...). And CT was amazing two years ago, but he's also often riding the IR just like Jordan Reed... Don't worry, nerxt year our offense will be injured most of the time. Because that's what we built.
  12. And obviously he only two players really worth it are: Tress Way Dustin Hopkins. Honorable mention: Nick Sundberg - but that off the street guy maried to an olympic gold medalist of I-don-t-remember-what did pretty OK for way cheaper, so there's still a chance we cut Sundberg after signing Collins. We had what? 18M of cap space and we're spending 14M out of it on a SS? Time to cut guys left and right.
  13. Wildbunny

    Starting QB 2019???

    Except we currently have no equivalent of either one... So we're asking a guy that needs good WR to be able to play without giving him WR. Sounds like a smart plan from our FO once again.
  14. Same for me, which is what he will command throughout the league. But if we're in the mix at this price, there's a chance we can win it at this price. Heck we could even win at 10 and some at 12 if we weren't that kind of a mess. If we're offering him anything below 8, we're definately out. But Bruce is most likely going cheap for him as always and will grab 2/3 second or third tier safeties for Collins' price.
  15. I also believe that Bama boys wouldn't have to call much Collins to lure him here. Guy is a Redskins fan, if we give him a decent offer on par with other teams I believe we can win him with fandom. But Bruce won't have to come cheap with him though. He'll get serious offers from allover the NFL. So we'll just need to remain competitive with him, we're not likely to overpay for him to come here.