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  1. I think "he" needs to learn some self control, you could literally do a hypothetical for anything. I guy and his son go to McDonalds 3-4 times a day to bond and they really like it. After a couple of months they are overweight, unhealthy and unable to enjoy life, we should close all McDonalds down they are ruining families. Also, I dont think sports gambling should be at the stadium, as I see lots of negatives, I just dont like the argument that because someone might not be able to handle it nobody should be able to do it.
  2. So all the Quality assistance coaches are Del Rio's?
  3. They were copy and pasted without the screen names but I definitely remember reading them here.
  4. I got a strange urge today and did something I've never done before and went to another teams message board to see how the Panthers fans feel about RR being fired and also hired by the Redskins. Wow. There is alot of hatred over there for him and the issues they have we seem to be all to familiar with ourselves. - instead of club Jay they have club Ron. - Halftime adjustments did not exist under RR. - They are sick and tired of 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 seasons. - Loyalty to veterans even tho younger players that may be better sat on the bench. - Apparently
  5. As of right now... Gibbs Shottenhimer Ron Rivera The Shanahan's If Shanny would have hired a competent DC could have been the best hire and Rivera will hopefully move up the list.
  6. WTF, predicting Joe Gibbs passing away just made me really sad.
  7. Ed Dodds or Jeff Ireland please, would be very disappointed with anyone else on that list.
  8. I wore my Redskins hat yesterday for the first time in two years, will be unpacking some gear in the next couple days.
  9. One thing that would help is for Dan to not be such a coward by hiding behind a henchman and be accountable for the actions of the franchise, maybe he wouldnt do so much dumb ****. Oh and stop being buddy buddy with Jerry Jones and look him in the eye, tell him he is going down.
  10. Could it be Dan that steps up (on a stool) to the podium today?
  11. Sign me up I will take a 10+ win season and a NFCCG, that would be a success compared to what we are used to.
  12. I will lose it if he steps up to the podium at 3pm tomorrow to introduce the next coach. Lamar Jackson jersey might be in my future.
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