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  1. Vanguard

    Terminate Manusky

    What was the reason for not starting Matt Ioannidis? He's got almost as many sacks as Kerrigan and pressure up the middle is imperative. I don't understand. And yes Manusky is probably on his way out.
  2. My thing is, Jay must not be all that smart. If it wasn't obvious to him, when it was obvious to me that Sanchez was a sitting duck behind a paltry line. And that the other guy is more mobile and gives you a better chance starting the second half. I'm dumbfounded, it's mind blowing how terrible his decisions and adjustments are.
  3. So Barkley's going to Canton already?
  4. Jay needs to put Josh whatever in at quarterback. It's really annoying at this point.
  5. Not sure. But they might as well put the other kid in at QB.
  6. I posted it in the beginning of the second quarter. And I thought this team had at least SOME heart.
  7. In order for us to win, there was no way we could let them score again. Things don't look good. At all.....
  8. You're on. IF I win, all I ask is that you call me a genius. lol
  9. As bad as we've played. The Giants can't move the ball on us. We can get a defensive score, a field goal, and still win this game. This is not a homer talking. If I were making picks before this game, I'd still take us. Who want's to bet against me?
  10. Well one of the only things that was going to get me to watch this whole game was seeing Matt Ioannidis play. He's inactive, and so far what I've seen on offense is pathetic. I'm a fan, so I'll just flip on commercials.
  11. I like Dunbar, he's probably better than Norman. You think? I mean Norman has played better recently, though. But I digress.
  12. Vanguard

    Does Doctson even care?

    That's good. But I hope he's gone next year. He can go to another team if he wants to continue his career. I'd be okay with that. But he has underperformed and underachieved here.
  13. Really don't care how some fans feel about Kaepernick. I'm more interested in winning.
  14. I kind of expected it. Didn't really say it out loud. But on the inside, I wasn't very excited about the game because I knew.
  15. I don't think Ioannidis even played, he had to be injured but I heard nothing about it. You'd think they would at least mention it, he leads the team in sacks. I'm disappointed in the defense today. I couldn't watch the game. Only the last half of the fourth quarter. I actually made it before they played any games.