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  1. Vanguard

    Best Redskin Moment?

    I’m kind of young, but not that young. Younger than some here. So I’ll say Monday Night Miracle.
  2. Vanguard

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I don’t know if this has been posted. I had a hard time even paying attention to the journalists questions during the interview til later. If you watch you’ll understand.
  3. I remember watching that Dallas game and thought to myself, how did he get caught there? I thought the player may have just had the angle on him. I’m surprised he runs 4.5, because he looks extremely fast when he runs. But he, himself said Terry is faster than he is. Terry’s legs don’t appear to move as fast as Sims, but he’s covering more ground. Terry said he’s never been caught from behind.
  4. Vanguard

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    @HTTRDynasty I didn’t see Sims’ impact coming at all. He is our best slot receiver. You were right. I hope they let Gibson handle special teams returns so Sims can concentrate on just being a slot guy.
  5. Panthers were 5-11 last year. I always notice Ron’s teams play hard, and usually end the year with respectable records. But when they have bad games, they really cave in. His teams have one or two of those per year.
  6. I’m not even sure players found some of his antics entertaining. Peterson certainly didn’t. Players liked his coaching style, but they weren’t winning.
  7. Vanguard

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I don’t think that will happen. Sweat quietly had a solid year. He was just starting to find his way. He made plays, it’s just that they weren’t timely, impactful ones. He has a high ceiling. Kerrigan has been dependable, he should stay a redskin; but I feel he knows he’s passing the torch.
  8. @ConnSKINS26 Point taken. I would use the “if qualified” statement regardless of gender.
  9. You like to argue. And you’re arguing for the sake of arguing. Funny how you decided to ignore my statement about them being qualified. If they’re qualified so be it. But there is more risk involved. Did I ever say don’t hire women? Check yourself. And if you have a personal beef. You need to speak on it. Don’t use this topic as a smokescreen.
  10. I’ve never been big on possession receivers, but I’m not against having one if the offense moves. I didn’t see anything in Golden’s highlights that excites me though.
  11. Well you’re way more passionate about it than I am. But if some problem arises as a result of those hirings; that’s all I’m saying. Maybe you and Riggo have never encountered that kind of thing in the workplace. To me that’s coaching. And that’s why I said coaching has more to do with the issues than discipline. Yes we could use some discipline. But knowing how to communicate to players in a way that makes them passionate about what they do, and putting them in a position to succeed (scheme wise and mentally)..........that’s coaching.
  12. Discipline is fine. I’m talking about too much discipline. You ever have those teachers that made class no fun because of how strict they were? And attracting a certain audience, I kind of wanted you to read between the lines. He wants to attract more female fans. I think he’s hired two female coaches, one is strength and conditioning I think. Makes it look kind of like the move of a politician. He says they were the most qualified, if that’s true, then whatever. And I can’t say discipline has really been the issue. It has more to do with poor coaching, and being unprepared. We haven’t had an outpouring of discipline issues; felons, locker room cancers, behavior problems, etc.....
  13. I get the military zoom because of memorial day, I guess. But all I hear from him is how things need to be routine, how much he likes discipline; and one or two of his hires seem to be more about attracting a certain audience, than it is about winning. Did you see any of this meeting? He harped on how he’s been following a certain schedule since childhood. I want the players to have fun along with winning. Too much discipline can be detrimental.
  14. Ron is trying to get too many cool points with some of theses decisions and hires. He is too keen on discipline. Winning and improvement should be the concern, not publicity.
  15. It’s funny because Kelvin Harmon looks shorter than Terry in the tweet.