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  1. I always thought he was good at that. Surprised by the stat though.
  2. To make things worse Baltimore got blown out tonight. Short week for them, but they’ll be hungry.
  3. I still want to see Jordan Reed do well for the most part, even though he’s not here anymore. But he injured his knee in San Fran, they say he’ll miss 6 to 8 weeks. He’s a talented player, even plays well in the playoffs. But maybe he should stop playing, someone I know was telling me he should quit. But I disagreed, now I think he should.
  4. I’m willing to go by what Ron says for now.
  5. I’ll start telling jokes after we win another game. So it could be a while.
  6. The only thing worse than playing the Ravens would be playing the Chiefs. It’s harder for me to pick Washington games because it’s my team. I think next week Dwayne will have to have one of the games of his life, probably.
  7. NFL Network says it’s not believed to be serious. He was pulled from the first as more of a precaution. I did want Chase to just sit it out during the game instead of pacing the sidelines. But you know he wants to play.
  8. He had a solid game. Got a tough call against him. Still want to see him on some post routes. He made contested catches last year, why not try a few?
  9. ****!!! Especially if it’s been confirmed. Him missing any time at all means interior pass rush gets way weaker.
  10. Me too. Ron seems to be giving Apke a lot of room to improve (if it’s possible). He says they threw a lot at Apke and he’s played better than people think.
  11. Yay I guess it’s something to celebrate.
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