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  1. I want to see him get some int’s. He’s got everything else imo.
  2. Someone on B Mitch and Finlays show suggested the Washington Sentinels. Because Sentinel provides a good description of what Washington DC represents.
  3. Okay they’re trending up with the Vaccine that’s good. Hopefully everybody gets one.
  4. But since they’re already the Football Team. Why would they wait two years to unveil that they’ll be called the Football Team?
  5. Most people feel he outperformed Collins too.
  6. Wouldn’t Bobby McCain be a good option at free safety?
  7. I’m really excited to watch Curl this year. I’m wondering about the sophomore slump, because I’m one of those people that believes in the sophomore slump. But this guy has so much promise and plays so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play better than he did last year. He’s one of my top three players to watch this year.
  8. I think he will be better than Fabian and I liked Fabian in the role he had here. Juste has that size and flex position as a DB.
  9. Im proud of myself for remembering Big John Studd. Amazing story.
  10. Don’t tell me what to get over, you don’t know how devastated I am or am not. I don’t like losing an All Pro no matter what position. Is he replaceable? He probably is replaceable, but will we ever fill that void with the same caliber player? Take your frustration out on Scherff. I’m saying what needs to be said.
  11. I knew this was going to happen. We’re going to lose our only All Pro player.
  12. Thank god. Wind up with another Haskins. I’m easier on Haskins than most, because he at least got us Terry McLaurin.
  13. I guess I might be wrong. But I’ve always felt Ioannidis was our best interior lineman, followed by Payne, and then Allen last. I just feel like Matt Ioannidis and Payne flash a lot more than Allen. Allen is the best locker room guy of the three, but I feel like we have enough good character, and locker room payers now. That’s just me though.
  14. Terry let’s go get em this year. They need to RECOGNIZE. Office Space has some quotable scenes.
  15. What in the Blue Mountain **** is going on here? I haven’t been paying attention to any of this. Lady, if your son is begging you to take down the page, isn’t that enough to make you want to stop? That is your SON, you don’t have any other attachment to those people. But whatever, it’s not my mom *shrug*
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