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  1. i have stated this before if JK Hamler is there with our 3rd round pick I want him bad. He could be the new desan Jackson IMO. A little risky I know because he was hurt early in his career but he can track balls just like Jackson. Also with our 7th round I want Shakira if available for head cheerleader. That would increase the fans base by at least a few thousand.
  2. Here is the funny part. Everyone is on the Burrow bandwagon. Has anyone asked where was he in 2018? Nowhere. Same as Haskins really if you think about it. The different is when Haskins went wild in his Junior year would you say he didn't have incredible receivers like Burrow had this year? How many balls did Burrow throw up there and his receivers made the play? Listen personally I never wanted us to draft Haskins because he just had that one year. For my money the QB, if healthy in this year's draft is Tua. He has proven over more than one season he is a special talent. Lets give Ha
  3. Let me tell you something about Chase. I am a PSU fan, this year I honestly thought we were going to make a huge comeback, OSU was in trouble, momentum changed totally after their fumbles. Then Chase took over. I mean he took over the damn game. Penn State simply couldn't block him period. He took his game in that 4th quarter another two levels up there. I WANT this guy on our team. With him in there rotating with Sweat and Kerrigan, plus the 3 monsters in the middle of the line and our new DC, plus Foster as one of the LBs I see us going from mid 20s D to top 5. Yes I said top 5. Unl
  4. If he is there with our 4th (or even 3rd but I know many will have an issue with this) round I would love to get KJ Hamler. Especially with a proven DC and not Manusky.
  5. If you think this was on Kirk, I got a bridge to sell you. Kirk was the one that was disrespected. Allen never committed to him. If he made his a fair offer before that first tag he would have been with us. By the second tag Kirk had made up his mind he was out. Why wouldn't he, what exactly did this team show him to make him want to be here? Heck yea I am mad we didn't sign him.
  6. I will not be surprised in the least of they pick Chase. Don't forget Burrow was all that last year, in fact you can say he wasn't even on the radar when compared to Tua or Hurst etc. Soooo the question becomes how much of a change do they pick Chase? I say it is probably around 30%, which if that happens then we are seating with a HUGE potential to get Miami's 3 number ones to move up and get Burrow or some other desperate team like the Chargers. This could turn out to be a huge advantage for us. Don't get me wrong if Chase is there we need to get him. If not, we better be prepare to fl
  7. Everyone seems to be stuck on the selfie. Personally I put that down to being excited in the moment, a young man's folly. However where I have a huge problem with this kid is his inability to connect with wide open receivers. That to me is the problem.
  8. Don't you think is different drafting a rookie and starting him right away than getting your guy and letting him seat for a year to learn the "speed" of the game and system? Personally if this is our guy I am glad they drafted him AND I hope they seat him so that he can learn the ropes. The dude was one year started in college you don't throw him to the wolfs in October
  9. Man some of the sarcasm on this board. So we would all be happier if he was not making plays? Just asking.
  10. I know it has been asked but I will ask it again. WHY did this guy last until the 6th? Heck if we picked him in the 5th I would be saying how come he lasted in the 5th? Great pickup, insane value for us.
  11. My issue with this is why is Monte out drinking when we have a game Saturday? And HUGE game at that? That is my issue. Certainly its also dumb to confront anyone in today's day and age, especially in VA with the gun laws that it has.
  12. First I hope Alex recovers fully and lives a healthy happy life. That by far is the most important thing. Now the NFL to me is totally screwed up. The owners need to put a clause in the next bargaining agreement where the guaranteed money is not part of the CAP. The player should get all the money but the team should not be penalized for something that can happen in this sport to anyone. It diminishes the sport and competition. At the very least they should have a fixed deduction a team can take, say maximum hit on CAP 25 million over 5 years.
  13. LMAO. Ok and did they also say the NFL was wrong to apologize about the pass interference on Doctson in the Texans game? I also respect Doc and Brian but those guys played in an area that those hits were not made. When you have Aikman saying the opposite not just for this but also for the holding call on Harris that resulted in an INT who is right and who is wrong?
  14. You can't hang the Doctson pass interference on us loosing the game? You seriously think Hopkins doesn't make a 24 yard field goal for the win with 9 seconds left? The Dallas game that 90 yard TD by Cooper should have been called back for holding on Kerrigan and that INT on Colt should have been holding on Harris. What was the point swing in those two plays along. Hold it a minute, he didn't make the FG 5 yards further what makes you think he would have made it. And that would have tied the game dude.
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