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  1. Haskins is straight up crap. Absolutely panicking. Zero improvement from him in a year.
  2. Patently obvious that the culture starts from the top. He needs to go and the league must get rid of him. I'm pretty much on my last legs with the team and that's down to the odious horror of an owner. What a horrible environment.
  3. The 49ers will put put pressure on mahomes he hasn't felt for a while. Defenses like this win.
  4. I think the 49ers will absolutely destroy them. They did pretty well against baltimore and new orleans
  5. Packers will be lucky to get nil here. Defense is really good.
  6. It's coaches and players time. Just annoys me. Most other sports it's not even considered. Mahomes will have a different time against that 49ers front.
  7. Wish they would get the owners to hell when they present these things
  8. That kelce is a total asshole. Really odious prick.
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