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  1. Uuh. Decent day today. Without training wheels he was almost a no go. Like he could pedal with me holding the steering wheel but nothing else. So I put the training wheels back on there and saw a lot of progress. He's still not leaning balance but he is getting confidence in the bike itself.. And that's major because at one point he had just given up on riding a bike. He wanted to go home and just forget about the bike. Even said I could take it back for a cardboard printout (not sure if he knew what this meant though). So at least he was moving the bike again with t
  2. He's 4.and I think he's so excited about pedaling. I've been trying to teach him with saying things like "make foot circles". Now when I try to take the petals off, he's like "where are the petals. I want to make foot circles". Yeah, this is where i am now. It's just a thing of giving him enough momentum to go straight because he petals pretty slowly right now. I'm kinda resigned to just getting him used to it right now.
  3. I don't understand the no pedals thing. I tried it with my son and he was like what's this. I want to pedal. So no training wheels today but with pedals. He did better but still no balance. And he has to master the duality of going fast and keeping balance
  4. On another note, my kid loves Jack Hartman. He has subs basically about exercising but he goes through the times tables and skip counting as well and my son is going on runs with me singing these songs, which means doing his times tables. So cool.
  5. So I guess I lost this argument. Wifey wanted to buy a balance bike but I just said it's a natural progression to go from training wheels to regular riding. Maybe I'll take the petals off and make this one into a balance bike.
  6. I'm proud of my boy for getting back up but that was my fear. On one hand just the eternal parent fear of him getting hurt, but also him not wanting to get back on.
  7. Teaching a kid to ride a bike is hard. How do I define petaling? And he never stays focused on the street. Dude fell before he even moved the bike. On to the internet tutorials.
  8. I get that, but lets remember that RG3 didn't work when we tried to change the offense. Speed is great, to an extent. I don't want my QB making 45 yard runs the norm. Sure its a nice highlight reel play but I want a QB that can get the ball out quickly to the playmakers, or if the play breaks down can scramble and find the blown coverage to make the TD pass. This is where I go with the convention. Its not that these more traditional running QBs "can't" win in the playoffs, but its so rare. Even Russell Wilson isn't a running QB (definitely not that type of speed), but he's a mobil
  9. I'm no longer excited by a QBs 40 time. Sure I like 4.4 more than 5.2, but at some point its just a checkmark saying he can run. I'd hope that him being this fast doesn't make him try to run 10 times a game or something. And what I care about along with this is their accuracy on the run.
  10. There's also merit to the Packers philosophy of always drafting a QB. From 1990 to 1999 they drafted 8 QBs in the lower rounds 1990 9 Kirk Baumgartner 1992 9 Ty Detmer 1993 5 Mark Brunell 1995 5 Jay Barker 1996 7 Kyle Wachholtz 1997 7 Ron McAda 1998 6 Matt Hasselbeck 1999 4 Aaron Brooks That's not a who's who of QBs but its also not a bunch of unknowns either. Not only were they able to either get comp picks or trade value with some of these guys but they were also low round picks and so they didn't cost much.
  11. I think its all about how we view them today as well as in 3 or 4 years. When Dallas got Tony Romo, they were saying he had potential but he needed years of development. But the thought from the getgo was that he could be the guy to turn that franchise around. Right now we have 3 QBs and Montez. Will a QB in the 3rd be better than Allen? Will they have a better health record and be more likely to stay healthy over a longer stretch than Heinicke? Will they have the upside that we think about? The problem I have with Fitz is that he's a one year guy. We're not building a franchise a
  12. I'm going by nobody but my own intuition, but seeing as we went after FItz instead of Tribusky or Mariota or Darnold makes me think that a low round QB may still be in the works. I am thinking about that Sims QB ranking and the rumor that a NFL team said don't list Mond so high because he's our secret and I'm thinking that (or maybe hoping) that we could sign a guy like him. It could easily be another QB like dude from ND or Mills. But I'd think that we are definitely looking at the low round guys.
  13. I disagree with the 10-6 comment. I think early on we were a team making mistakes and while its easy to place blame on Haskins for going 1-4 initially, we also went 1-4 with Allen before Smith came in and things turned around. I don't think Smith did any magic, just our team grew up suddenly. I joke more about Mullens now than anything, but I don't think there's a lot of separation from a Nick Mullens from a Sam Darnold except one was a UDFA and one was a first rounder. Mullens has had higher QBRs and better YPA. That said I don't think either is going to be an all pro, but I thin
  14. Honestly, this is what scares me. While Heinicke and Allen have me more thinking about what their ceilings could be, Fitz has me saying he's not going to improve much (although these have been his best two years). I'm not on the Sheehan bandwagon calling him a top 10 QB or trying to say he may outperform Stafford. I really think that it'll be an up and down season as we live and die with his performances. Its sad because 10 years ago I wanted to give this guy a chance and see what we could do with him. He was the Nick Mullens that worked out. The thing about this move is that I re
  15. So Galdi and Sheehan have different opinions on FItz. Galdi is saying that he hopes that Fitz is just here to compete, while Sheehan is saying no chance - there are other teams who would have given him a guaranteed chance to start so that had to be a part of the package. On paper $10 mil at the initial signing doesn't seem like guaranteed starter contract. My thing about Fitz is that he is the ultimate example of the type of QB that I always talk with @Skinsinparadise about - a 7th round pick who has taken his lumps in the league and had to prove himself throughout his career. He
  16. This is where I am. I would now rather draft a Mond or Newman or Trask in the 3rd or 4th and cut either Allen or Heinicke. I honestly think that Allen won't be ready for training camp and so we'll be able to put him on the PUP list. But if that doesn't work, then I think that he's redundant now and expendable and can be let go of. That said, I wouldn't be opposed to keeping Allen if we can't get one of the QBs we like in the draft (if its something like 2012 where Shanny says he had Wilson going a round later than he wound up going). There's going to be a run in the first round with 4 or 5 guy
  17. from what i've heard Mayhew does veterans and free agents.
  18. That's interesting. I would think of Campbell as more accurate and of Mond as a better runner. One thing I like about Mond is that he has more attempts. What that means in this context is that he was able to stay healthy longer in college. And though he's a running QB (with some beautiful runs) who can stay healthy its a nice thing. Also, Campbell was getting 8.5 yards per attempt in college, whereas Mond has 7.1. But yards per attempt is heavily influenced by completion percentage. But even if we look at yards per completion, Mond has a lower yards per completion than Campbell. It does seem t
  19. Honestly I don't discount this. Mayhew is not the draft guy. That's supposed to be Hurney. So I would be more interested in where he shows up. Now, the fact that Turner is there is more interesting because both our current QBs are because he attended pro days. But I'd think he's going to attend most of these pro days.
  20. I honestly have a strong feeling that whoever we draft will do well with this team. In part because of trust in Ron and in part because I think our defense and TE are just what a young QB needs to succeed. And If we got a Jones / Trask who isn't as mobile I think our OL can do it. Lets not forget that they protected an immobile Alex Smith into a 5-1 record and an immobile Dwayne Haskins. I look at teams like NE, NYJ, Jacksonville, Washington, SF, Chicago, (maybe) Philly, (maybe) Detroit, Carolina, New Orleans, Denver as the places where a rookie will have an opportunity to play a l
  21. I really think that this year's QB class could be as good as 2012's, if not better. In that year we had Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Weeden, Wilson, Foles, and Cousins. All these guys minus Weeden have gone on to have somewhat productive careers. RG3 we can debate but he was the ROY so he at least showed something. This year we will have - Lawrence - Wilson - Fields - Lance - Jones - Mond - Newman - Trask and that's just some of my favorites. Will a team put Elhinger or Book or another of these QBs somewhere into this discu
  22. Brissett looks like a decent option. I don't really see him coming in here and outright beating out Heinicke. He has had fivecareer 300+ yard games and 3 3+TD games (one with four). Its not an overwhelming resume but not something that I'd be mad about. I'd rather have Mond but if Mond is a guy whose stock is rising, maybe we're not getting him without spending a 2nd or 3rd on him. Going with TH, KA and JB gives us 3 guys that could all play "well enough" and with this defense it gives us a chance at a SF or LAR type run to be a SB contender.
  23. This is such a true comment. As somebody who loved Lauletta, Rudolph, and a few others.
  24. This is a nice observation but I'd add some names to your list. While this borders into the conversations that @Skinsinparadiseoften have in terms of what level of a good QB we want, some names I can add to the conversation: - Aaron Brooks (career AV of 72, didn't start full time until end of second year. - Chad Pennington (career AV of 62, didn't start until third year) - David Garrard (career AV of 69, started 3 games over his first 3 years). - Tony Romo (career AV of 116), didn't start his first 2 years in the league. - Matt Schaub (career AV of 81, st
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