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  1. Count me as one of those people who would be upset if TH was the odd man out. If we did bring in another QB I really doubt if RR would get rid of Allen. I am not an Allen fan. I don’t dislike him; just think he is meh!
  2. Feeling sorry for Mahomes. Showing lots of guts, but not getting much help from their OL. Surprised they did use more of a short passing game.
  3. My head and heart says KC win. My substantial gut says Bucs. The OL injuries for KC is main factor for me so, I think the Bucs win. No idea about the score.
  4. The thing about TH is the footballing brain. He did a lot of impressive things last night, but the thing I really liked was on a play that went wrong. He dropped back to pass and JPP batted the ball in the air. It looked like TH was going to catch the ball and try and run with it. Not an outrageous thing to do. I would have done it and I am pretty sure a number of good NFL quarterbacks would have tried the same. He just knocked it down. Simple, but excellent football awareness. Just seen Tannehill do what I would have done - he lost 10 yards! I think the job is his. If he
  5. The focus seems to be on our DL against Brady. I am more concerned with our OL v their DL with Suh, JPP (poss). I can’t see our O being on the field long enough to keep our DL fresh. Starts off tight but the Bucs stick on lots of points late on. Bucs 37 Us 13
  6. I assume Smith, Gibson and McLaurin will not play. The game will be closer than the score line suggests. Them 23 Us 13
  7. Richard Sherman…hmm. I might be interested if he switched to FS and then only if [insert standard ES answer when looking at expensive FA. You know the one about a cap friendly deal]. I am content with Everett so its not high up on my priorities.
  8. Although I like the idea of taking on Darnold, I have to acknowledge you maybe right. I can only think of one, but that was long ago and that was Jim Plunkett. Even then I am not sure he gets a lot of respect despite his 2 SB rings (Rightly or wrongly).
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