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Game Day Thread - Redskins at Putty Cats (North Cackalacky Version)

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1 minute ago, Doctorfro said:

You guys who are wanting us to tank, forget it. It wouldn’t matter. 1st pick, 5th pick, 25th pick....our regime will screw it up. Just play ball, show some pride and try to win.

You started off so we'll....:(


I want every W no matter how no matter when.


So does Snyder.  I believe we can get there together.

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Just now, c slag said:

Wow if only Guice would stay healthy for a whole season 

Yep. Honestly, imagine where we would be right now if haskins had started right from week 1, and guice was healthy from the start. Dare i say we’re in the playoff hunt right now? 

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The defense and Guice are going to win this game despite Haskins since Carolina seems to want to give the game away about as bad as the Lions did. Amazing how this team plays well when it doesn't freaking matter except for draft picks. Amazing. 

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