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Game Day Thread - Redskins at Putty Cats (North Cackalacky Version)

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Just now, OVCChairman said:



with 4 or 5 legit drops


That line could easily be 17 / 24 for 210 and a TD which is a positive step.  Stats don't always tell the truth on a game to game basis. 



I'm neutral on Haskins, but you could literally say that about every single quarterback's performance always forever since the beginning of all time.

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1 minute ago, dc1 said:

The appreciation for this step is outside of the pure numbers. Take a look at the game again and look at what was missed what was captured was nuanced what was created and you have a better understanding.

That sounds like a very convoluted way to say "he didn't play like JaMarcus Russell".

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3 minutes ago, ExoDus84 said:


12/24 (50%), for 121 yards. 5.0 YPA average. 0 TD 0 INT.


Can we calm down with the "He took a big step" comments? Unless I slept and woke up in 1930, those are terrible numbers. The run game, and us playing some nobody named Kyle Allen is the reason why we're winning. 

I didn’t say a big step.  Read.  

you don’t want to give Haskins any credit then don’t.   He is a part of this win like it or not. 

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6 minutes ago, tomwvr said:

I think bruce is gone no matter what

Not so fast, grasshopper.  Synder is stupid enough to keep him no matter what the record.

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