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  1. Trade back. I'm not touching Burrow or Tua with a ten foot pole. Burrow is a one year wonder, and Tua, his injury history is god awful. Plus if Haskins doesn't pan out, I rather have a shot at Lawrence or Fields tbh.
  2. God, i love Sims, Harmon, and Terry. Hope these guys improve over the offseason.
  3. Solid first half. That first near pick with Sims was miscommunication. The second one, he threw off his back foot but that's cool. He's still a rookie with much to learn. Hopefully our defense can play a bit better too.
  4. Dumb play by Montae. Play is over and that could've put the momentum on our side. SMH
  5. Haskins looked quite solid on that drive. Wish would've went for it but eh, good play by Apke though.
  6. Indeed. Dude has carried us this season. Tough day for Haskins, we almost lost him and Guice today. I'm glad we are still in the running for the top pick at least.
  7. Haskins is obviously hurt. Put Keenum in.
  8. We never stood a chance in this game.
  9. Great throw by Haskins and YAC from Harmon.
  10. Playoffs? Not sure if you've seen this team the first 9 weeks.
  11. Glad we're getting a reality check. We are not getting out of here with a win.
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