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  1. Well we all knew that since we didn't get caught up in the Dunbar situation we would have someone make sure to keep the team in the News for something idiotic. At least the team didn't give up anything for him.
  2. Seems like for the first time in a long time Snyder may actually be taking the correct steps. Here is to hoping.
  3. I am glad that Bruce has finally been shown the door, however, am I the only one expecting him to go to Goodell/Mara with information that the Redskins were filming competition (not that it helped), or some other nonsense just to cost us #2. Now if you will excuse me I need to go have this Tin foil hat resized.
  4. Signed the MVP of the team. Now Bruce is back next year 100%
  5. Need Fabian to get a small injury so that 24 comes in to seal this W.
  6. You know we would only draft Tua. We have a proclivity for drafting players with injury histories.
  7. Please don't say this. You could get Bruce busy proving you wrong.
  8. Finally figured out how to ignore certain users. I am guessing the enjoy ability of reading the forums will increase 100%.
  9. Just think most teams only get 3 or 4 games of the play offs. Our guys give us a possible 8 weeks of playoff football!! Ok tried to put a positive spin on this.
  10. To those that worry this win will save Bruce, I am guessing that Snyder has already made his decision on whether he retains or fires Bruce. At least I hope so. As for the draft, I wouldn't worry to much about that at this point. When we had a shot at number 1 and Tua didn't hurt himself it would have been great to get that first pick just for the options that would open up. At this point I don't think we will get number 1, and short of 1 player there is no one that other teams will be giving up draft capital to get. So may as well enjoy the win and hope we continue to see some
  11. Guess the team realized they don't want to save Bruce afterall
  12. Ok so question for the smarter X and O guys on here. What is the reason for the change in our D today? Is it just the poor play by Carolina, or have our guys figured something out?
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