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  1. we may not know Callahan's adjustments yet, but we do know all about our defensive adjustments already.
  2. 10-7 final score after half time "adjustments"
  3. yea well um.. I was a week late haha.
  4. did someone say Paloffs? 12-4 starts now.. right?
  5. Did the announcer just say the Redskins had a good front 7?
  6. That's got to be some sort of child abuse.
  7. Looking at the stat line, you would think we were watching the two top defenses in the league today
  8. Damn announcers just informed me that we have reached the end of the first quarter, didn't realize either team had actually started playing yet.
  9. Damn we lose, they got the first offensive first down of the game
  10. Damn after watching these first drives I'm glad AP was "excited" for this game.
  11. I'd be hard pressed to identify which of the two teams is the worst though at this point.
  12. Wonder what the attendance is at the game today. And what the break down of fans is.
  13. mcdonaldrw

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    Don't get to excited folks. We have our half time adjustments coming.
  14. mcdonaldrw

    Poll: When will Gruden be fired

    Was really looking for the option Not soon enough