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  1. You couldnt ask for better mentors atm than Alex and Kyle because he knows the system. Hopefully these guys soldier their roles and truly support Dwayne....and hopefully DH doesnt trip up too much
  2. Hes probably just trying to take accountability for his own ****ups. Its part of the process of cleaning up your act
  3. Its the only amazon review i need on the guy. Dan will hopefully find the right captains(that can deal with him too)
  4. Its just like half the name change stories though. Its not going to be good enough unless Snyder puts a dagger in his gut like a disgraced samurai
  5. Just imagine a drunk Jay swaying side to side with a padded/helmeted DJ targeting a receiver. Kind of like that ninja arcade game I grew up with and the fatalities...**** my memory
  6. The theme was "change the culture" Ron booted bruce...dan tried to hide him in a stadium group, but ron said nope, /boot. Ron knew the mission
  7. Sheehan was one to point out that Dan doesnt run the skins(in the last decade), Bruce did. Weve seen dan/vinny and bruce in the last 2 decades. Im holding out hope that hes a hometown fan and wants to get it right
  8. I holding out hope that they just decide to call us the Skins and put a W or a hog head or player# on the helmet. If its something else, My brain will probably be able to block it out as long as the uniforms are basically the same