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  1. Its my post.....of course its my opinion. Its not ignorance. Ive done lots of drugs. Had to change my life a couple times in order to change my life. Its sad that a lot of people make the choices they do, but sorry that I think its not something you can fix. Its just stupid choices imo
  2. Yeah those families wont get back to normal. But as far as the coast states versus the mid states, things will probably get back to normal after the storm passes. You guys realize I was quoting about national media response level yeah? that's what I was responding to anyways
  3. Ive had it cut out in front of me and handed the rolled up bill, Ive had friends die. I grew up through my teens and early 20s with everyone doing it. I don't feel sorry for them. Its a choice
  4. not really man. Its the shock and awe the media can produce. The heroin epidemic is shock and awe with the media...a white girl straight a student dies ...that's a story. This coronavirus **** is simply where it is. Its going to pass through new York and cali they will get back to normal.....then Midwest will blow up and they will go on lockdown, till they get back to normal
  5. I still don't buy the painkillers turned into the heroin thing. There was a heroin crisis long before the painkiller run. Sure there lots of cases, but the vast majority weren't hooked on pain killers before trying heroin. It was just something their friends said "try this, youll like it"
  6. No its not the same parallels. Someone doing heroin is a dip**** that deserves the Darwin prize of dying. Someone catching covid touched the wrong door handle
  7. man you seen how far they stick that thing up your nose? Ill just keep washing my hands and singing happy birthday
  8. Lots of people have to work to produce enough food for our overpopulation. Keep the lights on. keep the heat/ac on. car running. How much are we willing to give up. If you can work from home., keep them home. Restaurants just have to get used to the pick/up delivery model for awhile. Factory work can continue if amazon and ups can happen imo
  9. Hopefully not. Wonder if the automakers are behind this about face. Guess its gotta be, doubt trump gives a **** about olive garden
  10. I still don't understand what trump is going to do? He didn't enact any work stoppages to begin with did he. Its all up to the states
  11. who, some crazies you see on youtube?
  12. Man I don't think you really believe he has a cult. Even the most ardent have to be questioning if hes the right guy for the job
  13. Its still a governor or even a buisness owner decision though right? If they can get this relief package passed Id think people would have options. I mean what is Trump going to actually do to force folks back to work. Simply giving your boss the option? blame your boss and quit imo.
  14. Gibbit

    **** the Cowboys

    wow Travis Frederick retiring. Yay good for you dude
  15. Is that Italian dane cook?