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  1. democrats believe its a crisis too. the current narrative is simply politics. We cant maintain all of south America. Or what if we made all drugs legal. would the common farmer down there still be under the cartels or would cartels disappear. probably a bad idea, but only way I see us actually strengthening south america
  2. wtf what though? what do you think happens when you go to another country with nothing.....what happens if I go to another country with absolutely nothing but whats on my back. Im ****ing homeless like the homeless crisis were already dealing with in America
  3. Can he break it down in a split second after 5 steps off the line
  4. Gibbit

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    as long as I don't hear a ****ing thing about the name down
  5. Hopefully they’re getting a trotz like mumble back there
  6. Must’ve tied one on last night