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  1. Fred Jones

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    I am interested to see how much player acquisition control Rivera will have. He, obviously, will be involved in the selection of draft choices and bringing in FA's. But, will he be the deciding factor, be a GM/Coach or something in between.
  2. Fred Jones

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    Fair, but fair to me, this is not the first thread welcoming a new coach with much fanfare and such. And, I like the hire. Unless the skins took a chance on an up and coming new coach that worked out, I think they snagged a quality coach that the players will come to work for. Moving forward, be interesting to see if he keeps any of the old staff.
  3. Fred Jones

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    I am cautiously opportunistic. I like the hire, but we have been here before. Dan is still the owner.
  4. Not a known source Robert Hansen believes " Schafer will move into Bruce's roll and Kyle Smith moved into more of a traditional gm role. " I actually like this. Give people within the organization a chance to excel. Any GM you bring in would be a somewhat unknown commodity so if this happens I like it. Just have to determine power structure, but it will be better with Allen gone.
  5. Sorry the failure of the last twenty years slipped your memory. The endless stupid player acquisitions and bad coaches. And, every single year we sit here in the off season always thinking the organization has finally turned things around. Finally giving us hope. Heck, just look at all the threads created during training camp last summer. How did they turn out?
  6. I like it too, but the EGO of head coaches gets in the way of teamwork and listening to the scouts and FO personnel. I just hope Rivera continues the team effort approach and he is not given sole GM duties.
  7. Not unhappy with Rivera coming in. My big issue is how much say he will have over the acquisition of players. Many more coaches fail then succeed when given GM duties. I like the FO personnel guys so I hope they will have strong input. Also, I stopped respecting Dan a long time ago. He is the common denominator since he bought the team in the skins failure. He no longer gets a pass. He favors players, treats regular people with disrespect and has not ability to communicate with the fans.
  8. Great, but Dan still owns the team. He is still the common denominator. At this point, not sure if I want to give Dan the benefit of the doubt regarding the next GM or if no GM, person in charge of all football operations.
  9. Case is a backup QB. Someone to come in on spot duty. I hope we keep him.
  10. As was said earlier, we are set with receivers next season
  11. like it, but too little too late
  12. Sims needs to do a better job at securing the ball when going to the ground so we don't have to depend on a review.
  13. None of that is going to work tonight against this defense. Come on, better play calls
  14. I like Harmon, and I agree no foul