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  1. Thank you, but don't tell the GOP that (or Qnon) - that whole responsibility for your actions thing gets twisted by them.
  2. First, once he took office in 2016 the IRS was locked down. No way the WH would allow them to do anything - look no further than Barr. I also bet he has been stonewalling the IRS, getting his lawyers to block them at every request. Also, the IRS is busy, the Trumpster is not the only one frauding the government. Why do you think the GOP wants a small IRS? So they can get away with tax fraud.
  3. I think you have to give Haskins time. As has been pointed out, he does not have a lot of experience. He may continue to fail, but as others have said, you need to give him a chance. Let the coaches learn if he is the long term answer. He has not played enough to determine that answer. Edit: I will add, this does not mean we can't continue to yell at him during this time.
  4. So, for all the years under our current owner this team has done what? What have we actually won? Give Ron AT LEAST the entire season. Give Haskins at least the rest of the season. I mean really, start shuffling QB's and such that might win a couple of games. Besides having a little bit better record, what does that actually accomplish? We could repeat some of the failures under Dan - https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1020285-redskins-red-faced-10-biggest-embarrassments-during-dan-snyder-era - Or, just let the coaches coach for the rest of the season.
  5. Basically, they waited until the defense starts to get tired, and then they make a run.
  6. Well, they need to work on two point conversions
  7. I have to say Mc is our best runner so far this year.
  8. Not a bad ball, not an easy ball to catch, but good try Terry.
  9. We have the same problem as other teams. Do we have a franchise QB. Developing an Oline and getting more skill players just means we get to the playoffs maybe. Advancing out of the first round means a quality QB. SO, Haskings?
  10. One thing I will say is that Haskins so far does not throw a lot of interceptions. Have to give him credit for that, especially being a young guy.
  11. Love Terry - Skill, talented and class
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