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  1. I have to agree, Rams way over paid for Stafford, even taking into account getting rid of Goff. Two bad front office moves now - dumping two big contract players early in their contracts. No first round pick until 2024 is steep. Thinking that your team is ready to compete for the next three - four years is not good planning. Stafford is a solid QB, perhaps above average, but he is not a top 10 QB, and is basically 33 years old with some injuries in his career.
  2. I think you have to put QB as the top priority period. Ron has to decide if Heinicke is the long term answer or attempt to draft one or both. I just don't see him going FA for a starting QB. Bring back Allen and look for a QB in the draft. I agree with the rest of the needs, though I would not put TE as a high priority. AGG needs a big jump his second year to contribute and Harmon is an unknown at this point. I think you draft a WR, if possible. LB might be a position that is more easily met in FA. A top WR is going to cost BIG money.
  3. Tampa is taking away a couple of our normal options on offense - Thomas is being forced to block more - RB out of the back is being forced to block more Tampa D Coord doing a nice job - add that the other options are dropping passes, not getting open and such
  4. Stepping back, not a surprise score at half time. Team needed to play perfect and they have not. ALL I REALLY WANT IS TO PROGRESS - WIN MORE NEXT YEAR - GET OUT OF THIS CYCLE OF AVERAGE
  5. Yes, thank you announcer - Sims needs to catch the ball - how many mistakes is he going to make - disappointed
  6. Doesn't matter Sims Jr now. Your drop failed. I like Sims Jr, but his makes during the season has changed my opinion - not as sold as I once was
  7. Unless forward progress stopped - that was a fumble Little disappointed in the Oline today not providing better protection for our QB
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