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  1. They give the front runner protection. But, it is token compared to what the president gets. I remember a McCain rally where the Secret Service setup a couple of regular cars at the back of the rally in case they needed to get the Senator away quickly. The Commish of NYPD gets more.
  2. You Peeps are funny. The Rumpster is the worst president in history (no need to spend 1000's of words describing something that is obvious) That said, the GOP has three goals. 1. Tax cuts for the Rich 2. Protect and enrich Corporations 3. Screw the bottom 90-95 percent of the population It doesn't matter what they say, what BS they decide to sell, their existence since the 70's or so has been the three goals. Stop and think about what I just said. The base is brainwashed - 2nd Amendment, Socialism BS comments, Supply-Side Economics BS speaches, Obamacare is the devil, and on and on and on. The tax cuts and such in reality only help the rich and hurt most of their base, but Fox Opinion (News) et al do such a good job at brainwashing that it doesn't matter. The GOP is also a coordinated machine with one voice, the rich billionaires. They drive the message, the money and the policy. Even the Rumpster knows that. The Democrats are a bunch of groups of voices with different agendas and no true coordinated effort like the GOP. Did you know that a majority of the country is actually left of center. That a majority actually agrees with Warren that the rich should be taxed more. The GOP machine has done such a good job it is not noticed. A couple of examples since I don't want to ramble. In the 80's Reagan gave a tax cut even though he burst the defense budget and put the country into debt. Bush II gave a tax cut amid an expensive war and burst the federal deficit. The Rumpster gave a tax cut, that did nothing for the economy and the majority of tax payers will actually pay more in taxes, and burst the federal deficit. And, the GOP just proposed another tax cut. All these tax cuts failed, meaning they failed to do what the GOP said they were going to do. Except, for accomplishing what they actually wanted to do. The rich and corporations have gotten much richer while everyone else has progressed slowly. Do you think all that BS talk from the GOP under Obama about bursting the federal deficit was true. A propaganda machine to stop Obama passing his policies. No more or less. The GOP is now just a far right machine with no inkling to compromise. Until the electorate understands that and gives control to the Dems, nothing will change. I mean McConnell's sole objective these four years is to vote Republican judges in. Only policy he cares about passing has to follow rules 1-3.
  3. Great book on the subject: Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future by Paul Krugman - Just lays everything out from the BS Republican tax cuts to trade. It was difficult for me to read because after a brief read I had to put the book down because I got so mad, had to cool off, and resume reading. From this book and many other readings and such, the GOP wants three things in life. Tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for corporations and screw the bottom 90 plus percent of the population. if you look at everything from going after Warren, to the BS "Tea Party" made up debt crisis just so they can deny Obama policies and such, it explains everything they do. Just look at who they attack - it is always someone that threatens them. The 2017 Trump tax cut benefited corporations, the rich and will increase taxes on the bottom 90 percent. Yet, ask a Trump supporter and they will tell you they are making more and the Trumpster is taking care of them. You can look at trade. FDR set the tone for trade with other countries and those policies and such has done very well for every president, and the rest of the world, until the current nightmare. The Trump has single handedly set the US back years with him just being dumb. Sad...……………………………...
  4. If you accept that brainwashing by the Republican party started many decades ago, and has become so prevalent in everything they produce (magazines, talk radio, Fox Opinion, and every GOP politician, etc.) it becomes more clear. It would take weeks to point out everything, but for example, I used to think Warren and AOC's crazy tax the rich policy was wrong, but it is actually based on sound economic policy and for 35 plus years after WWII, when the tax rate on the rich was more than two times it is now and more than what Warren and AOC proposed, the US experienced the biggest economic expansion in history. However, if you listen to the GOP, or fraud economics, it would devastate the economy. I now just ask them if they want to be called Ben or Bennett - after Major Bennett Marco, lead character in the Manchurian Candidate.
  5. I agree, was thinking the same thing. Knowing they really can't get a good look at rookies because of the lack of rookie camp, OTA's and such, looks like the team went in a different direction and is looking at established players that can come to training camp much more prepared than a rookie. It is sad that you can't hold those off season training sessions to find a couple UDFA's to invite to training camp. It was fun reading about this time of year when a player or two would impress and earn a ticket to camp.
  6. Fred Jones

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    I don't disagree, I just don't see Smith seeing the field again. From below, and as Warhead36 said above, they can cut him next off season. From: The cap hits on the contract are as follows: 2018: $18.4 million 2019: $20.0 million 2020: $21.4 million 2021: $24.4 million 2022: $26.4 million The Redskins can realistically move on from Smith after 2020. There would be net cap savings of $13 million in 2021 and $21 million in 2022.
  7. Fred Jones

    Undrafted free agent signings

    Others Balt with 22 LAC with 20 Pukes with 13 I guess it just depends on who makes the roster.
  8. I found this site to be pretty accurate and up-to-date with UDFA signings.
  9. Looks like he is going to Detroit as UDFA -
  10. If AGG can block, he will see the field.
  11. If the skins are picking BPA on their board and getting a player that fills a position of need, I am ok with that. I would rather not reach, and get a better player than settle on say a TE. Despite the need for one.
  12. Fred Jones

    Welcome to the Redskins Saahdiq Charles, OT LSU

    I am not getting an off-the-field problem vibe from this guy. Mad some mistakes, but I think the coaching staff will take care of that. Reading, he lacks some strength, and need some developement. I hope he developes fast and can step in at tackle. Overall, I like thep pick.
  13. No surprise in the first two picks which is how it should be
  14. Early on, seems to be a delay in the overall flow of the draft - which is expected Nice to see Skins telling Young he is the pick
  15. Fred Jones

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Over the years fans have always overvalued players on the open market. I am hoping for a quality 2nd round pick and maybe a lower rounder. I just don't see teams giving up a first round pick for an aging, injury prone player. Unfortunately, the Browns GM got fired so I don't see a front office exec making a bad decision. You also have the draft coming up so teams are hesitant to give up picks now.