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  1. Thats old hat. Everyone knows he has strong arm and had all day to throw to NFL receivers at OS where any QB in college would have excelled and had those comments by their name from these analyst. Danny got praise for not trading up. Which doesn't negate it was a unwise pick from the get go but really really good for Danny. Mike Renner doesn't work for a NFL team in the draft for a reason. Saying that Haskins is a steal is just straight up stupid.
  2. Sonny9TD

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bingo my man! Bingo!
  3. You prove my point. **** organization doesn't know what they're doing. Haskins the correct pick is nuts. Get real. Haskins was a late round pick at best but the strong arm had everyone giving him way too much praise. He just happened to be one of the better known QBs in this draft which is saying very very little. Gruen an ex QB didn't want him. Haskins a top 15? Please. A waste of a 1st round pick pure and simple. Again. Gardner Minshew is a better QB. Haskins is to QB as Doctson is to WR.
  4. You sure got that right. Compliments of the brothers Danny and Bruce Cluless
  5. Wow after watching that tape i can't believe we drafted him at 15. Unbelievable. !#^#&#& Danny
  6. Only 1 throw was behind him the others were put where only he could get them pretty well placed. A lot more like the one at 1:38 and he is only a sophomore. Poor throws were more common place for Haskins. This kid doing better with less of an arm and is a playmaker.
  7. Sonny9TD

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Holy smokes. Watch this video and what Lavar Arrington says about how Dan Snyder is supposed to be treated when players run into him at the facility.
  8. This could be our next coach. On the other hand i could see this guy as the one since he praised Danny's decision on Haskins. Oh boy please say no . I do like the first choice though.
  9. Redskins take QB Dwayne Haskins at No. 15 overall Haskins hasn't looked good in his brief relief playing time. In Week 4 against the Giants, he wasn't ready to play, going for 9-of-17 for 107 yards and three INTs, adding up to a dismal 32.8 passer rating. The Ohio State product had a great final season in Columbus, but coming in, there was a thought he needed great coaching — to which he is very receptive — to consistently improve. While the arm talent and intelligence are there, the accuracy, decision-making and pocket awareness are far short of viable NFL levels at the moment. That said, Haskins' shaky debut isn't the biggest concern. It's more the fact the Redskins are mismanaging his drafting early. They attached him to an offensive-minded head coach, Jay Gruden, who has since been fired. They are reluctant to let Haskins learn on the fly with needed in-game reps now, choosing instead to stick with the low upside of either Case Keenum and Colt McCoy in desperate search for a win at 0-5. Now it will get worse, because interim coach Bill Callahan is calling for a conservative, run-heavy approach, rather than letting Haskins take his lumps and learn from mistakes under first-year offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell. Let's not write off Haskins as a bust now, but let's accept the real initial problem is that Washington had no real plan in place for accelerating his development. Totally agree
  10. Take a look and tell me what you think of them. I/m good either way. K.J. Costello Stanford. Brock Purdy Iowa State I pasted the address but the video popped up instead. A great mid round pick he would be, I don't want to paste KJ Costello since that might be a video instead of a link too. I like the Brock kid a lot though. The pass at 1:38 is tight and sweet. His arm strength is just enough to make it. Honestly his arm strength is at the minimum that will make it in the NFL but it is strong enough to play. I would consider his arm strength the threshold of strong enough. Id rather have his talent in awareness, body movement and total game than a cannon that doesn't have the agility or play making ability. Thing is although this kid might be a 3rd rounder maybe later i still think he is better than Haskins. I'd rather have this kid leading my offense than Haskins
  11. Tasty sarcasm and clearly true.
  12. Sonny9TD

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    Hell yes . He lets 3 awesome coaches go who are now head coaches or calling plays but keeps the average ones and drafts like he is flipping the coin.
  13. Look every team needs a good backup QB. QBacks get hurt and any team needs a pretty good backup to come in and at least shoot par. That is what Haskins is. A backup QB. The Skins need to draft another QB who is extremely accurate and can read defenses quickly. Don't draft Tua he isbn't the answer either just a slightly better Haskins. I'll check out the prospects and give my opinion shortly. I know who cares but i'm doing it anyway. Problem is Danny spent a 1st round pick on a back up QB who hopefully and i mean hopefully can save par. Ok i found my QB to draft next year who is the real deal. Justin Herbert? Nope Tua? Nope Either Trevor Lawrence from Clemson or if they want to wait until later in the draft i like K.J. Costello Stanford. Both head and shoulders better than Haskins. Honorable mention. Brock Purdy. A magician with the ball Outstanding pocket presence and awareness with a pretty good arm and accuracy. I like him. I would trade Haskins and ride with Colt if we could get our draft pick back but there isn't a team out there that would even give us a 3rd rounder for him. Best we can hope for is he is a competent backup who won't lose games. And there's nothing wrong with that. Even team needs an Earl Morrall to Bob Griese / Johnny Unitas type. Now we need our Bob Griese / Johnny Unitas type.