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  1. I respect that. But he will be. He's the one to get. Will need a season probably but so what. We will be getting a veteran anyway. Unless there is a freak linebacker or a shutdown corner go get this QB. Just my opinion though
  2. Let's trade up and get Trey Lance. Just do it. Difference maker and salary cap friendly. Another WR this year too in draft and build from there. Just do this
  3. Heinicke needs to stay. This smart bastage can read defences better than most. I like him. Bringing Fitz in is a good idea. Cam no. Hell no
  4. "Don't be so hard on the sources telling it like it is". Got that from another source.
  5. If this was posted my apologies. But this, and his poor work habits stated from the same article and bizarre decision making tells the tale. He's no starter in the NFL. He just isn't. Danny stay out of the war room on draft day. Unless it's about some money issue then get back out. According to a report by Doug Gottlieb in February, Haskins' understanding of the then-Redskins' offense was allegedly so poor that the team's old coaching staff thought he had dyslexia (Which Haskins does not). There were also reports that Washington's old coaching staff preferred Duke quarterback Dani
  6. It really is. Either he just wanted a completion to save par or didn't understand it has to be in the paint. Either one is most concerning. Most
  7. I guess that depends who the consensus is. Mahomes for example wasn't that person but would be thought of that way now. And since position played matters consensus is vague. So is Young better than Burrow? For example
  8. Totally agree except i don't see it happening with Haskins. Burrow will be on the rookie contract so friendly as well.
  9. I understand what you're saying. But if the Titans running game isn't working Tannehill means nothing. Garrapolo is better than than Tannehill and with a defense like the 49ers who give Garrapolo the ball with serious possession time with his talent you can see why that works. Rodgers is the other QB in this mix and nothing needs to be said about that so yea I think you need a really good QB that can get it done with no running game or defense that gives you the ball with mucho chances to score. Your point is valid if the running game is stacked or the defense is off the charts. To put points
  10. If the Redskins want to start winning they need to get the QB from LSU and just trade Haskins. Mahomes is the best QB in the league and you have to have someone somewhere close to that talent. Haskins will never be anywhere close. You have to have a QB that can take over a game and Haskins is not it. Sorry. Not going to happen. We need to move up one position and get Burrow. Just get it done. The Bengals will be happy with Chase. Trade Haskins to the Bengals and what ever else you have to do to get Burrow and let's turn this thing around. We need Burrow in the very worst way. Trade Haskins ge
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