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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?


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Cohen is an inveterate liar.

He has always been a liar.

His entire business model is predicated upon him being a liar.

He was hired by Trump because he was a liar.

He was paid by Trump to lie for him.

He lied about it.

He lied about lying about it.

Once Mueller & Co. got their hooks into him he still lied.

They called him out on it and he kept lying to spin his way out of it.

The investigation knows all of this.

They used him to mine for intel and confirmations, indifferent to Cohen trying to weasel his skinny ass off the hook.

Three years? Who cares, he's a really small fish.

The potential for further charges about him still lying exists, that three years could easily turn into 15 .

Just wait for it, we've only seen the tiniest crumbs of what has gone down.


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I went home with a gun nut, the way I always do.

How was I to know she was with the Russians, too?



I was paying off a porn star, I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns, and money
Vlad, get me out of this, hyah!


I'm a conniving grandstander
And somehow I got stuck

between Iraq and a hard place
And I'm down on my luck
Yes, I'm down on my luck
Well, I'm down on my luck


I'm hiding in the White House, Mueller's a scary man
Send lawyers, guns, and money
The **** has hit the fan

Send lawyers, guns, and Rudy
Send lawyers, guns, and Rudy

Send lawyers, guns, and money, hiyah!
Send lawyers, guns, and money, ow!



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16 minutes ago, spjunkies said:


MAYBE there would be something there if she didn't look like she should be singing for a Journey cover band. 


If your attraction is limited to looks.

9 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

@Renegade7 is working his way through some personal issues.


And that’s totally cool...


Let's just if she ever writes a book, I'm going to get it and read it (if she doesn't get killed first)

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Well with Rudy saying over the weekend that it wasn’t illegal to receive the stolen emails and now Roger Stone saying that Jerome Corsi is ratting him and lying to the FBI about Wikileaks emails going thru Stone and Corsi to team Trump...it seems pretty obvious the next confirmation we get is that the Trump campaign directly received the emails and were involved in the plans to release them. 


So they got that going for them which is nice 

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