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Game Night Thread: Washington at Chicago ~ Mobsters Delight Edition


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5 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

Don’t Rubin every single first quarter first downs would be a start.  

This is like peak Jay. 

Eagles cued on to the idea that it was one of the most pass happy teams on first down. It helped them tee off on a wentz 


We pass the ball 67 percent of the time. Cooley thinks it’s the part of the reason why this offense sucks.


You are seeing Gruden ghosts. 

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Just now, Yng Lady88 said:

I was gona say 0-0 until CHI got in the RZ but then Fields just bombed that wide open TD. ill hold onto 0-0


My goodness, it's straight church in there on that failed 4th down run.. are Bears fans as excepting of their fate as we are?  Philly would be throwing **** on the field by now.

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