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  1. Its gonna be a while before he can do anything other than "monster go get football" in goal-line situations. I'm cool w/ him as a TE3, learning the ropes and growing over time, but I'd have no expectations that this guy can develop even decent blocking, alignment and recognition skills needed to pick up heat in a live game anytime soon. Switching protections, handing off rushers, there are guys with years in the league that struggle with that stuff. I like that. If he can contribute there, he has a great opportunity to hang around and learn. I'm pullin
  2. Whelp, that is a nice piece of clay at TE right there. Coach em up, and see what he can do. Gonna be a multi-year project though. Routes, Blocking, Technique... he has to learn it all. 1- Don't we get a free roster spot for these international guys? 2-Imagine what this guy can look like w/ an NFL an weight program. If he makes it to year 2 he might not fit in pads
  3. McK does not weigh 200 lbs. He is not built to take any kind of sizable role in the rushing game. If he is forced to, there is a good chance he breaks. He can give you 80 attempts across a season, but he can't walk out there and give you 15 rushes in a single game. Never has in his career and its not fair to expect him to be able too. Gibby is tasked with being the lead back and contribute extra touches in the passing game. That is a lot of punishment for a guy who has never had to put that kind of load on his body, with only a smattering of rush attempts in college. His body is n
  4. Gonna have to be after the season most likely. Can't image anyone gutting their own merch sales mid season. Once you know the name, you will stop buying the current and outdated gear. Does not make sense to launch the new name until you can get the new kits into people's hands within a reasonable timeframe and that is not gonna happen mid-season when you are still flush with WFT gear. You want people to buy like crazy at launch and show it off, making others buy. Not wait 3 months for a pre-order. Almost no way we see new merch mid-season
  5. Gibby is great and this is not an attempt to replace him, just support him. Takes a bit of the load off of him. Due to his own quality and versatility, he is pretty much looking at a 2019 CMC level workload if something is not done to alleviate the pressure. As we saw what he was over the season, his touches spiked. We don't have a guy behind him who is durable enough (McK) or good enough (Barber) to fill in for him when he has to miss spot time. No man can reliably take that level of punishment and the little injuries you get along the way eventually catch up. I think
  6. I get the no RB argument at the top of the draft, but 19 is far enough where you can take a guy Getting a bellcow back that you can put some real faith into fits well on this team. It would also provide the luxury of putting Gibson out there for both KR and PR as he did both in Memphis, something they wont do as long as we don't have that force like Najee to fall back on. We currently don't have that guy that is either durable enough, or good enough to provide real push in the run game behind Gibby. We are probably eyeballing RBs of Najee's ilk so we could totally pick
  7. If you differentiate one team, changing another becomes rather redundant. SF baseball Giants is unnecessary if you refer to one team as Football Giants. the goal is already accomplished. We don't live in the same cyber age anymore. Coverage of teams is much more national now. That increases the amount of clarity needed. For the same reasons that you posted in you previous entry, people have to be able to separate and identify teams. Now that has to occur on a national, or even global level, due to how we now have greater levels of communication If a new team comes along
  8. final roster, probably, but that still leaves you with five guys that played consistent reps there last season. I think we pick up a WR in the draft too, but I'd be pretty confident that one of the leading skills they will be looking for is KR ability or projects well to contribute on STs like Terry.
  9. I'm pretty sure Logan led all NFL TEs in slot receptions. McK can flex out and give you reps there easy as can Gibby. There is depth and then there is the Marianas Trench If you give peanuts, then it don't matter tho
  10. He can be a quality complementary piece of a offense, but I don't know why on this planet we should look to add more slot WRs (Miller took 86% of his snaps in the slot) Samuel Humphries Sims Jr Wright Miller? Giving up assets for a quality slot WR would be like giving up assets for a quality DT at this point. When you can fill out those two positions with Allen, Payne, Settle, Io and Brantley you'd be ignoring other parts of your team that could benefit more from a talent influx. Unless the idea is to convert someone to an outside
  11. Stars aligning level of unique and cool in terms of branding On top of that we have the National Zoo in our backyard. They already have global efforts when it comes to animal conservation. With the teams financial input, you can partner with them and really push the narrative and it could all start with the Red Wolf success story. If you want to really brand, don't be a animal team, be THE animal team. I used to love those team off season activities where you got to go to six flags with the players. You can have the same thing with the zoo moving forward. Not just havin
  12. Even if that was an occurrence in the past it is not the case now, yet the naming convention still persists. If we adopt a name that is currently used by any other major franchise, especially a popular one, there is little to stop the continued practice.
  13. 99% of names have the potential for a trademark battle. I'm sure it would hurt a lot less to take on a college rather than a major league team tho. That is not even the thing that bugs me the most about the warriors name however. After living thru WFT and seeing what happens with a team in our own division when it comes to having the same name as another major brand, I would not be to pumped to have everyone in the media start calling us the Washington Football Warriors. That can stay a NY Football Giants thing IMO. I'm tired of Washington Footba
  14. I mean.... a one sided argument is still an argument I guess...
  15. Plan only works if you already have a metric ton onboard. That part is done. Now we just need a venue.
  16. I think it will be as good as locked in stone a couple weeks into the season, provided MD allows respectable fan attendance this fall. Due to Redwolves popularity, I am confident we can get tens of thousands of people howling with even a 50,000 limited capacity crowd. That is a vocal so strong the TV announcers will have to make note of it. The radio announcers as well. You'll see it all over social media, and covered by the talking heads the next day. We can quickly change the national narrative from "When will Washington change their name" to "When will Washington mak
  17. Feels like a J Clowney situation from last year. Man has a price and he is trying his hardest to stick to it. Barring injuries to key players, no one seems willing to go there.
  18. Good stuff. Between Redwolves, Wolves, and Wolfpack, I'm loving all the buzz surrounding names of the canid ilk. Scary thing is we have only scraped the iceberg. The NFL has recently opened the door halfway for playing our Ace, then its all over.
  19. This is why you cant run around as an organization with your poker hands pointed towards the other players. We saw it happen with the Bears, and now the Panthers. They were so busy letting their own fanbase know of their effort to upgrade at QB, they threw away their own leverage and now have to sell below replacement level QBs to a fanbase that was dreaming of bringing in someone elite. Gotta have professionalism in a front office. At the very least, it severely lowers the sting of failure. It sucks not having the inside scoop on what your team is angling, but it is absolutely the right way t
  20. First thing in that vid was a replay of Schefty letting the world know WFT is a temp name. That speaks volumes to me. If you are trying to push that narrative, you don't strengthen the stance against it.
  21. Bit of a breakdown of top performers in DCdangerous poll. (Excuse the quick math) 33.9% of voters have Redwolves at 1st choice Warriors – 18.5% Wolves 7.7% 21.6% of voters have Wolves as 2nd choice Redwolves - 12.3% Hogs – 8.5% Warriors – 7.7% 52% of voters have Redwolves in top 3 Wolves – 38.5% Warriors - 37% 64% of voters have Redwolves in top 5 Warriors - 52.4% Wolves – 49.3% 15.4% of voters have Redwolves in last place votes (Looks to be about 100 voters, hard to tell
  22. Its too adorable for this world
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