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  1. Thought this video about the Cleveland G's name change was informative. A lot of good insight from someone who assisted w/ an MLB rebrand. I don't know if the NFL is exactly the same, but it still provides a window to more information. They also touch on the WFT situation and their timetable. Jump to 7min mark for just that.
  2. Clev was doing a little bit of dancing during that announcement video. They were dropping hints towards many of the popular names throughout the pitch, trying to make sure a wide swath of the fanbase was included. I would pay money to know the heart attack rate spike in the Cleveland area when Tom Hanks said Municipals.
  3. Indians... Guardians... looks like they chose to retain the -dians suffix. Interesting.
  4. They have recently been thru a psudo-rebrand. Gotta imagine going thru the process once before lends itself both experience and reusable pathways and connections. They were probably better prepared than anyone for this, even if they did next to nothing in the span between dropping Indian imagery and choosing to change their name. They really kept many of the previous design ques as well, something many orgs tend to do
  5. Just saw that. Leading candidates I have seen are to be Spiders Guardians, Rockers, Buckeyes and Municipals Dear God could you imagine the bottom dwelling scum suckers that would support Municipals. <Shudder>
  6. So if either team is passed their bye week your absolutely boned. Any covid related cancellation would result in a forfeit since there is no available week for at least one team
  7. I dunno, we live is Z. Elliot world now. Barkley is ineffective, but Elliot's form and positioning is so bad it looks like he gets hit by a nuclear bomb every time he attempts a set. Have to wonder if he got injured every pass pro rep. If that ain't a 1 I don't know what is. He makes all other backs that can at least stand in the general way look like a 5.
  8. You posted today to blow the horn and try and tug on the cape when you thought you read game-changing information. Your a part of that demographic as well. We all are. We are all on this page right now. Obviously we care. Nothing wrong with that tho. Its a fun topic to discuss and it is getting me thru this offseason. If you find new evidence feel free to bring it up, just don't expect to misrepresent facts, even if unintentionally, and have it reliably bolster your positions. Calling out such things strengthens my arguments, so yes I am inclined
  9. You seriously don't see any reason a company that is built to take money would offer probable odds for an option that is very unlikely to happen? In the face of other sportsbooks linked to on this site either giving WFT poor odds or rating the possibility as so poor as to not even bothering to list it as an option? Any option that wildly fluctuates between sportsbooks from being a top option on one betting outlet and off the list on another should raise massive flags. Its bait. Please don't throw your money away
  10. I couldn't possibly imagine a reason a sportsbook of all places would want to make the prospect of keeping WFT seem plausible /all sarcasm
  11. Those are not Vegas odds. Its not even legal to bet w/ that company in many places in the US.
  12. DC centrc is hard b/c there are so many pitfalls that need to be avoided. Gotta think along the lines of the Caps and Nats. Something wide reaching and encompassing that avoids politics. Most names I've seen don't capture that idea very well, but there are at lest a few out there. Federals is one of them. Not great, but not the worst name I've heard. Fits in with other local teams too.
  13. I'm simply pointing out the obviously different amount of hurdles needed to clear registration for one name as opposed to another. Clearly there are not the same amount of obstacles, as one features multiple defenders and a seven footer guarding the paint as opposed to a college. I make no claim that it effects their eventual choice for the team name, but at this point it is abundantly clear that gaining the desired rights for one name is easier than the other. Cliff-notes version is multiple orgs own merch related wordmarks for "wolves". the T-wolves are one of th
  14. Nice, you found a couple pending apps. Unfortunately they only serve to show the strength of the Ark St Ownership. Serial No 90058010 and 90052973 Are indeed for merch rights that would absolutely impact an NFL team. Unfortunately both apps have already been shot down by the USTPO for directly infringing on Ark St’s Red Wolves mark for likelihood of confusion . There is no reason to assume these will get thru, if they have already been blocked before. Serial No 90052973 and 90057907 are for “Intellectual property consultancy; Consulting in the fiel
  15. I think that list is more accurate than the offensive rankings. No real complaints from me. Settle has the ability to be higher, but does not get the reps. I'm weary putting any rookie in the red but, the talent is there.
  16. Chatanooga's trademark is for "CHATTANOOGA RED WOLVES SC" not just "Redwolves". They can not claim ownership Indiana U-E filed for a co-esistance agreement w/ Ark State. Their trademark is for "Indian University East Red Wolves", not just "Redwolves" They can not claim ownership. Even If you want to say those orgs can claim ownership, there are far more colleges and teams named Wolves than Redwolves, and the increased disparity of competition over the name would make my argument exponentially stronger. I don't think you want to go in that direction. Show me
  17. Show me someone else who has overlapping merch rights for the wordmark "Red Wolves" and are currently fully registered. Everyone else only owns branding or hopes they can be registered. You would be buying exclusivity. Ever? I don't know where your getting your information but its way off. The Minnesota Professional Basketball Limited Partnership has filed opposition to and prevented a number of Wolves trademark attempts by themselves, let alone what the USTPO blocks before they ever have to challenge. Even the Chicago wolves had issues with the T-
  18. If, your saying they can avoid a mess if they go with "Washington Football Wolves" rather than "Washington Wolves" that's fine, but you could apply that thinking to almost any name for the same effect. Wolves is not the only name where you can add to the moniker and make it more viable. I seriously doubt they go in the direction however. Otherwise there is no way wolves is cheaper. The NBA team alone makes it more pricey. Indiana U-East signed a co-existence settlement w/ Ark St. They are in the clear I would expect Ark St. to challenge any major Red
  19. The Timberwolves ownership goes beyond their minor team. They also own merch rights for just "wolves" wordmark since 1989, before the G Leauge was a thing. Serial No. 73699971 Then you can look at their minor team, the Iowa Wolves, that has merch rights for the pure wordmark as well. Same owner as the t-wolves marks, but a separate filling. Serial No. 87467768 On top of colored branding, the Chicago Wolves also own merch rights for just "wolves" wordmark. Serial No. 88713662 There are probably more beyond this, likely from some of the colleges and professional tea
  20. A sports team already has registered trademarks for just wolves.
  21. I agree. Since they plan to operate their trademark across multiple countries, flat out owning would be the desired route. Less complications I think Wolves would be more expensive to acquire. There is no one source they could buy a registered trademark from, so they would have to pay off other holders to not prevent their own registration. Every wolves college, pro team and semi pro team will have to potentially be paid off. There are not a ton of those, but there are several Not saying they can't get it, but your looking at feeding 7-10 mouths vs 1.
  22. That is pretty much what Wright implied when pressed on the subject in his recent interview w/ JP. Thanks to the consolidation of trademark rights solely surrounding Ark St, Redwolves is even one of the easiest options to secure trademark rights for. They don't have to pay multiple mouths to get what they want. Just one. Co-existence agreement. Job Done or Buy the trademark from Ark St outright. Job Done No multiple parties. No drawn out fights. Just a secure name. Better yet Ark St recently filed for incontestable status, making their trade
  23. Our Division rivals will never have fire hydrants in their urinals. They can never take that from us.
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