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  1. Basically Snyder. I think everything Wash Football/Redskins related is owned by its parent company Pro Football Inc where Snyder is the Key Principal
  2. He probably wanted Warriors for its association to Redskins Wizards and Mystics like connection Redskins was trademarked. Any attempt to register another Redskins football team in Wash would have been blocked and the original Washington Redskins TM would be protected, whether from Snyder or anyone. WFT does not have those same protections around it tho.
  3. You can claim association to an area, but you can't copyright the name of a city. Being the Washington "insert name" does not stop someone else from being the Washington "insert different name" The remainder of our moniker is "Football Team". Not exactly something you can copyright either. So basically what we claim ownership over is WFT Est 1932 more so than just WFT So, if you start a football team, in Washington, and you want to be the Washington football team, there is not too much to stop you under copyright law as long as you don't ape our current branding (logo,
  4. Ev costs about $1 M more than Reeves or Apke, but between the three, Ev has 2 yrs left on his deal while the others are ending. If you keep anyone not named Ev, you will have to probably have to pay them a little more than Ev will make the following year.
  5. Any competent re-brand process should be trying to lock up a range of TMs. While you can certainly have one name you want/desire, you can't put all your eggs in one basket and then come up w/ nada two years later. Developing and acquiring multiple brands will be a key factor moving forward, even if you don't end up using the majority in the long run. If you can get Hogs outright right now for example, you do it. It does not mean you gotta use it, just gotta squat on it a little while. By the time the trademark is revoked for inactivity, you'll already have your new name most likely
  6. You saw a cut? All I saw was a turn both before and after the catch. To be expected of course, dude is working with a base of absolute nothing. He is a multi-year project after all. On the promising side, I didn't know what to make of his hands before this, but if he can reach out beyond his body to make catches like he did in the above clip, he should be able to make use of his large frame to reach balls defenders can't. I hoped he had this ability, but didn't have any real reference to know for sure.
  7. I've been as big a proponent of acquiring Watson as anyone, and I would say the dude is untouchable as things currently stand. If things change, and we get a bunch of settlements, that puts it back on the table. If the Lawyers can promise things we can't hear behind closed door (like assurances of settlements) that changes things too. No team should be risking major assets, which is what Watson would return, for a QB that you can not guarantee has a future in football. I don't have to claim innocence or guilt for Watson, but I don't have to tie the future of my NFL fran
  8. Yup, and there are even more examples beyond that. History has already shown us multiple universities and organizations that have been through the process Redskins to Redwolves Redskins to Red Hawks Indians to Redwolves Redmen to Red Storm There are several examples of NA based mascots, some with our exact name of Redskins, changing to Redwolf or similar name structures w/ no issue. I have not seen any historical data that would suggest such a change would be problematic in any way, shape or form. The idea that it would is not grounded in any precedent.
  9. I like the mid season Bye and while the ending division stretch is kind of daunting, there is a hidden advantage of reduced travel. Outside of that one trip to dallas, 4/5 are either at home or a short ride to Phi or NY. That is more than a month of a season where you almost barely have to travel . The only div team that has an easier end of season travel chart is Philly.
  10. I remember people used to hammer Moses around here for that very reason. Now we realize his value after he's been with us a couple years. Plus we don't know the cause of the false starts. They were rotating QBs sometimes, could be QB cadence? Yips from playing with a suspect LG? A new situation could eliminate the problem entirely.
  11. If anything that walter payton award gives him immunity. Solid proof that you can hold in your hands But no, he's jerk'n em. SEA brings in impact players like Adams and sold out hard to build their roster. They take massive risks with red flag players that come cheap like Josh Gordan, Dunbar n Aldon Smith. These dudes have been throwing the kitchen sink at their problems and selling all of their time shares. As a result they went into the previous draft with only 3 picks. It is difficult to wheel and deal harder than what SEA has been doing, but any great QB want's their team to tr
  12. Almost every good QB is a diva/jerk or comes w/ baggage. The ones that don't are 99% of the time young guns, who will probably change w/ time. Honestly, that does not scare me when trying to trade for a veteran QB since they have already proven they belong in the NFL. They all get pouty and self absorbed after a while. It pretty much feels par for the course and the nature of the position. Just can't come into the NFL w/ that mindset is all. Rodgers - Jerk Brady - Jerk Rivers - Big Jerk Wilson -Jerking his team Watson - Airport Luggage Wentz - Mega Jerk
  13. We need to keep covid injury rules. I loved the short term IR. Good for the players, good for the team, good for the fans. No reason that ever needs to go away. It was crazy it took a pandemic to be implemented
  14. If the goal is to trade for an elite QB, can't discount the fact that Watson in an AFC QB. I can't imagine how much harder it would be to get Rodgers or Wilson to stay in the NFC, especially if they don't have a no trade clause.
  15. Hooo Doggy We might just have ourselves a week 2 TNF home game against the G-Men this season. If that turns out to be true, that might just be the day we put this whole thing to bed. Perfect venue, Nat'l TV, excellent timing. The schedule makers might just be doing us a major solid w/ this one, especially if we win in week 1. As long as everything progresses smoothly w/ the virus we are almost guaranteed to have strong fan turnout. I'll be circling the game on the calendar twice. Once for a div foe, and once for the beginning of the end of the beginning... Y
  16. You don't need to not like a name to see that there is a history of multiple examples of Warriors and negative connotations with NAs and that it would probably be a very bad idea to turn around and try to rename your team with a name that has a history of being disparaging towards Native Americans when you yourself are being forced to no longer do the same thing. It is like absolutely begging for repercussions. I personally kinda like Wash Warpath, but I understand there is no way it lasts longer than a buffet of brains at a Zombie convention. Just the nature of the sit
  17. I think being volen-told to change your Native American associated name, that was deemed to be hurtful and unacceptable, into another name that multiple organizations have already vacated or are being pressured to vacate due to negative Native Americans connections would be a direct slap in the face towards the people who got you to change your name in the first place, regardless of associated imagery. I think its clear we can not be the Indians. It is also clear we can not be the Braves. They are too closely tied to NAs, even if our specific logo would be devoid of it.
  18. Its not hard to find. You don't have to look very far. First page of google stuff. Other programs have been forced to change their names from Warriors in the past. I'm pretty sure Marquette University used to be the Warriors but had to change. I think Syracuse University had the same issue as well. They talked about this very topic on The Team 980 last month. There was a lot of issues presented due to racial undertones: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/russell-warriors-name-a-losing-fight-for-washington-football/ar-BB1fJwPr There are articles by a
  19. Your previous posts continuously de-validated every other reason for liking Redwolves against multiple posters and paired it down to the single reason of just continuing the "Red" name. Even going so far as to say other reasons, such as saving an entire species, was "not the real reason though, it's not even a reason" Your exact words on the topic, not mine. Your stance was clearly defined as one and only one reason for wanting the Redwolves name and everything else was utterly inconsequential. That much was very apparent in your words. If you
  20. Tell that to the people who still protest the Warriors, Indians, Chiefs, Blackhawks ect. I don't see any reason to expect a different result for a similar action. Especially after they have been galvanized and empowered. Dan can't do squat. Nike's contract is with the NFL, not Washington. Furthermore the League probably isn't too interested in pissing off a wide swath of sponsors. As we have all seen the NFL is all about saving face and little else. While I don't have the contract in front of me, I can all but guarantee that : A. A massive c
  21. Well, that is multi-pronged For starters it is as you said, a reminder. Looking at the Golden State Warriors and Clev Indians case studies, it is clear that pressure remains when shifts to either non-de script imagery, or even no imagery at all occur. The lack of adopting a new identity leaves a link to the past. That pisses off a lot of people, people who have already proven influential enough to change your name. The only thing holding them back now is the temp status. There are multiple examples in history that show us if we move WFT or something similar to full status, you shou
  22. You came in here and planted a flag that read Wolves is pretty great and I'd be cool w/ Redwolves, but anyone that supports the name Redwolves is lying to themselves and just trying to hide behind an endangered species so they can continue to use the Red naming convention and grasp at straws of the past. Yeah, that is pretty disrespectful and condescending to those of us who value everything around the Redwolves name. Especially when there are pages upon pages of content pointing to other directions. All you did was come in here and throw a massive backhanded complement
  23. Its a simplification, and in no way disparages those who want to go with option A, just clarifies someone does not acquire condescending traits for wanting option B, which your example heavily implied. Your example was a textbook case of shaming anyone who wanted option B "That's not the real reason though, it's not even a reason, it's a feel good bonus. You just like red cars and everyone already knows that, so hearing this homeless stuff comes off as a little "eye-rolley"." If part of the reason people like Redwolves is b/c it helps a species in a big way more power t
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