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  1. I agree with Landon Collins and Scott Turner as my top two disappointments. Dallas and Philly are terrible this year and we are not making progress.
  2. Eagles come back 30-28 with 1:50 to go. Failed two point conversion. Hmmm... sound familiar?
  3. I refuse to watch post game show on the grounds there is nothing good to talk about now.
  4. Wentz just intercepted. Eagles losing 30-14 with 4:32 left to go.
  5. The Covid exempt Redskins are watching the game at home and saying I am glad I opted out of this season.
  6. Eagles behind 17 points now. Annoncers claim this is a winnable division. Cowboys play Monday night.
  7. If I am Giants I go for touchdown on 4th down instead of field goal.
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