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  1. Fine with me if we go 4-12 as long as the front office can draft some talent.
  2. Browns leading 12-7 against Eagles. Browns just had field goal blocked.
  3. It was an issue this year so we could not hire expensive free agent linebackers
  4. Do not forget the over paying of Alex Smith which hampers what you spend on other players.
  5. Just turned on the radio broadcast. Hard to accept these 3 in the booth. Hope they make changes next year.
  6. I cannot get the game today so I will provide Eagles updates. Wentz threw interception so Eagles losing 7-0.
  7. Just checked local tv channels and they are showing the Eagle game on Fox and no Redskins game. This is the second week in a row. Maybe Fox is doing me a favor so I do not have to witness another loss. We need to start winning several home games in a row.
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