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  1. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know- my boss told me that one day when he was about to fire an employee. I would rather have Washington Football Team than a lot of the names I have heard people propose.
  2. Call Russell Wilson and tell him if he signs with us we will have him choose the name of the stadium Wilson stadium or let him pick the new Skins name for the football team.
  3. I keep looking for Redskins to make some moves in February. This year they may lay low like they did last year on free agency and let other teams make their moves first. Since we have more cap room this year I thought they might make some trades but it is real quiet so far. Even though we got these new guys in the front office we have had minimal news unlike the Eagles with Wentz moving on. For example, wish they would resolve what is going to happen with Alex Smith situation too.
  4. It just hit me where Alex will play next season. He will go play for his old college coach Urban Meyer in Jacksonville. If the college coach will take him as his backup quarterback. I cannot think of any other team that would sign him for starter money unless he took a lot less money.
  5. He is also super smart to be getting a math degree. Will memorize plays without difficulty. I think Alex Smith has a photographic memory. Rivera going after guys who will not make him look stupid. Wentz is also supposed to be intelligent only his problem is he thinks he knows it all.
  6. I think Mariotta could be an option if Smith retires. He is affordable for us and Raiders are way over the cap now.
  7. So surprised they signed him so soon. I am happy he will get a chance to do more for this team. He earned his chance to be on this team. The kid has the "IT" factor per Brian Mitchell.
  8. When I lived in the Bay area I watched Smith play on the 49ers. I was not a big fan then but he sure did change my mind when he came to the Redskins. We needed a leader and he stepped up to the plate. I thank him for his amazing comeback and all the injured veterans he inspired along the way as well as other injured people who are still struggling. I hope he decides to retire and start a new life away from football.
  9. It is fine to go for Carr and not Darnold. If we do not get Carr then we should find a quarterback in the draft and concentrate now on signing a number one receiver from the available free agents. We also have other holes to fill on this team like linebacker and safety.
  10. I listen to a lot of Eagles sports radio. Some people think he never recovered from his concussion. He also got beat up with a back injury the year before. This year they had a terrible offensive line with tons of injuries. But he held on to the ball too long and the Head Coach said it was not always the offensive line issues.
  11. I heard Darryl Moose Johnston on the radio and he said he really likes Taylor Heinke. He said quarterbacks that come from small schools learn quickly how to rollout and avoid the rush. He liked what Taylor did in his last game with the Redskins.
  12. Listening to Kevin Sheehan on 980 radio this morning. He is talking about the Chargers rookie quarterback Herbert. He lost all credibility with me regarding his evaluation of quarterbacks because for one year he had Haskins as the best thing since slice bread. When Haskins started having bad games it was the organization's fault for not helping him more. When things got really bad towards the end then he finally started the new narrative that Haskins might not be around in the future.
  13. I do not think we would get Watson even if we tried hard to get him. We have to be realistic concerning how our franchise is viewed by NFL players and their agents. Right now Washington is still not a preferred destination for top free agents. If we get to the playoffs next year then maybe the narrative changes among agents advising their star players. Do we ever hear guys around the NFL saying they want to come to Washington? Slowly Rivera is helping us to get our reputation back but what the Danny and Allen did to this franchise was make us a least preferred desti
  14. There is a report out tonight that Washington's offer for Stafford was better than Rams offer. Some on this message board were convinced Skins were going to beat out several other teams to get Stafford. If the ESPN reporter is right so why did we not get him? Hmm...could it be that Washington is still not a preferred destination by some players. Or could it be that our new General Manager team is not so sharp as some on this message board think they are??
  15. He may like the fact that he was drafted by the Lions but he may not like the free agents that Mayhew missed on that could have helped the team be a contender. Mayhew has missed on a lot of free agents who other teams picked up and did well with over the years.
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