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  1. veteranskinsfan

    **** the Cowboys

    Really enjoyed watching the Bears beat the Cowboys last night. Now hope the Eagles lose to the Giants next. Hope Cowboys keep Garrett as their Head Coach.
  2. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Cowboys are flaming out now and I read one article where Aikman says Jerry Jones interferes with the coaching and does exactly what Snyder does. Also, Aikman says the real GM of the Cowboys is a guy who reports to Jerry Jones son who is like Allen their GM. Both franchises failing because we have fake General Managers and meddling owners.
  3. veteranskinsfan

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I wonder how Williams feels about Callahan. If Snyder got rid of Allen and made Callahan Head Coach would Williams still want out? I think we need to let Williams go, Allen go and Callahan go. The last two games we have not missed number 24 at all.
  4. veteranskinsfan

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    If weather is a factor then I see a close game. But Skins lose 27-21. Hope the team continues to show improvement. If it comes down to a field goal then I like our kicker to get the job done.
  5. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Just read a good article by Tim Kawakami of the Athletic. The title of the article is: "Jed York's meaningful and quiet 49ers triumph- he hired the right gus and is staying out of the way". In the winter of 2016/2017 York fired Chip Kelly, his 3rd coach in 3 years and also fired the general manager, Trent Balke his most trusted aide. Then he signed Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch for a total of $66 million dollars for two six year deals. It was time to step into the background York told his associates. Both Shanahan and Lynch told York they had to have the space and freedom to do whatever they thought was necessary to fix the franchise and rebuild. So our owner needs to follow the 49ers example. Follow their blueprint for success. If he does not do that then his franchise will continue to lose money and no new stadium will ever be built. He has to let Allen and the interim head coach go and start all over again. Then stay out of the way completely.
  6. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Alex might end up being a better front office person than football player for us. He is smart and he knows a lot of league people. The last few games on tv they have shown him with Snyder watching the games.
  7. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    A few weeks ago I read a report on ES that both Allen and Snyder had sold their homes in the DC area and Allen has a home in CA. I think Allen leaked this report. It may be there is already a plan in place between Allen and Snyder and only they know the details and how it will play out. If all three local jurisdictions do not give him land for a stadium then you do not need Allen to remain with the Redskins just to do a stadium deal. If Snyder takes his toy and sells it then both men ride off into the sunset. Snyder can move onto another business. In the old ESPN documentary I watched a few days ago, Snyder tells Rachel Nichols how he went from one business start-up to the next and just kept trying to find the right business to succeed. He had to borrow family money to keep going. Now he has all the money he needs. He can do what Jack Kent Cooke's son did when he lost his bid for the Redskins. He can travel and spend his money and retire. He can move to another state where his family will not be subject to fans not liking them. Another interesting angle to this report from JP Finlay is how the players will react to the report. Will they play differently if they feel that there is a chance that Callahan and Allen could return next year in charge? Will some of the players who want a new coach and a new General Manager think it is in their best interests to lose the remaining games?
  8. veteranskinsfan

    Next Coach?

    Greg Roman is a better hire than Jim Harbaugh because he was the offensive coordinator with the 49ers calling the plays and now he has been successful with Baltimore. He is 47 years old and he is willing to adapt his offense to the players on the team which is not what Jay Gruden was willing to do very often. Roman will help our quarterback and use the tight ends in better formations. If the Denver Head Coach is fired in the off season then you hire Vic Fangio to be the defensive coordinator and then reunite both of them from their SF days. Fangio did well with the Bears defense before he went to the Broncos and he will not take any guff from spoiled players. Also Kevin O'Connell could learn a lot from Roman so that if Roman does not work out you can promote O'Connell to be Head Coach. Several teams will pursue Roman so that would appeal to the Danny's competitive streak to go after the hot candidates. Another good fit would be Roman with Greg Williams as defensive coordinator. We should let go all the defensive coaches currently on the team.
  9. veteranskinsfan

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Why won't he contact the family and accept responsibility for what happened? Most likely his agent and lawyer are advising him to say nothing. By not talking to the family it is not surprising that the family is starting to have doubts about what he did that night and they might have talked with others who were in his house that night. Eventually the truth will come out--one way or the other. The autopsy will speak loudly as well. Unfortunately, the Deadskins management team has been defending their players forever and asking local jurisdictions to give them a break over the years. I am sure many other NFL teams follow the same pattern. When you recruit nuckleheads then you often get trouble that follows.
  10. veteranskinsfan

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    In the breaking news section the web site just posted Skin stats for the Lions game. Here are the Haskins only stats:: Dwayne Haskins (Advanced Stats)- To say that Haskins had problems with accuracy in this game would be an understatement. Not only did he have a season-low completion rate, he also posted new season worsts in adjusted completion percentage (50%) and number of bad/poor throws (9). The OSU product put up the fifth-lowest DYAR total (-116) and the third-lowest total QBR (15.5) among all qualified signal callers in Week 12. Dwayne Haskins (Season)- Yes, Haskins got his first win and the majority of his action in 2019 is still yet to come, but at least so far, he has been horrible. Of the 38 players with 100 or more pass attempts this season, Haskins ranks 37th or second-worst ahead of only Josh Rosen in the following metrics: completion percentage (54.6%), touchdown percentage (5.56%), passer rating (55.9), passing yards per game (130.8) and adjusted net yards per attempt (2.42). The Skins’ first-round pick ranks dead last in interception percentage (5.56%) and QBR (19.3). What’s perhaps even more troubling is that the player who ranks just ahead of Haskins in many of these categories has often posted a number that is 20 to 30% higher than what Haskins has.
  11. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    There is another u-tube video dated March 6, 2011 where Snyder is interviewed by Rachel Nichols of ESPN on the show E:60 and it is worth watching. At one point Snyder says he was surprised that the NFL allowed him to buy the team because he was so young at the time- 34 years old. The show chronicles how he got started in business and how as some companies failed he kept borrowing money hoping that the next venture would succeed. As the Skins continue to lose he probably likes the fact that the fans are upset with Allen and fails to realize the fans are upset with both of them.
  12. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So we have Dan Snyder's father to blame then for encouraging him to buy the Redskins!!
  13. veteranskinsfan

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Steve Czaban says Haskins is not a stiff. He thinks as fans we will see him on the team for the next 2-3 years. He says his accuracy is bad. Danny will insist he remain the quarterback for the next few years. So we should just try to fill the other huge gaping holes on this team. Then down the line we can draft a back up to Haskins and maybe the backup can eventually do well. Meanwhile, Haskins will be taking a lot of hits until we can fix the entire offensive line so there is really no need to draft a better quarterback to take all the hits the next two years. Czaban says buckle in and hope for the best. Skins will not be drafting another quarterback for a while.
  14. veteranskinsfan

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: The McCaffrey Show

    Panthers 24 Skins 12 McCaffrey has a field day against the Skins. He gains over 200 yards rushing. Skins defense does not produce the turnovers they did against the Lions.