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  1. If you look at the charts posted by Skins Paradise on this page, you will see Joe Burrow is having a good year. I heard a Hall of Fame journalist who covers the Eagles this morning say that Joe Burrow had 60 touchdowns last year for LSU and he reminds him of Andrew Luck. He is concerned that being on a bad team Burrow could be Andrew Luck 2.0 and have his career over by age 30 if his team does not protect him more. Dwyane needs at least a decent offensive line too. But meanwhile his accuracy has to improve and we have to find out if he can be an effective pocket quarterback
  2. Our ex-tight end caught two touchdown passes for the 49ers on Sunday.
  3. Maurice Harris was let go by the Saints this year. Why not bring him in and see what he has left in the tank? He made some decent catches for us when he was here. Lets face it we do not have a solid group. They should be working out potential receivers every week to add to the team.
  4. We need Fuller available for this game to improve our secondary's performance this Sunday.
  5. I am listening to Sheehan broadcast and he said it was more bad than good on Sunday from Dwyane. He told his audience that if you cannot take watching the game then go outside and not watch the games unless you are ready to deal with the ups and downs from the quarterback. Sheehan has been a staunch defender of Haskins last year. Fans are seeing other very young quarterbacks be successful early in their careers so expectations for Haskins are going to be high. I am going to watch the defense more when I watch the games and try not to get so upset with the offense. Going to
  6. I think Kirk left because he knew the team would not build a solid offense around him. Watching him not doing well has not been surprising to me. He also knew he is not a Hall of Famer so he would need good players around him if he was going to go deep into the playoffs. When he saw our record last year I am sure he and his agent believe he made the right move to the Vikings.
  7. It was tough to watch him on Red Zone yesterday catch two touchdowns. We paid him well while his last two years were a total bust and now the 49ers take advantage of getting him now. He was probably read for a new start just like our old left tackle who is on the 49ers now. I wish he had retired for preserving his health. Now on the radio some people think we should let Brandon Scherf go next year. Skins management the last few years made the wrong contract decisions and then later it comes to bite us later. I like Kyle Smith and I hope we keep him because he has made some good draft pic
  8. When you look around the league like the Chargers yesterday with a rookie playing his first game and he throws for tons of yards and touchdowns you wonder when the GE light bulb will go off for Haskins. Yes, he needs better blocking but imagine if we had the Arizona quarterback and they had Haskins. I think we would have won the game yesterday. I understand we need to give him a full season but it is going to require fans to have unusual patience while we watch other teams quarterbacks.
  9. Yes, if the other team cannot run the ball in the second half our defense can wear them out and keep giving the ball back to the offense. If you give our offense say 10-15 more times per game to score then are odds of scoring increase dramatically. Last year, our defense stayed on the field it seemed like forever so when the offense finally did get the ball there was super pressure on them to score because they could not count on the defense to stop the other team a second or third time in a row.
  10. Go back and read what Tom Boswell wrote in Washington Post this morning about our team. He gave us no chance to win and said our players were below average NFL players. Cannot wait to read his next column.
  11. This has been an absolute stunner folks says tv announcer!
  12. Kerrigan gets the ball. Eighth sack of the day.
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