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  1. I checked the Football Team page too and couldn't find it and also thought it had been shut down for good and started stressing out about it. Then I said to myself- just hope they are doing maintenance and that it will show up sometime this week again.
  2. I saw the video posted in another thread yesterday.
  3. Tough to see Kerrigan leave and to learn Moses is next to leave. If I was the starting quarterback I would want to know if I have a decent line to block for me.
  4. It will be weird to see him on the Eagles defense this year. He will play in a 4-3 so he will probably pass rush effectively. He won't be used in coverage. Wish he had gone to one of the other teams who wanted him instead of the Eagles. He picked them so he could stick it to Ron most likely. Think about it. Same thing happened to Brian Mitchell after he had played for Skins for ten years. He ended up giving Eagles three good productive years. I hope some how we can get Ryan to retire officially as a Redskin some day. I do not believe Kerrigan was washed up at all
  5. Cowboys came out a day or so ago and said they are keeping Vander Esch and want to sign him to a 3-4 year contract.
  6. One scouting service says he is strictly a blocking tight end and WFT could have drafted him in a later round of the draft.
  7. No NFL team would look at media mock drafts I know.
  8. My thoughts have not changed even after sleeping on the pick. Rivera hires all the veteran draft guys and then decides to not move up in the draft. I did not want to give away a lot of picks. If you look at John Clayton's top 50 players in the draft Davis was ranked 33rd. We took him at 19. He would not have been my pick. Also these front office geniuses thought Cowboys would draft a cornerback and they did not plan on Cowboys moving up. I believe Skins thought they would get Parsons with the 19 pick because several mock drafts had predicted that would happen.
  9. I wish I was more enthusiastic about the pick. On NFL Network Coach Shaw from Stanford says he is a good player. I just thought we could have moved up like several teams did and got a more valuable player on either defense or offense. Maybe I will like their other picks tomorrow and over the weekend.
  10. Sounds like Micah Parsons might fall to the middle of the first round. I know there is an off the field issue but I also know Riverboat Ron likes linebackers.
  11. In Sports Illustrated Smith is wining now about how our Coaches treated him on his comeback. We paid him a ton of money and he needs to quietly retire and not do more news stories. He was upset we put him on the physically unable to perform list at the beginning of the season.
  12. I was rooting for the Stanford kid. I think he planned to go to medical school if his football career caved. It will be interesting if another team picks him up after the draft is over. Since Ron did not select him it was probably easier for the new regime to cut him.
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