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  1. I liked Whitner's comment about leading men. He cited Jim Harbaugh and Vic Fangio as coaches who were good leaders who could coach players directly. Head Coaches never get formal training on leadership. So they probably emulate a leadership style they learned sometime in their careers from senior head coaches they worked with or they just wing it. Jay strikes me a Head Coach who just winged it. Probably did not even use the leadership style of his dad who was a coach or his brother. Now consider the curious case of Kyle Shanahan. Kyle probably has formed his own unique leadership style which is not at all based on working for his dad. We often talk about coaching trees. The coaching trees generally would most likely apply to strategy and plays each coach learned from other successful head coaches.
  2. Ex Skins players often go to other teams and do better. There was a backup linebacker named Alexander and he went to Buffalo and did real well. There are a lot of them. Mark Schlerth went to Broncos and had a good career. Smith will do much better with the Packers.
  3. veteranskinsfan

    Whats going to happen when Alex Smith is healthy next year

    Alex was a good game manager for the 49ers. He was severely over paid by the Skins. Some NFL team will sign him as a back-up if he can demonstrate he has fully recovered.
  4. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Redskin top cap hits thanks to Allen: Alex Smith zero snaps this year, Josh Norman- poor performance this year, Trent Williams- zero snaps this year, Ryan Kerrigan- down year, Landon Collins- got Defensive Player of the week, Jordan Reed- probably will not return and did not play after concussion, Paul Richardson- not productive and injured last year. Bruce Allen has not produced a decent roster. No current Head Coach would agree to this job unless Allen was replaced. We have mediocre talent and that is because he looks for players he can sign who would be cheap after coming back from injury. Love the running back from Stanford is a great example- no snaps this year. The General Manager has to give his coaches a fighting chance to succeed each season and Gruden had no chance to be successful this year given this roster. I am not defending Gruden and the mistakes he made either. I am sure he totally burned out and he did goofy stuff at the end just so they would let him get out of prison finally.
  5. veteranskinsfan

    Bench Norman

    Should have got rid of him before the season started. The Prince of Darkness makes another management mistake.
  6. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Watching Preston Smith play for the Packers was tough to see especially when the announcer called him " an Elite Pass Rusher". He is playing well for sure and we let him go in free agency. Many times we forget how many good players leave the Skins and move on to other teams and thrive. The Eagles Head Coach yesterday talked about "coaching up" the players before their upcoming game with the Cowboys. Meanwhile one of our online users a while back published the list of players still on the roster from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 drafts. There are three starters- Morgan Moses, Schereff, and Ioannidis. The total number of players selected in these 3 drafts was 25 players. Poor drafting and mediocre coaching is killing this team along with weak top management- truly a bad combination of factors.
  7. veteranskinsfan

    Zach Brown released

    Would the Skins consider signing him? CBS reports at least 4 NFL teams want to sign him- Titans, Raiders, NY Giants, and Kansas City Chiefs. Our linebackers are not as strong as Zach Brown. He can stuff the run but he is slow going laterally across the field. Did the Eagles cut him for what he said about Cousins or did they cut him based on his lack of production for them? You never know what are nutty top management team might do....stay tuned. If the Prince of Darkness can get him cheap then he might do it.
  8. veteranskinsfan

    The rise of Quinton Dunbar

    I agree to put him on the ones and we need to move Josh to safety. But does the secondary coach have the guts to tell Norman the new arrangement? Otherwise for the remainder of our games this season we will be watching Norman getting beat on long pass plays.
  9. Glad Samuels got in but why is Charley Taylor not in this Ring of Fame? Jerry Smith and Bobby Mitchell are in and they played with Taylor. He was also a receivers coach for the Skins. Did he do something to upset Skins Management??
  10. Steve Szaban just said on his radio show that watching the Skins game was a waste of his time on Sunday and he is convinced Miami tanked on the last play call.
  11. veteranskinsfan

    Next Coach?

    Sheehan has made a really mystifying statement this morning- He thinks Bill Callahan could get the head coaching job the way Freddie Kitchens got his job. I do not want Bill because he has not solved the running issues for the past few years. He is strictly considered a good oline coach. Players say he teaches them good techniques. I do not want Tomlin either and some of the national press guys say Skins will not get him. Just typical public relations spin from the Deadskins Marketing Department. I do not want a college coach. I am sure the Skins will end up selecting a coach that I will not be happy about so I am preparing myself ahead of another bad Skins head coaching decision. Their track record for finding good coaching talent is abysmal.
  12. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    See breaking news section about Skins fan who paid for the banner to Fire Allen at the stadium in Florida yesterday. He is a hero to this exhausted and disappointed fan base. I am sure someone told Snyder about the banner even if he did not see it himself. Hopefully his wife told him. Allen probably made sure the Danny never went outside at all. Just got into the limo and headed for the airport.
  13. veteranskinsfan

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Dolphins

    For the first time ever I did not watch the game. Enjoyed the outdoors and getting exercise and not being consumed by how badly this team plays and how inconsistent the play is from quarter to quarter. Bought a Washington Nationals baseball hat and watch the baseball playoff game to get my sports fix.
  14. veteranskinsfan

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    Frustration continues...Dolphins 3- Skins 3 tie. Most boring game of the year.
  15. veteranskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It just hit me how to fix this huge Redskins problem. Sheehan says he thinks Snyder ask Joe Gibbs for his opinions. We need to ask Joe Gibbs to have a very serious conversation with the Danny to convince him to sell the team for either 2020 or 2021. How will this happen you ask? When the DC government, VA legislature and MD legislature all let the Danny know they will not allow a stadium to be built with or without taxpayer funds. Joe needs to be approached about having this conversation in order to save our fan base and to save the franchise.