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  1. veteranskinsfan

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I agree with Chris Russell. Less fun and more work should be the recipe for Haskins to show the new coaches he can improve. If i am Riverboat Ron I sign another veteran quarterback to make sure Haskins has competition in preseason. Haskins did not have 4 seasons of football in college. He needs to show a lot of improvement from year 1 to year 2 no matter what our owner thinks about him.
  2. veteranskinsfan

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I was leaning in favor of keeping Dunbar but if Ron has another guy he wants then that is fine with me. If Julie says the Redskins like him then maybe what some of you have said that they will get to him in 6-8 weeks after they have sorted out other moves could make sense.
  3. veteranskinsfan

    The Philosophy Thread: HC First, GM/FO First, or does it matter?

    I did not know whether to start a new thread or put this note in this thread. This morning on Kevin Sheehan show he talked about multiple media reports that show our owner is again making sure he is involved with letting the new Head Coach know what he thinks of current and future players. Keim is reporting that Snyder wants Chase Young on the team this year. Another reporter says Kerrigan has been assured by Snyder that he will remain on the team this year. So Sheehan says he does not want the owner interfering and hopes the Head Coach is making Snyder think he values his input while still making the key decisions himself. It has not been long since the Head Coach arrived and owner meddling issues are on the media airwaves again.
  4. I know the team should be younger but a few targeted FA's who can step in and start as well as lead by example to help the younger players improve would be helpful. I would like to keep Scherff. I would not keep Williams. I would draft a left tackle. In the past we have overpaid for a few bad free agents each year for many years. Spending the money has to be strategic and not as you say "ridiculous spending spree."
  5. veteranskinsfan

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Reed says he wants a fresh start. Many fans want a fresh start without Reed on the team too.
  6. veteranskinsfan

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    Thanks for the heads up. Its the easy way these days to feel good about our team.
  7. I am waiting to see if we can free up more cap space to sign some veterans from other teams. Wondering if more of our veterans will be let go. Eagles have receiver problems but right now they remain solid. Cowboys with a new head coach could get better or could get worse and most likely not anything in the middle like an 8-8 record. Giants will be lucky to go .500. We need a decent tight end. Not surprised Olsen signed with Seahawks to play with Russell Wilson. Also the old adage about "money talks and ___ walks." will apply when we talk to free agents. Alex Smith contract stifles our overall team improvement again this year.
  8. Just read what La Confora wrote about the 8 moves and I agree with his approach. Normally I do not always agree with him. Trade Williams. Franchise tag Scherff. Let Reed be a coach if he wants. Trade Dunbar. Let Guice go. I might keep Peterson if he does not cost much (Jason said to let him go). Trade Ryan Anderson and let Kerrigan stay for one more year if he will take a pay cut that is a more reasonable salary. Definitely move on from Alex Smith in 2021. Auction off pick 2 and see what you can get. If you cannot get a huge load of good picks then stay at pick number 2 and draft the guy everyone says we should pick. I am on the fence with Dunbar. Jason says to trade him. But he is not a malcontent. I would keep him if his salary demands are not unreasonable. If he wants too much money then tell him to not let the door hit him on his way out.
  9. Bye bye Richardson. We hardly knew you. Good luck connecting with another team.
  10. veteranskinsfan

    Norman released

    Just glad they released him first and we need that cap space relief. Another team will sign him on the cheap or he will just move on to his non-football career.
  11. veteranskinsfan

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    The Keim article about staying put with the pick was very interesting. If you trade the pick and move down and get several picks the key is then to select the right players. The examples Keim gave showed some of the teams that used the trade down strategy often made bad selections with the extra picks. If you believe Kyle Smith has had reasonable success in the last draft then you might roll the dice to move down for more picks. But since we are following coach centric model then Rivera is in the driver's seat. He will probably pick Chase Young and wait to see how Smith does with the other picks we already have this year.
  12. veteranskinsfan

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I would sign him and then trade him to another team. Plenty of good left tackles in this draft. As a new Head Coach I would not want a potential problem in the locker room. Dunbar asking for more money before his contract is up points to how players will copy other players contract demands- especially if Skins management ends up signing Williams. Hope Rivera does not get sentimental and keeps Norman too. Josh needs to go to another team. We need to dump his salary. I think both Williams and Allen were wrong with their negotiations last year. If we do sign Williams, I am concerned that he will not be healthy for a full season so we will be throwing more money down the drain.
  13. veteranskinsfan

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I think agents help screw things up with players these days and make it harder for NFL management to sign new deals. Its not like Dunbar to just be a malcontent. I would let Trent Williams go and get a pick for him and I would definitely let Norman go. If they keep Norman and let Dunbar go then I will not be a happy camper at all. i get that Dunbar has not played 3-4 healthy seasons yet. He wants some guaranteed money. It seems to me this is why you need a competent General Manager to be able to address these situations. I get that if every player tries to hold the team hostage before their contract is up that the team has to not make special exceptions or else the contracts will go way up. If I am Dunbar I would do what he is proposing because a lot of ex-Skins players actually have better careers once they leave the Redskins. So he has nothing to lose but I think his agent is driving his demands and players need to know when to tell the attack agent to back off for a while.
  14. Definitely trade Richardson even if you only give a ham sandwich in return for him and no draft picks. What a terrible free agent signing. Do not want him even if he is healthy.
  15. Olsen is visiting at least 3 teams- Seattle, Buffalo and Skins. Also there is a rumor that he is wondering if the Chicago Bears are interested too.