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  1. Unfortunately, no. I think that Haskins time is done and Ron will not change his current path.
  2. This is what frustrates me so much, Allen supposedly knows this offense, but the results are the same as When Haskins is in. I still believe that Haskins has the best upside. It seems like we are cutting of our nose to spite our face. We are trying to teach Haskins some lesson, but we are not getting better results in the meantime.
  3. Rivera said it was an arm issue and he didn’t want Allen to get hurt worse than he already was.
  4. During Rivera press conference he said it would be Allen if he was clear, with Alex being his backup.
  5. Once again you are convinced that Haskins is A bust. So no argument will change your mind. I just think that none of our quarterbacks are good right now, so why not put Haskins in and see what happens. He was at least moving the ball down the field.
  6. So you would rather lose like this every week. At least the offense look like it was getting better under Haskins. It still wasn’t good but better than this crap we are seeing today.
  7. Why not Haskins. At least he is willing to throw the ball done field at some point. I have not seen anything out of Smith or Allen to show me they are better than what Haskins was doing.
  8. I agree that the QB is one of the problems. But you can’t tell me that the OL is giving Haskins the same opportunities that Lamar Jackson has.
  9. I like how we think that if we replace Haskins we will be competitive. Sure he isn’t showing much. But the OL doesn’t Give him a lot of time and our safety play sucks. Allen will not make us a winning team. In my opinion he won’t even make a difference.
  10. Even if this happens it doesn’t make us better. Dwayne isn’t good right now but it seems either is the rest of the offense. The offense simply isn’t NFL quality.
  11. Let us not go as far as to say Gruden new what he was doing. Let’s just say Snyder is the worst owner ever.
  12. Hey guys it’s not the quarterback or the offensive line that needs to be replaced. Its both. I really thought this is who we are but Philly must be really bad. We are a bad team. This what we going to look like all year.
  13. My first rant. Until the offense starts fast and the defense stops being stupid, we will always be a bad team. There I feel better for now.
  14. I am so tired of our defense not stopping the screen.
  15. Okay defense make sure Ertz doesn’t beat you.
  16. see this is why we need to get rid of Mansucky and our special teams coach.
  17. We haven’t won yet. We need to get the onside kick secured. It’s still not over yet.
  18. Our young guys. they are getting better, but please don’t keep Mansucky.
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