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Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills


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A couple of notes:


Bills continued to try to keep the Skins defense flat footed with the motion, but when Ion read the TE screen, it looked like the Skins defense started to realize that they needed to stay calm and do their job.


Early in the drive, Sweat took a good angle on Allen, had outside leverage, but an inside move (which shouldn't ever suck the contain guy in) sucked Sweat in and Allen got outside. Can't have that against a mobile QB. Later in the drive though, on first and goal, Sweat chased Allen on a scramble from behind, but his pursuit angle was perfect for catching him from behind but also preventing him from getting outside if he planted and came back.


On the next play, Buffalo motioned a guy into the slot. He had an awkward alignment towards a crack position on Ryan Anderson. Anderson didn't pay attention to it and attacked downhill. The slot passed Anderson and went to the second level, but it resulted in Anderson being unblocked in the backfield.


Skins D managed to pull things together well towards the tail end. Hopefully that continues.

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7 minutes ago, TommyWilson said:

It's just a simple eye test.  He actually does look good so far against a top 5 defense.  Being accurate, making good reads, these are good signs of progress for a project QB


And hell yes the standards are low, we suck

You just got to look at how Tom Brady looked against that Bills defense in Buffalo. It's not a qb-friendly environment. His defense ist not a door mat though.

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4 minutes ago, Hooper said:

Instead of 3rd and forever, Callahan declines the penalty and gives them an easier FG because he knows Manusky can’t be trusted. 

Why would any nfl team give another team extra downs? Makes sence to decline penalty. 

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