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  1. How to go from most attractive GM spot to least attractive GM spot in half a day. I mean they'll probably still take Lawrence but I'd be so pissed to be a Jags fan right now. Imagine Snyder flat out saying he will have roster control.
  2. Will be interesting to see what they do.
  3. Currently per PFF: - Chase Young ranks 1st among rookie edge defenders - Antonio Gibson ranks 1st among rookie running backs - Kamren Curl ranks 1st among rookie safeties - Khaleke Hudson is ranked 6th among rookie LBs (when ignoring minimum snap count threshold) - James Smith-Williams ranks 7th among rookie DTs (when ignoring minimum snap count threshold) Saahdiq Charles was injured for the whole season, Keith Ismael is stuck on the depth chart behind Roullier and AGG was injured for big parts of the season as well. This draft class looks absol
  4. Let's hope he is fine but not saying him anything seems irresponsible at the very least.
  5. I'd much rather sign Marcus Williams (24yo) or Josh Johnson (26yo) who are both significantly younger than Harris (29yo) if we were to sign a free safety in free agency. Especially if they are both available for a couple of millions less per season as speculated in the PFF article. However, I don't think we will make a big signing at FS when due to the Landon Collins contract.
  6. Like I said, for me it's more about planning ahead than necessarily upgrading immediately. After next season both tackles will be free agents and we will have to worry about keeping our D-line together, so a rookie contract at a tackle spot would help with that as well. If (and that's the question) there is a worthy tackle available in the first, I think it makes sense because good tackles rarely become free agents and with the (I hope) Roullier/Scherff extensions we might not have the cap space to compete for a tackle in free agency in 22. Obviously a lot depends on what we will do in free ag
  7. For me Lawrence is still comfortably the #1 guy and I'd put Wilson in there with the other QBs as well, but otherwise your list seems fine. I haven't really watched the LBs, so I cannot really say anything about the top guys but in general it feels like the sweet spot for LBs is similarly to TEs somewhere in rounds 2-3. I'd also probably take an OT like Darrisaw, Cosmi or Slater before going LB, maybe even before going skill position. While our O-line has played well this year, both our tackles become free agents after next season, so it makes a lot of sense to plan ahead and pull the tri
  8. Well if we include our team than my biggest wish is that Lawrence falls to us in the first round. But if we going with realistic wishes yours seems a tad more realistic so sign me up for that, seems like a good plan. However, I would still rather face NFC East teams without one o those 3 guys.
  9. At this point my biggest wish is that we don't face Sewell, D. Smith or Pitts in the NFC East in the upcoming years.
  10. The over-reactions you read from time to time are really amusing. The last two weeks Fields was struggling and many were legitimately concerned about him, he even dropped to QB4 in some mock drafts. Now he has an incredible game and all of a sudden he is passing Trevor Lawrence as QB1. These takes aren't necessarily from the same guys but it's just wild to read these things.
  11. The only "outlet" that has reported anything of that kind about Zach Wilson is Walterfootball, a blog where the writers made fun of players who opted out due to the Covid crisis and called them selfish. They are horrible people and I don't believe anything they are saying. As long as no one else reports anything of that kind, Wilson to me is as unblemished as the other QBs.
  12. "The three Washington Football Team limited partners embroiled in an angrily litigious split from owner Dan Snyder accused him of corporate malfeasance earlier this year, according to an affidavit filed Monday by the partners’ advisor, John Moag. And Moag claimed Snyder sent “intruders” to his home to harass him. Lawyers for Snyder, in a midnight filing just hours after the Moag papers appeared on the Maryland court docket, described his affidavit as a “scandalous” statement and “defamatory.” It is this alleged corporate misconduct — for which no proof has been offered — that
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