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  1. Damn I really like Morgan Moses. Wasn't always performing at an elite level but he always gave everything and always played through injury and kept the line somewhat together when everyone else was going down like flies. Going to miss him for sure, especially after he had a really good season last year.
  2. I don't think that you can determine whether someone is a deep threat or not by solely looking at his 40 time. Brown understands very well how to set up cornerbacks on his go-routes and while his end speed might be nothing special, he has a really nice acceleration, great head fakes, subtle body fakes and he tracks the deep ball really well - which is almost equally important as having great speed. If you look at Stefon Diggs, Justin Jefferson or Calvin Ridley they all win regularly on deep routes and all of them ran their 40s in the same neighborhood as Brown. Heck, Michael Gallup has been on
  3. While the reach or steal label holds little meaning for the individual prospect, there is more nuance to it than it just being a buzzword. "The following chart shows the results for the 2014 to 2019 NFL drafts. So, how well do draft picks pan out, based on whether they are steals and reaches?We start with the right-hand side and discuss reaches. It turns out that players who were supposed to be reaches indeed underperformed their expectations based on their draft selection, justifying the label that they received at draft time. However, some supposed reaches also overperformed thei
  4. Yeah Brady is somewhat of an exception because it seems he has always taken a pay cut to get a competitive roster in return. Hence, I don't really think that the tax benefits really played that much of a role. He is such a competitor and I think his main motivation was to show everyone that he can win a Superbowl outside of New England and without Belichick. This obviously raises the question whether that applies to guys like Rodgers or Wilson. But I still feel good about our chances if we assemble a competitive roster. Ultimately, it is about their legacy and about their brand just as mu
  5. Do you guys think that Shaka Toney could play as a linebacker in our scheme? I know that he played almost exclusively as an edge but he has the athletic profile for a great linebacker.
  6. I think at the end of the day it really only matters if we got a competitive team. I don't think that 4-5 years ago Tom Brady would have considered playing for Tampa. Sure they have the tax benefit and nice weather but that dude cares about winning. Tampa had a great roster and a good coach and he knew that he was the one who could lead that team to a Superbowl. If we have another strong season where we show growth from last year the combination of a a strong roster and a well respected coach will surely put us on everyone's list.
  7. I mean it's never bad to be confident but he didn't exactly light it up at his pro day.
  8. That is probably true. But we also signed only 4 or 5 guys last year. Seems like a theme. Worked out last year so I won't complain, I just generally like to give guys a chance and it's not like we didn't rely on players who originally went undrafted last year. Danny Johnson, Jeremy Reaves, Steven Sims, Cam Sims, Marcus Baugh, Taylor Heinicke, Cornelius Lucas, J.D. McKissic, Steven Montez, Isaiah Wright and Jared Norris are all players who played for us last season and didn't get drafted. It's a numbers game and while it's awesome if they feel confident about the draft class it's never a b
  9. Sure, those are good reasons to not sign 16 players. But 1 guy seems ridiculously low. We have had an UDFA making the final roster in many of our recent seasons. It just seems odd that there are no guys left where we feel they could contribute. Also it's always nice to get a look at some guys for the inevitable situation that someone gets hurt and you need to bring players in either to fill the roster or the practice squad.
  10. Don't get this approach. We traded super early into the 6th round to get 2 more picks at the end of the 6th and the middle of the 7th because (I guess) there seemed to be multiple players left on their board that they like. And then after the draft they do not even try to bring in additional guys? I know there are some capacities due to COVID this year but why not even try to sign some more players? Atlanta for example has signed 16 guys already. Last year we also only signed 4 or 5 guys. Not sure what the rationale behind that is. I'd at least look for a kicker to compete with Hopkins.
  11. After the draft you usually turn back to the free agent market to fill the rest of your roster holes. But honestly, I really don't see any position where we would need to specifically sign someone. There are a couple of spots where another veteran player wouldn't hurt. Like linebacker (Kwon Alexander, KJ Wright) or safety (Tre Boston, Malik Hooker). Tight end would be a position where we could use one more player as well but the free agent market isn't really exciting. To put it short: I'd be totally fine if we just signed some lower level camp bodies. This roster looks pretty dece
  12. Bradley-King is also a pretty decent athlete. Clearly trying to add speed and athletic potential.
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