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  1. If we can't go QB I am all for going O-line. I want us to dominate the trenches. Darrisaw is, like everyone I guess, my semi-realistic #1 wish at 19 - but I don't think he'll be there. I agree with SIP though. Jenkins would be a great pick as well if he can play LT.
  2. I love Rivera but this his take on probabilities is just stupid. I hope someone sits down with him and explains it to him.
  3. Talk about us trading up for a QB ist heating up. Even though he is just speculating, he's ususally pretty plugged in so has probably heard some things.
  4. He's pretty plugged in. Would obv be for a QB.
  5. Do you think he'd fit our defensive scheme?
  6. Wonder who that LB is Any takes on him?
  7. While that might be true he still lost the camp battle to two below average TEs. Might also be that he doesn't fit the scheme, who knows. Just think that they'd rather try someone else and Rodgers probably also would like to try his luck somewhere else.
  8. Don't get me wrong Kyle Pitts might be my fav non-QB prospect in the entire draft and I have loved him all the way with you. I would absolutely hate to see him in Dallas. That statement was just made in regards to Dallas' O-line in general.
  9. I first want to see how good their O-line really is at this point. Zach Martin missed half of last season but he is probably still going to be great. But how good is T. Smith still? He hasn't played a full season since 2015 and his PFF rating (fwiw) has gone down ever since. Last year he had a 67.8 which is average. La'el Collins had 4 mediocre seasons and one great season and then he missed all of last season with an injury. Connor Wiliams is so far an average starter at Guard and Pff ranked Biadasz 32nd out of 36 Centers and he missed half the season with an injury. While this li
  10. If positional value wouldn't factor in, why would we not consider punters, kickers or long snappers in the first if they were really good? I know what you mean and people probably have a slightly different way of going about this but for me BPA means to stick to your big board and there positional value matters.
  11. I am not saying they shouldn't draft BPA, it's just that from my point of view it's highly unlikely a RB is a BPA at 19 because for me the positional value is that much lower than e.g. OT. And positional value is IMO a really important factor when determining the BPA.
  12. I don't think that Harris would be that big of a reach at 19 and I would definitely add a RB in the later rounds if a nice one sits there (or if Harris somehow makes it to our second round pick). But I agree with not prioritizing the position over OT, LB, S and potentially WR. I'd also draft a CB before going RB if it makes sense.
  13. While I think that is true, I also feel that the roster still has some holes that should be addressed before upgrading the RB room. Especially along the O-line we have some question marks with both tackles entering the last year of their contracts and a RG on his second franchise tag. We are not the Chiefs who decided to load up with another offensive weapon to an already stacked offense when they drafted CEH. Our offense has been bottom of the league for quite some time now and I strongly feel that for us adding a RB - no matter how decent the prospect - will have a lower impact on our overal
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