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  1. I think the argument isn't so much that you find all those great QBs outside of round 1. The argument is that there were a lot more great potential QBs taken high in round 1 that were busts than those that were slam dunk success stories. And that you don't need the first or second overall pick to get a franchise QB in round 1. It sure helps, but it's not a requirement. And in general it's just logical that 75-90% of the starting QBs are first rounders. The value of the position is immensely high and no position gets scouted with more rigor. Teams will swing and miss until they find one.
  2. I think Fields looked very good against Nebraska. He had great accuracy and displayed a lot of great traits. However, per PFF "his average time to throw was nearly 3.4 seconds, and he took a sack or scrambled on over one-third of his dropbacks." That is in no way replicable on an NFL level. He has an awesome O-line (commentators called it "maybe the best in all of college football") and the athletic ability to extend plays, so naturally he is not forced to make quick decisions. But how can we assess his ability to go through his reads in an NFL level time, when he is not asked to? That ob
  3. Wehre did I make a judgement? I haven't said it's good or bad, I just gave a possible reason for why his sack numbers (and pass rush moves) might not necessarily be what we expected. In general I take the team success over the individual success and in that role Young has been fantastic.
  4. Gibson is ranked 8th in the NFL but has the 3rd best rushing grade behind only Ekeler and Cook.
  5. I am no expert but it feels like some of what's holding Chase Young back is also scheme. The whole "we play the run on our way to the QB thing" seems to be true but I also feel like it limits our pass rushers somewhat. Haven't seen a lot of speed rushes to the outside, more bull rushes and focus on controlling the edges. Would have to imagine that this is not just the decisions of the pass rushers, since also Ryan Kerrigen - known for vacating his edge because he got too much depth - got most of his sacks by pushing the tackle into the QB. I think Del Rio wants to keep it simple for now a
  6. Yeah, he was on the "think tank" with which he studied the recent developments within the NFL and where he also "learned" about analytics when he was out of the NFL. That's why there was speculation, that he might hire him as DC. Instead he hired his son to be offensive quality control there. So the connection is there and thus there is still a possibility I guess.
  7. I absolutely like how he played this year so far. His run defense is tremendous and his pass rush is decent. However, I am always fascinated by what people think is enough to warrant a first team All-Pro selection. There are two spots for first team All-Pro edge rushers. There is no way that Sweat has played better than Myles Garett, TJ Watt or Khalil Mack this year. People have to start watching other teams. Pro Bowl yes, there is a chance, but for an All-Pro season you must put the heat on QBs on a more consistent basis. He has 5 sacks this season with 3 coming against the backup tackles of
  8. We played what might be the two worst teams in the NFL (besides the Jets) in back to back weeks. The Cowboys got a lucky break against the 1-6 Falcons and won a close one against the Giants, both teams could easily be 0-7 at this point (obviously mutually exclusive). We should have won both but only won one game. If we didn't play the NFC East we would probably be 0-7 at this point as well. A divisional win always feels extra nice but we got a lot of work ahead of us. I don't think we can take away much from this game just based on how bad that Dallas team is. I am just glad they already
  9. In general I would agree but I think the biggest issue with Gibson is that he doesn't have the patience at the moment. And that is something that absolutely can come with experience. He had 33 carries as a RB in college. NFL speed must surely be overwhelming for someone who hasn't really settled into college speed. So, I think that once the game slows down for him he starts to get a better feel for where holes will open in the running game.
  10. It was also reported that Jim Haslett was in the mix for DC there, which is why I liked the McCarthy hire from the get go. You got to assume that even if they can Nolan, McCarthy will bring in the next horrible DC.
  11. He gets basically no separation when he is in man coverage. He is soft and doesn't fight through contact most of the time - when he gets bumped it is over more often than not. He rounds out his routes and he has no YAC skills to talk about. He also offers very little in the running game. Now I get that he is still somewhat of a project and it's not fair for him to be evaluated against other TE1s because it's just horrible roster construction that he has to assume the role of TE1 here but I absolutely cannot see why we should consider him a good TE. He is a servicable TE2 who makes a good
  12. Good game, always great to beat the Cowboys. However, even though he had a good game today, I absolutely cannot believe how anyone can think Logan Thomas has had 6 good weeks now. Dude has been really bad in most of our games.
  13. So you leave Smith out there against a D-line that dominates our O-line in every way to protect Kyle Allen? I am sorry, but the way Rivera is handling the QB situation here is an absolute mess...
  14. Logan Thomas is the worst starting TE in the league by far.
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