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  1. PartyPosse

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    More physical than both of those BY FAR.
  2. PartyPosse

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Surprised Walker Little didn’t make that list
  3. PartyPosse

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    Funny. A lot of Dallas fans say they won't trade Gallup straight up for Adams. Looks like we're not the only team that severely overvalues our players.
  4. PartyPosse

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we added Cosmi, Little or Little then the move is 100 percent sliding Charles over to RT. I think Moses is cooked and with a real low dead cap hit next year he'll either have to restructure (which I doubt giving all the verbal shots he's taken towards the team over the years) or he's gone. Either way Moses at 10 mil isn't logical even with a lot of cap space. Even if he has a great year, i'd be happier with the comp pick.
  5. I'd let Ron make finally judgement and i'd be ok with keeping him if Ron was, but keep him on a veeeery short leash. Almost like probation.
  6. PartyPosse

    The 2020 DB thread

    I like the physicality of Moreland/Collins but this isn't exactly a unit that I trust to shut down more physical receivers.
  7. PartyPosse

    Redskins sign LSU TE Thaddeus Moss as an UDFA

    His lingering leg issue cost him bigtime.
  8. Premature to cut him now until he gets some sort of due process. It looks bad on the team how quickly they’d rather cut a guy than give him an opportunity to prove innocence. I’m sure that sort of loyalty goes a long wya in terms of luring future free agents.
  9. Well, if you look at some of the greatest returners ever, Dante Hall, Devin Hester, even Brian Mitchell, they were never key weapons in their offenses. Sometimes an elite special teamed is more valuable than a developmental guy. There are a boatload of those guys floating around.
  10. Anyone that thinks this means Quinn makes the team is delusional.
  11. Perhaps, but in a lot of the cases the violence stems from stress related to work (or lack of), isolation, money issues ex. If you look at Baker and Dunbar specifically, none of those apply. They make good money, they’re obviously out and socializing and it’s not like they didn’t have jobs waiting for them. Their stupidity isn’t covid-related. It’s just pure arrogance and maturity.
  12. I swear to god professional athletes are the absolute dumbest people during quarantine. I have zero sympathy when he gets cut. Hope he saved his stimulus check.
  13. PartyPosse

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If Dwayne shows a lot of improvement and we still end up finishing with the 4th worst record, either we got by massive injuries again or the secondary ends up being as bad as we think they could potentially be.
  14. PartyPosse

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    Now all we need is for a report to come out that Trent Williams eats small children on weekends and we're set.