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  1. Who do they think they are, Denver?
  2. I don't think that's Ben or Tomlin's mindset ever. This is my worry. They're making a ton of mistakes and I don't expect them to make the same ones on Monday.
  3. Why not put him on protected practice squad? That way we can see how he does in practice so we know going into next year if he’s healthy?
  4. He had major injury concerns. Still does, those knees aren’t gonna hold up. But I agree. I would have absolutely taken a shot at him over AGG, especially with how some of the other WR fell. A lot of teams are screwed this year because of the stagnant cap. I agree on keeping them. The Moses move to LT seems to have kickstarted at least my own belief that this line is significantly better than I anticipated and I’d like to see some continuity from one year to the next. Naturally it depends on what he’s looking for though. If he wants to be the highest paid guard than I can’t condone it.
  5. Who, Corey? I think the team would be willing to go 8 - 10 for him. Titans are close to the cap already for 2021 and they'll have to pay AJ in a couple of years. I think they spend big on a TE since they're such a run-heavy team. Who knows what they do though.
  6. I don't think TB has the money to franchise him, do they? Can they afford to spend 33 million on two receivers? In terms of FA WR on the market. I think that would be one I'd break the bank, but not necessarily for an eilte 1 like KG. I'd go upper mid tier, like Corey Davis. I think he'd be a nice fit here.
  7. So take his 80 billion dollar contract for a guy who's on the downside of his career, has injury concerns and has never really proven to be an elite QB in 20 years? That would be ten times worse than the McNabb trade.
  8. Nah, I just added to when I believe you mentioned that Arizona didn't give the impression they wanted to dump Rosen. I just mentioned I believe they made it obvious once they drafted Murray (or something to the effect of). Either way. Isn't Rosen on TB's practice squad now?
  9. I remember him looking... decent considering what he had to work with. I remember him getting sacked a ton and making a lot of boneheaded throws under duress but I didn't see enough to consider him a bad pick. But that's just me.
  10. It helped that Rosen didn’t look terrible in his short stint in Arizona
  11. Either your sarcasm meter is broken or you haven’t seen the multiple ridiculous posts I’ve made about Young. I’ve been praising him since day 1.
  12. I would have agreed had they traded Rosen before drafting Kyler but didn’t the trade happen after?
  13. Yeah but Chase has only touched the QB negative 4 times which means 4 times he was on the field a QB actually got UNSACKED. He’s the biggest bust since Dolly Parton.
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