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  1. I think Terry in position to run a screen is easy to sniff out for the defense and also, since he's the only one actually needing to be accounted for, we wouldn't have the luxury of having any defenders drawn away. Sims is fine but man for someone who is shifty, he sure doesn't make many people miss. I also think, as others have stated, Haskins slow delivery of the ball gives the defense even more time to adjust to where the ball is going.
  2. That too. I swear all these people saying we should just run a bunch of screens don’t really realize how deceptive complicated they are.
  3. Haskins doesn’t have a very good touch pass. He can zip the ball anywhere he wants, but anything less than a fastball is a guessing game. Also, we need more mobility from our OL and wide receivers savvy enough to understand how the play develops.
  4. There’s no statistical analysis or anything, just bad luck. I’m sure it’s not going to stop them as it shouldn’t, but I think a lot of it has to do with the constant turnaround with coaches and schemes and quarterbacks means even having a legit number 1 back is wasted because of how short their playing careers are. IMO drafting a workhorse back early is the last thing we should do because we’ll just end up wasting their primes while we figure out everything else.
  5. We seem fairly snakebitten drafting running backs. Guice, Love, Perine, Matt Jones... i would say our last bonafide hit was Alfred Morris and he only really thrived for a couple years. On the other hand we have better luck picking up sleepers in free agency. I’d almost be more inclined to go that route In the future if Gibson doesn’t work out.
  6. No way we can afford to sit a WR for him. Another guy just learning timing and the system. It's the last thing we need. I think he's still dealing with the leg even if he is cleared.
  7. Moreau has only been out there for about 40% of snaps. He’s barely a safety. We should just move him to OLB
  8. To be fair, the way the safeties have been late to react to anything, every corner is basically playing single man coverage.
  9. I think this ends up oddly being a shootout. OBJ and Landry each go over 100 thanks to our HOF-laden secondary while we finally start using the backs the way they should helping thwart an aggressive Cleveland pass rush. Poop Stains: 31 Tater skins: 27
  10. He didn’t, but just by saying ‘as bad’ doesn’t mean he didn’t play bad.
  11. Man, you can make up any stat to make someone look good. Right now Moreland is tied for 2nd in closing speed against receivers under 6'2 on 3rd down and more than 8 in the fourth quarter of games where the temperature is above 83 degrees.
  12. I feel like the whole point of their front 7 now is for Payne and Allen to basically clog up the middle and let the DE with their speed contain and pressure. Most of the successful runs seem to be from outside the pocket. Also, I know he’s 107 but is Thomas Davis ever gonna play?
  13. Taking into account virtually nothing, sure, go ahead and make that assumption.
  14. All these fly-by-night fans join just to talk trash when things are low but always seem to disappear when things change. I've been around these boards long enough to see the predictability of their antics.
  15. I'm not holding my breath although it would be real swell to have our big marquee signing at corner playing against OBJ and Landry.
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