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  1. PartyPosse

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Dunno... I'm never excited about QBs that have one good year for Ohio State. They rarely make it in the NFL.
  2. PartyPosse

    Skin -(A)-: S.C.L Thread

    Kyle isn’t gonna play nice. I’d take SF -16 if I had to
  3. PartyPosse

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I personally think this QB draft class is the most overrated in years. I've seen little from Fromm and Herbert and guys like Jordan Love, Kostello, Eason etc are at best Mason Rudolph lite.
  4. PartyPosse

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    This is like being in an abusive relationship and staying in it because your next girlfriend/boyfriend will be just as bad.
  5. I’m so conflicted on this. On one hand I don’t want them to win and losing to Kirk Cousins would really piss of Dan and Bruce and I enjoy that more than anything this season. On the other hand, I never liked Kirk and thought he was greedy and I don’t want to see him get in the last shot. if we lose, I’d like it to be like 14-3 and both Minny TDS come on special teams.
  6. We have no idea if Houston ever floated an offer
  7. PartyPosse

    Best seats @ Fedex?

    Didn't you hear Bruce? Redskins fans only sold their tickets to make tons of money. Where's this zany "discount" concept coming from?
  8. I'll take a first and Robinson for TW And that man, was OJ Simpson. And we all know the rest.
  9. I'd take Shad Khan as an owner any day of the week over Heir Snyder
  10. That’s where I am. I don’t mind supporting a losing team that’s at least committing to a plan, whether it be rebuilding or competing. But there is no direction thanks to the incompetency of the FO. I used to think we were being too hard on them as they seemed to be trying but I realized I was viewing it through burgundy tinted glasses.
  11. Based on the rumors, some of you are gonna be very disappointed with what we end up getting back.
  12. Getting Njoku would temporarily solve our TE problem for next year and would make it easier to swallow the loss of Reed.