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  1. It’s always amazing how players drop for simply no reason. It’s not that they had a bad pro day or combine or did something stupid, it’s just because experts get bored.
  2. Outside of RG3 when was the last time the team moved up to grab someone? Edit: Montez Sweat. Duh. Good job me.
  3. I admit it’s harder to grade a qb that plays with that much talent around him but I said the same about Burrow and he looked every bit the part.
  4. I think there's just much else to talk about so one person latches onto a draft darling and everyone follows suit. I bet we see it again for Lance or Fields. We already saw it for Mond and Newman.
  5. I’m sure KC regrets taking CEH in the first over OL
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Seattle that first mentioned the idea of reading Russ and not Russ saying he wants out? Also, most QBs that have been long established and have succeeded with a team get a bit of leeway in terms of their opinions of personnel.
  7. I don’t think anyone wants him but it’s nice to know that if we completely flub the QB market and get no one, he’ll always be available if we decide not to give Heinie the job.
  8. I I wouldn't rule out SF. Kyle loves his RB.
  9. If they're moving up and Pitts is there, I'd rather they do that if they absolutely feel compelled to move up. Also, I think Newton is a decent emergency plan if it comes to that. Not ideal, but if we're in May or June, all the big names have found new homes and we didn't draft a QB, bringing in Cam last minute on a vet deal isn't terrible.
  10. So you want Logan Thomas, Jonnu Smith and then draft another TE in the third?
  11. I can understand that sentiment if you still looked at the QB in a traditional sense but Lamar has sculpted that offense around his running ability and so far it’s been pretty impressive.
  12. I take it you have no hope for Charles to be the eventual LT?
  13. I agree although I would take Waddle. HE would be BPA at a position of need and I wouldn't want to overthink it.
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