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  1. Everyone is all for wooing some Third string LB in free agency but the idea of catering to an MVP QB is seen as weak. I don’t get it.
  2. GB is not winning. Rodgers is winning and The rest of the team is just holding on for dear life. This isn’t a good football team and he’s never been given help. At a certain point, catering to the guy who has carried this team forever isn’t a Terrible thing. Bucs catered to Brady? Guess what? The dude is one of the best ever and had 7 rings. If he has answers then I’m damn sure listening, but most GMs have egos so high that they go out of their way to ignore the requests. And until Aaron comes out and says he’ll only go out west then I’ll reserve judgment on that aspect. Of course ev
  3. I’m gonna say it. I think Rodgers is the starting QB for the team in week 1. I think GB blew their best chance at a haul the same way we did with Trent. And now that a majority of teams found their QBs GBs trade options are limited.
  4. I don't necessarily want another Trey Quinn. I know, different style, but AH is proven to be a capable WR while Milne currently is a 7th rounder.
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