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  1. Yes. It would mean we wasted yet another a 1st round pick. More importantly, we'd waste however many years developing him as the starting QB, when we could have been developing a different QB. That is the cost of failing at QB. Ask a Browns fan how things would be different if Mayfield had busted.
  2. It's funny, because if I recall correctly, Jay wanted to start Colt in 2015, while Scott wanted to start QB Vikings.
  3. That's not going to happen. Dan (who made this pick) is going to push to start him day one.
  4. Definitely not. Murray is too dumb to play QB in the NFL. Trading up to draft him would have been horrible. So glad we didn't go for that clown show. I didn't like any of the QBs this year. Furthermore, taking QB in 2019 was a strategic mistake, when we have very little around him on the offense. We should have taken a couple O-linemen and a WR. Oh, and we'll be firing Jay after this season. So Haskins' first year will be with a lame duck head coach who didn't want him, and his next few years will be with a head coach who didn't pick him, but was brought in to coach him up. Haskins is not being put in a position to succeed.
  5. Tsailand

    The Cult of Case

    That will only happen if Keenum plays well enough to warrant an extension. I like your user name.
  6. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Absolutely. Jay is no Jim Zorn. He had success before the Redskins, in fact he's had relative success here, given how bad the situation is. When Jay is fired he will easily get an OC job, and he'll have a decent chance at a HC job either immediately or within a couple years. If I were him I'd already be counting down the days until week 17.
  7. Tsailand

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    We definitely can't assume he would have stayed on the Redskins. He could have easily pulled a Champ Bailey and gone to a competent organization the moment his rookie contract was up.
  8. Tsailand

    The Cult of Case

    Here on ES, even the backup QB gets his own thread. My case for Case: he is cheap and he can play NFL QB at replacement (read: below-average) level. The other ten guys on the field will be able to do their jobs. The overall result will not be amazing but it will be a be an NFL offense. As opposed to QBs we've had in the past who made the players around them worse. The O-line would block correctly, but it would be a sack anyway because the QB would walk into the pass rushers or hold the ball far too long. The WRs would run the correct routes and get open, but the QB would never see them open, and would take off running. Etc.
  9. Tsailand

    Starting QB 2019???

    Mad shade from an offensive lineman who didn't take care of the QB.
  10. The NFL isn't going to make this a primetime game. The Vikings aren't much of a national draw, and we aren't a draw at all in 2019. (That's why our primetime record is so bad -- they always need to match us up with a popular team, typically a pretty strong team.)
  11. Tsailand

    Starting QB 2019???

    His cap hit this year is $20.4m; in 2020 it will be $21.4m. We will still have $10.8m of cap hit to take after that. Total $51.6m. Depending on when we cut him and how we designate it, we can stretch that $51.6m cap hit to 2022, or we can take it all this year, or anything in between. There's a slight advantage to stretching out the cap hits as far as possible, because future money is worth a little less than present money. But no matter how you slice it, the Redskins are going to have $50M less to play with over the next four years.
  12. Tsailand

    Starting QB 2019???

    Bruce Allen's job is to take the heat off Snyder for Snyder's bad decisions. So, maybe?
  13. Tsailand

    The Cult of Case

    He agreed to restructure his contract down to only 7.5M. So he absolutely had a say.
  14. Tsailand

    The Cult of Case

    Welcome to the Redskins, Case Keenum. I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into. His career stats, courtesy of https://www.pro-football-reference.com/
  15. Even if you think Kirk is going 7-9 this year, you have to be delusional to think freaking Case Keenum is going to lead our dumpster fire to .500.