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  1. On the one hand, Bruce is a snake. I can't imagine stabbing someone in the back who paid me $10M+ year for 10 years to be useless. On the other hand, when it comes to Dan Snyder, all I can say is "you get what you ****ing deserve".
  2. Under Dan Snyder, we've only started 0-2 or worse five times. We usually luck into a win in the first couple weeks.
  3. Kraft's story was like 3% as bad as what Snyder's done. Also Kraft owns the best franchise over the last two decades.
  4. Smith never threw three TDs in a game for us. He threw two touchdowns only three times, all in the first five games he was here. Smith wasn't the driver, he wasn't even riding shotgun. He was in the trunk.
  5. Since Kirk left, we haven't either. Not a Redskins QB by himself, not the entire team added up over a season. The reason he hasn't done it is because he doesn't get to play the entire season. The reason we haven't is because our QBs suck. However, in the last three years, Fitzpatrick has thrown three TDs in one game nine times. A Washington QB has only done it once in that time (plus an additional time where Haskins and Keenum combined for three TDs).
  6. Correction: Alex Smith was along for the ride while our defense won six games, mostly against bad teams.
  7. Just thought of the perfect scenario: Snyder gets suspended from football for one year, not allowed to contact anyone in the organization or be present during games. Fitzmagic lasts and entire season and takes us to the Super Bowl, Snyder is not allowed to be present for that either. We win and the commish hands the trophy to the minority owners. Snyder comes back the next season and we suck for another two decades. I would take it in a heartbeat.
  8. I don't believe that 30 other owners are upstanding citizens, but I also don't believe that 30 other owners are pimping their cheerleaders out to rich fans. Suppose 1-2 other owners actually engaged in bad behavior at the level that Dan did. We don't know who those other 1-2 are and what they did, but we know who Dan is and what he did. So he should be punished.
  9. If you look at Super Bowl winning teams, one thing they tend to have in common is a Franchise Right Guard to protect their Franchise QB.
  10. They've been married 26 years, no way a prenup is still in force. If she divorces him she should get half the team, and he'll no longer be the majority owner.
  11. I have doubts over the ability of either to stay healthy for 16 games. This is a ridiculous question. Obviously you keep both and start the one who wins the competition. If you want to bring in a third QB to compete too, that's fine. As long as it's understood that the starter will be the one who Rivera thinks gives the the best chance to win. We can't have any more of Dan Snyder naming RG3/Haskins the starter over a more-qualified QB.
  12. No. Most likely is he drove in accidentally (possibly under the influence). As a distant second possibility, he was murdered and someone dumped the car.
  13. Exactly the same as the other 31 NFL head coaches. I don't like Bezos either, but let's not pretend that "a new owner would fire people" is a downside. We are a bottom five NFL organization.
  14. And from noted locker room cancer TO's comments. Garcia has four kids with his wife, so safe to say TO was wrong:
  15. Unfair though it is, all I remember about him is the @Bang version.
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