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  1. Tsailand

    Gameday Thread

    After watching this super bowl, I genuinely think that if our defense had kept playing well, and Alex hadn't been injured, he could definitely have led us to a 13-3 loss against the Patriots.
  2. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How do we know this is true? Perhaps they've been lying about attendance all along -- they lie about everything -- but in 2018 they released real numbers.
  3. That's not necessary. We're on the hook for $15M salary in 2019 and $16M salary in 2020. He'd be happy to renegotiate that into $30M in 2019 and $1M in 2020. Same total, he gets his money sooner, we take the cap hit sooner. We also have $21.6M in cap hits left to take for the signing bonus we already paid him, but it's OK to spread that out over 2019-2022.
  4. Part of why everyone says Alex Smith will likely never play again is that he was playing badly before the injury. His leg might be healthy by 2020, but who will be interested? If you're looking for a bad starting QB, you can get a young healthy bad QB for cheap in the draft or free agency. If he'd been playing like 34-year-old Tom Brady (5200 yards 39 TDs), we'd be all in for 2020.
  5. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    DVOA says we were the 29th best team last year.
  6. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I know I'm late on the yacht story, but remember the end of Titanic, Rose on the board, Jack freezing in the water? ...I'm thinking Bruce would be Rose in that scenario.
  7. Even with insurance, there's a possible perverse incentive when a player underperforms his contract. Still, an insurance company is better equipped to handle this than the NFL is. Last I heard it was $12M?
  8. Tsailand

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    And is less injury-prone. Seriously, while drafting Brett Rypien is dumb from a football perspective, it's not a bad way to get butts in seats. I'd much rather we waste a 5th round pick on him than doing another Alex Smith contract or RG3 trade.
  9. The problem with this is that it would lead to an increase in the share of profits given to players. In this situation, if we got the $71M in cap back, and then spent it on other players, it would mean the players overall got $71M more, and the owners $71M less, than if Alex Smith had stayed healthy. It also leads to situations where teams stuck with bad contracts (like the Alex Smith contract) get a cap benefit from the player's injury. Do you really want to set up that incentive?
  10. Tsailand

    Gameday Thread

    Hoo boy I thought Alex Smith was bad... this kid makes him look like Dan Marino.
  11. Tsailand

    Gameday Thread

    I must say I'm not going to enjoy rooting for the Seahawks.
  12. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Marty is the best coach Snyder's had, with the possible exception of Gibbs.
  13. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    44+71 = 115. Comparing with Brady is dumb because he's deliberately underpaying himself.
  14. Tsailand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The effective guarantee on the Smith contract was three years $71M. Those first three QBs are better than Alex Smith, easily. Broncos gave Case Keenum two years $36M, a reasonable deal, one we could have done ourselves. Dolphins signed Tannehill to 4 years $77M, but it is quite team friendly in that the year 3 and year 4 base salaries are high and non-guaranteed. So they can get out after two years or three years with little damage. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/miami-dolphins/ryan-tannehill-9818/ Our contract with Alex Smith is the worst.