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  1. No. Most likely is he drove in accidentally (possibly under the influence). As a distant second possibility, he was murdered and someone dumped the car.
  2. Exactly the same as the other 31 NFL head coaches. I don't like Bezos either, but let's not pretend that "a new owner would fire people" is a downside. We are a bottom five NFL organization.
  3. And from noted locker room cancer TO's comments. Garcia has four kids with his wife, so safe to say TO was wrong:
  4. Unfair though it is, all I remember about him is the @Bang version.
  5. Let's not forget how awful our receivers are. We have a legit #1, then a bunch of guys who don't belong in the league. Heineke passed the eye test. Give him a 16 game sample instead of 5 quarters, give him another starting WR, and if he stays healthy we will see results.
  6. NFL.com still has their 2015 draft rankings available... 9th best in a dreadful QB year.
  7. Hmmm who is that first QB in the "most accurate" tweet? I see Rodgers and Brady and Mahomes and Watson. Who's #8 in purple, how did he get in the picture?
  8. So you're saying he's not as good as Rodgers? Cut him, blow the whole thing up, and start over.
  9. Haskins will have a slightly higher cap hit in 2021 than Heinicke.
  10. Is Kevin Harlan too ugly for TV or something? His radio calls are always amazing.
  11. Everyone one of you who said "Snyder has learned his lesson, he no longer meddles" between 2014 and 2019 had better step up to apologize.
  12. Heinicke Get that grandma from the commercial to stab his tires... Seriously though, Snyder has little interest in Heinicke. He wants to pick his own brand new QB in the first round, not roll with some undrafted kid that Rivera has been coaching on and off for a few years. Besides that, Heinke is not Snyder's type.
  13. There must be a ton of pressure on this kid. A good game could be worth millions of dollars in future earnings.
  14. I likes you, and I want you. Now, we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. The choice is yours. What's it gonna be? I asked you a question, Tom. I can't hear you.
  15. After three years of Alex Smith, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins, and Kyle Allen, I am excited about any QB who can move the ball with authority.
  16. When will we know who the starting QB is? Will it be a game-time decision?
  17. Ryan Gruden fell down on the play. Did you even watch your own gif? I surely hope Heineken is the guy. Otherwise we will still be debating Kirk 10 years from now.
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