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  1. Here we go with the penalties to push outta field goal range.
  2. Defense and AP should get a boost in Madden this week.
  3. We've shut down 5 great running backs this year(David Johnson is included).
  4. It's been weeks since we've been able to take a knee at the end of a game.
  5. When does Doug Williams promotion and raise kick in for bringing AP in?
  6. We should win on Sunday, hopefully Gruden stops trying to run all these cute plays on short yardage situations or 3rd and long. I wonder why he keeps trying them and they rarely work? Its sorta like when he was in love with the fade passes in the endzone , they never worked.
  7. AP on FanDuel looks like a homerun this Sunday
  8. And yet he still has been starting for them. What that says about their defense I dont know.
  9. Why is Grudens 1st drives of games his only good drives?
  10. Washington always has to stress me out.
  11. Flashbacks of last years New Orleans game.