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  1. I actually want Dan to stay. If we get a new owner they would definitely change the team colors.
  2. One more "if". If Guice stays healthy and is the powerhouse running back I know he can be we'll be in excellent shape.
  3. I'm scared Eagles are going to sign larry warford now preventing us from signing him. I'd feel much better if we had a more experienced offensive line going into the season.
  4. We have proven HC that had taken his team to Superbowl and they do not. We get the nod for better head coach.
  5. Josh Norman was a hero for that. We were going to mess around and win and lose the chance for Chase Young.
  6. What quarterback are we talking about here?
  7. Reed route running and great hands separated him from other TE's. If Moss route running is decent he'll be a starter here no doubt.
  8. There is no way Guice doesn't make this team barring injury. Hes the best pure runner on the team.
  9. Cant come into the NFL with a beta personality and think you're going to be great. I want him to bring that confidence and attitude into the season.
  10. Hard to get open when you're never on the field due to injury.
  11. Didn't Fredericks just retire? I think that gives us an edge over their oline.
  12. I'm happy this is over. I got tired of hearing these so called professionals saying we should take Tua. Also all of the crap rumors that Haskins was getting from these fake unnamed sources can finally end.
  13. How dumb can we be as an organization? We're not getting a 2nd round pick for Trent. We need to get Haskins some help and the front office is trying to be cute