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Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills


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First pass to Sims, Haskins had an extremely awkward throwing motion, but delivered a strike so its hard to get overly critical. The next throw on the out to McLaurin was much more mechanically sound and in a good spot. The 3rd down pressure escape was an absolutely outstanding pocket presence type of play for Haskins. His mechanics on the roll out, though, reverted to poor habits and he threw the ball way off target to a guy that could have converted a first down. He has to get better on roll out type plays. That is when a QB can be most dangerous.

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Just now, veteranskinsfan said:

Tough to see Lorenzo Alexander beat us today.  He was a good player for Skins and we were too cheap to keep him.  He left as a free agent.

Actually, Mara and gooddell screwed us with that cap penalty. Pretty sure that’s what kept us from keeping Lorenzo Alexander 

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