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  1. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Somebody mentioned thorson a while ago and I liked him pretty much immediately. This qb crop has red flags almost across the board. While Thorson does too, I feel he is being undervalued by most scouts. Id take a hard look at murray if he made it to 15. Not really interested in the other qbs as I feel we can get a blue chipper elsewhere at 15. For me: 2012s loves: luck, Richardson, keuchly 2014 loves: khalil mack 2015 loves: Amari Cooper 2017 loves: Mahomes 2018 loves: barkley 2019 love: hockenson so far. Might have to add a few more.. there is some really good talent in the top 30 imo.
  2. sportjunkie07

    Fixing the Republican Party (new material on pg 9)

    There are a few of us here but it is a lefty dominated forum. Most of us don't post much; I don't feel like having drawn out arguments where both sides can find "proof" to back up their opinions. It's a waste of time and you won't be convincing most of the people here despite a good argument.
  3. sportjunkie07

    Gameday Thread

    Joke call. NFL rules are stupid.
  4. sportjunkie07

    Gameday Thread

    Rams about to whoop that ass. Rams 34 Pats 24
  5. sportjunkie07

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    As of now we have without a doubt the worst qb situation in the entire league. We'll be lucky to win 5 games. I predict pain.
  6. Why are you allowing missionaries in to your country via visas if you don't want them there in the first place?
  7. sportjunkie07

    Gameday Thread

    Kc choked. But Kc still gets the ball back. Seriously throw the ball 3 times to tyreke hill deep. He is too fast
  8. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Just based on some of his YouTube video made me want to draft him in the later rounds and groom him to be the future. Just impressive stuff.. arm strength, size, above average athleticism, lots of experience. However, he has thrown a lot of interceptions. I get the feeling that there must be a lot of bad tape on him and maybe that is why no one thinks much of him. His highlight's show more potential than the qbs that will be drafted ahead of him.
  9. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We drafted a solid playmaker at wr near that range. And it hasn't worked out. Murray has too many ? Marks for a top 10 pick. 15 though? It is a position of need. He is a great talent. Would we use him correctly? Unlikely. I'd rather wait for a new qb when we get a regime change though.
  10. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    With kyle Murray going pro this becomes a decent qb draft imo.
  11. sportjunkie07

    Gameday Thread

    Well at least the Cowboys and Eagles can't both get the the superbowl.
  12. sportjunkie07

    An Offseason Plan

    I agree almost entirely, except that 1 or 2 players at the right position can most definitely make us a competitive playoff team. The skill gap across teams in the NFL is not at high as people think. Good coaching and a good qb make all the difference and we have neither for next year. Putting bandaids on the wound via high priced free agents/wasted draft picks will only hamper future efforts, and the odds are very much against us that we will find the couple players needed to make us competitive in the offseason. The Alex Smith experiment is already over and we have failed. Starting damage control now will give us a really big leg up until we finally get free from that contract.
  13. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we trade up for haskins im out until this team is competitive again. Some interesting wrs in this draft. Lots of bigger guys with questions. Some teams are going to get really good value. Andy isabella and Whiteside are 2 intriguing prospects.
  14. sportjunkie07

    2018 Paloffs

    I did expect a colts win but not by that much. They are going to beat the chiefs. The one and 2 seeds from the nfc will advance cumulating with a rams win. Rams will go on to beat the winner of colts/pats in the superbowl.
  15. sportjunkie07

    Gameday Thread

    Ugh Cowboys win. Kinda thought that game was a toss up though. Both teams played hard. Cowboys have been playing solid football for a minute but it's not championship caliber. Anything can happen though.