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  1. We got dominated in overtime. Had chances. A 2 on 1, powerplay, probably had calls go our way in OT. Failed to shoot when we needed to, same with passing. Couldn't keep any pressure in the zone. Lots of errant passes. They bodied us better on the walls. Both teams were sloppy, but we made more mistakes, were more gassed, and I liked their approach better in OT.
  2. He did em dirty for sure.
  3. sportjunkie07

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    That pitch is absurb.
  4. sportjunkie07

    Random Thought Thread

    Cancer can be so brutal. Cherish your loved ones. They go so quickly sometimes.
  5. sportjunkie07

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    She is an idiot and deserves jailtime. But foster is an idiot too and can't be trusted as of yet. That's why the 49ers let him go. I doubt he has learned from the past. We've set some structure up for him and he's saying the right things.. but none of that really matters unless he decides to make a change himself. I think we could do without the distraction but we are probably the best team and environment for him to have a second chance and he does deserve a second chance due to his talent alone. My guess is he will have his act together for a bit but he will fall apart eventually and we'll see more arrest headlines. The injuries are a bit of a concern as well. Let's hope this isn't the case though.
  6. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree with you on the state of the oline and likely it is the biggest reason for our demise over the last two seasons. I disagree on taking not taking a more bpa approach though.. I believe weve got a more than a few things to iron out as a franchise in order to achieve long term success. Improving other units with a potentially elite player (let's say edge rusher or tight end) over an above average offensive lineman is the right move in the long term and could pay dividends faster than one thinks.
  7. sportjunkie07

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think Metcalf goes before our pick.. prolly top 10. High profile receivers with those kind of combine numbers don't generally last long.
  8. sportjunkie07

    Starting QB 2019???

    The cardinals trading Rosen to get Murray is a really bad move for the cards GM; this is all just a ploy to increase the value of both Rosen and the number 1 pick. It's a bad move even if Murray turns out to be good.
  9. You'll learn. You can't do much with an idiot president. Just gotta wait your turn. Took me 4+ years of President Obama to figure that one out.
  10. Yall gotta relax. Trump ain't going anywhere for the time being. The dude is spending the weekend golfing. This is a bunch of media fluff to piss yall off/entertain. Just enjoy the nice Sunday. The sky is not falling.
  11. sportjunkie07

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    What are you talking about dude?
  12. sportjunkie07

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I was watching a Joe Rogan podcast where the guest said that in nearly every major shooting there has been a person there who could have done something. Concealed carriers and the like. Unfortunately most of these high murder killing sprees occur in no gun zones. That's not to say it would have mattered but there definitely was potential for someone to stop or limit the carnage at the very least. And there are plenty of cases yearly where the good guy with a gun does prevent loss of life.
  13. sportjunkie07

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    What happened in New Zealand is such a shame. I don't personally care for Islam, but to target a group like that is so horrific and disgusting. Right now it is right versus left. The debate is highly focused on guns being the issue. Libs feel the pain of many people and defenseless children who die each year. They might not see a need or know much about guns and see them as evil. The other side values the personal right of having firearms. We are tired of seeing those rights diminishing every year. Some might feel that giving away that right to an inefficient government could lead to more reliance on the government and an erosion of personal freedom. The debate needs to be more on the physcological issues. What kind of mental state does a person get to where it's OK to take a gun, go into a mosque, and obliterate defenseless and peaceful people? How do you get to a point where you take a truck and runover a hundred people? Or take bombs to a building to cause loss of life. Why are the bulk of gun related deaths in the US suicides? Correctly answering these questions pertaining to the state of the human mind gets to the root of the problem. This is a more difficult question to answer than imposing gun control. It is unfortunate that we lack the leadership, media presence, and personal responsibility as a society to focus on the correct issue.
  14. Is his contract ending soon? He might be a good mid season trade candidate if he can stay healthy and produce for the first part of the season.
  15. sportjunkie07

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    I only caught the last few minutes. Lsu outperformed us in free throws and offensive rebounding. Close game at the end and they executed better. I do question the non foul at the end. I haven't watched much basketball over the last couple years but what do the percentages look like to foul there? Foul immediately. Make them hit a bonus shot. Then we get the ball back with a decent time to answer back. Instead we let them run it out and didn't body the guy cuz we were afraid of fouling.