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  1. Protesting about race cures covid... who knew it would be that easy.
  2. sportjunkie07

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Jones may be an ultimately limited qb, but the good traits he has shown, namely accuracy and mobility, can get you a long way in the nfl. I wasn’t impressed with Haskins last season and I’d take jones straight up at the moment. haskins probably has a higher ceiling and getting in shape early this year is a good start to getting there.
  3. sportjunkie07

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    Seems we have to spend our way out of economic crisis nowadays. Maybe we go the route of massive nationalization of economic sectors. One major problem with our economy is that we are passing the buck down the line. We did it 2001, we did it in 08’ and we are doing it again now. economic recessions are natural. It allows the most efficient business to develop and the poorly managed ones to fail. We haven’t allowed this and you will see in the upcoming months the result. Everyone is going to want to be bailed out. just like in 08 I feel the same way. Let them all die. It will only get worse if we push it down the line or we’ll end up with a comatose Japanese economy for 30 years.
  4. I have a new born. I consider him a high risk candidate for things like this even though it doesn’t seem to target children. I have an elderly family member as well that is prone to sickness. For these reasons I took and still take extra precaution around them. but that shouldn’t necessarily be the case for everyone and I’m not going to judge others for feeling they have to work or get out of their house to provide for themselves and their families. ive also seen how these sicknesses get hyped up by media before, and both political sides have gone out of their way to influence the media to their own agenda. It’s disgusting quite frankly and makes it difficult to understand what the real statistics are. What we are doing as a country is giving in to blind fear. Untold deaths from cancers and other progressive diseases will be a result. We are forcing people to stay at homes and wreck themselves financially, becoming more dependent on the government and a faulty economic system. the government is going to have to bailout the entire country on a state level. you wanna stay at home, are you very risk averse or more prone to sickness? You do you..but be aware of the liberty you are losing and don’t attempt to force me to follow suit.
  5. It's really not that big of a deal unless you are an at risk person. In which case you should quarantine yourself. This isn't rocket science people.
  6. sportjunkie07

    Redskins sign LSU TE Thaddeus Moss as an UDFA

    I was a little disappointed when we first picked up moss. I haven’t watched a ton of football lately and figured we made a redskins move and just picked up some hype based on randy moss. overall this was a good move for us. We picked a player who played his role well on a championship caliber team. We also got him when his value was low due to an injury that he should recover from. Additionally we don’t really know what he is capable of offensively because that wasn’t his focus at LSU. He seems like he has a Decent head on his shoulders. remember Logan Paulson? He was athletically limited but I really liked his play style. Team player who was a good safety value when needed. If moss can start off like that I’d consider it a win. we’ve had very poor tight end play for years. Moss has a good shot at contributing. I like when coaches have plans for younger players.
  7. sportjunkie07

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    I despise giving up big money or trading draft picks for safeties and defensive backs. i don’t know if it’s the lack of luck we’ve had in that regard, but I feel it is more difficult to diagnose the real value of a secondary player because they are more dependent on scheme and surrounding players than other positions. I doubt we are contenders this year, so I’d like to see what a new scheme and a revamped front of the defense can do before we give out big contracts or picks to secondary players.
  8. sportjunkie07

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    We're in for a rough one not just the USA but the world overall. The Fed is out of options and their only choice now is to print print print (or in today's case just type in extra zeros). I don't think it works. Shutting down the economy is and will be eventually be seen as a terrible idea. The excessive money printing is a terrible idea as well but we don't have any other options. The rich will flood to assets as the common man tries to survive, save, and pay off debts. The fault will be blamed on covid (or China) when in reality is was just a catalyst exposing poor financial policy. My prediction is a period of deflation followed by stagflation and hyperinflation. I'm hoping there is an ingenious way to come out of all this just fine but I view that as unlikely.
  9. sportjunkie07

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I think this is the last training camp for cam sims. didn’t do enough with his limited chances to overtake those who stepped up last year along with those brought in by the new regime. same can probably be said for Quinn. Wouldn’t be surprised if we bring in some vet insurance for such a young group though.
  10. sportjunkie07

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    That’s because they’re dumb. You don’t resign a head case who bad mouthed the team on the way out even if he is good. its quite clear Rivera made it a priority to remove 2 malcontent headcases from the team and I agree that he wasn’t interested in bringing another one aboard.
  11. sportjunkie07

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    I’m going to go with he felt he had to because baker had a gun. And will snitch on the 3rd person for a better sentencing deal. But it won’t matter because it will be proven that it was planned. these guys will go to jail for a while.
  12. sportjunkie07

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    It’s great that we got a free 5th rounder from the Seahawks but it is even better that the giants wasted a 2 4 and 5 On baker and will have to spend more draft capital next year on a cornerback.
  13. sportjunkie07

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    I guess you could say we dodged a bullet.
  14. sportjunkie07

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    We are going to have to be pretty lucky not to have the worst oline in the league. We have 1 good starter pretty much. All the rest are bad or unproven. te will prolly be a nightmare and qb could be bad but I like our backup Qb at least. Rb should be fine. We have a lot of options there.
  15. sportjunkie07

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    Bitcoin halving a few hours ago.