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  1. Defending people and property.. check. Offering ems help... check. Successfully defending himself from mutiple attacks and cleaning up the garbage rioting in our cities.. check. Doing these needed things when everyone else is scared to.. check. Sounds like a hero to me. I don't know if he is a white supremacist but regardless his actions were commendable here.
  2. Blake fought the police and went to his car to get something against police orders while at gunpoint. Open and shut case. Don't do that and you won't get shot. Put others in danger, violently resist arrest, and try to take it further and these things happen. It's that simple.
  3. Beaumont, port Arthur, lake Charles, and Cameron will be wiped off the map. gonna hit some refineries really hard too. People in those cities will die. These storms all have their own characteristics. This one is a lot different than Harvey or Ike. Its big and mean and all you can really do is get out of the way and pick up the pieces afterwards.
  4. Roger. Economy sucks for sure. didnt trump sign something for 400 extra assistance per week? Now I’m hearing 300.
  5. I mean it’s a large part of the reason. Why work and risk covid when you’ll make more doing nothing? but the economy and job losses are way worse than the trump says for sure.
  6. It really hurts a team when you bank on a play who quickly gets hurt every season. that said, I don’t think new management was building game plans around him, considering the emphasis they put at the position. I think we’ll get a fair look at others who wouldn’t have had much of a chance now. I wasn’t counting on Bryce love returning to form but people forget that he finished 2nd to baker mayfield for the heisman. He has potential to replace the flashes you saw from guice and I don’t think he would’ve gotten a shot with guice around. He’s got a good head on his shoulders as
  7. Pretty much a non issue for the team. Not suprised, I wasn't sure if he'd make the roster anyways.
  8. 1.) Silver lining of covid is it shows how important and necessary it is for essential manufacturing to be done in country. As to how that work is regulated and funded to allow competition on a global scale, I don't really know. Our current govt is way to big. 2.) We should switch a large portion of our consumption to india. Trade deals there would be wise. 3.) Automation- everyone knows it's coming. Don't fight it, embrace it. New jobs will come about because of it to replace the ones taken by robots.. be ahead of the curve. 4.) Education. We will never
  9. Redtails-baboon backside=comparing blacks to monkeys. Sure that's not what redtails stands for but we just saw how the term redskins was changed to mean things it has not meant. Too easy a connection coming from a white owner. Not to mention that the redtails are associated with alabama. You have to drop all NA theme and imagery entirely and can't include people at all. I don't like Redwolves but the fan art of the Wolf and Capitol building was pretty badass. The futuristic robot genre would be worth looking into, as androids don
  10. i disagree with your entire post outside of id being OK with entertaining different types of training. 1.) There is a an exponentially longer list of "follow orders and live" where it simply is the case. 2.) Failing to comply immediately is not a death sentence, but in certain situations it can lead to that. use your brain. Forcefully resisting arrest and committing multiple felonies along the way.. or escalating force with a weapon often results in death. And it should, because the perpetrator is putting the lives of the police officers and others in danger.
  11. Almost every time you follow orders you live. There are cases of it not happening both white and black. It is unfortunate, and people make mistakes. It would be nice if we had better training and could hire better police officers but that is not the case. ive been fairly and truthfully discussing this since I first popped into this thread. No one seems to want to discuss the truth though, they want to push a political agenda that black people have it harder than anyone else and that every shooting is race based. what they are doing in reality is hurting their own race, adv
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