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Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

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What I've not seen mentioned on here is our Redskins have averaged only 17 points a game defensively over the last 4 games, and only won 1 of the games. One side of the ball seems a couple of pieces away from being top 10 defensively, it's just we are probably 5/6 players away from a good offense. 



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6 hours ago, SkinsFTW said:


The 36 in 5 games was before this game. I already talked about it a few days ago. Now it's 45 points in 6 games.


Thats a 120 point per season pace. 7.5 per game.


So ****ing close!!!


Oh and the 3 games with 0 TDs means that Calahan is 3 for 4 with 0 TDs as coach. Championship!



Blah blah blah statistics and facts.


Whatta you know?



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21 hours ago, Ghedrick said:

Sad stuff watching this offense.The defense can only do so much to keep us the game.Is the the worst offense ever?


In my lifetime as a skins fan going back to the late 80's yes it is.. The pettibon team in '93 I thought was terrible at 14 pts per and Gibb's team in '04 averaged just 15 pts per but he had one of the better defenses this franchise ever had so we were in just about all of those games.. 


But this one. Its different, its not old cept for AP but he's the best most consistent weapon on this team. Its just sad that it can enter our minds week to week that we may not actually score a TD in a game..

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22 hours ago, max21 said:

We need a game breaking WR To compliment Terry, the offense is so ****ing boring. Just please do something cool 

We have two. Harmon and Simms. They're not being used. The issue is the offensive scheme....point blank.

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