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  1. If we beat Dallas Ron Rivera decision to go for 2 last week looks even worse.
  2. I want us to look competent. 1st Half of Eagles game i thought we looked like a Gruden coached team. We need consistency on both sides of the ball all game.
  3. Manusky would've called the same defense that got destroyed in 1st qtr all game without any adjustments.
  4. Why is the media acting like Washington o line isn't just as bad as the Eagles. Plus our offensive weapons aren't close to what the Eagles have.
  5. I bet 106 The Fan will still find a way to be negative tomorrow.
  6. jay would've tried fade pass all 3 downs to our shortest reciever.
  7. I thought i was the only one who noticed Logan with the lazy jog.
  8. Wentz won't get benched but he won't make through the season in one piece. Also David Carr will be on a short leash.
  9. No because it wouldn't make any sense because we didn't extend his contract. New rule this year that he can come back sometime this season.
  10. Is this guy even in the league anymore? He's hurt we got rid of him.
  11. Eagles medical team is just as terrible as our medical team was last year. Equal amount of injuries from both teams.
  12. He was hurt alot and that hurt is ability to play effectively. Hopefully this will be a healthy year for him.
  13. Imagine if Jeremy Sprinkle caught 60 percent of the passes thrown to him, Haskins would've had a much better completion percentage.
  14. I hope his TD to int ratio is alot better than 22-14. Im hoping around 27 - 11.
  15. I can just imagine all of the bad habits this team has to unlearn practicing under Gruden and Manusky for years. Rivera is not giving these guys a pat on the butt just for showing up.
  16. After Guice I needed some great news and this is it.
  17. I actually want Dan to stay. If we get a new owner they would definitely change the team colors.
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