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Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills


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1 minute ago, XxSpearheadxX said:

if you are looking for a way to get your inbox flooded with dick pics you found it champ

Well, I'm not a cop, but I think this guy of a different name who says stuff like that and another guy with a different name who says the exact same stuff too...might be...working together to troll us! Am I close?

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Play action and throw the ball deep on first down whether McLaurin is open or not.  TRUST HIM.  May get at least a penalty.

7 minutes ago, Burgold said:

1st Quarter assessment. 


Haskins was okay.

Defense was awful.

Boy do the 'skins stink.

Its the coaching.  The coaching is really bad.  Is Callahan doing anything except watching?????

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2 minutes ago, Allgoodthingscometoaend said:

I got a cold drink, the red zone and this comedy show y’all call a forum. I got all day champ!

It’s ‘All good things come to AN end’.


At least learn proper English if you’re going to try and act like an elitist.

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Not sure if I agree with Callahan wanting Haskins Jr to be a vocal leader at this point in time.  He is a rookie QB who is getting his first start, that has looked pretty bad in relief efforts thus far.  Not sure how serious the rest of the offense would take him if he tried to step into that role at this moment.

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