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  1. You guys are such goofs...every year you bang your head against the wall, all I hear is bang...bang...bang, then by 4:30pm on the first weekend of every NFL year you realize this a Dan Snyder team.
  2. I came here and used this account just to see who the heck is still posting outside this thread about football related subjects. Just goes to show how sick sports fan can be, at this point if you tune into the games to give them ratings much less attend games or buy merchandise you truly are an immoral person. You are supporting a monster, that has no respect for his wife, family, or woman. YOU CAN NOT SEPARATE THE TEAM FROM THE OWNER!!!
  3. The dreamers, the hardcore, that always believe in the next hope! The guys I get so tired of because they never learn and are the ones that keep supporting that terd Danny boy. When has Dan ever done the job right? Dan is so hanging his hat on Ron, its the last hoorrah. It isnt going to work, the team will start off and be terrible this year. By year 3 the Ron hire will be seen as Norv 2.0 maybe worse because he is saddled with Haskins for those that dont always realize it, Haskins will be exposed as the dud he is and the fans will be gone. No matter what Dan does he isnt getting a
  4. After reading the official statement and then the internal memo, Snyder is one entitled jerk and doesnt seem particular smart and sure as heck cant speak. This guy will never be liked. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. I dont know what it takes for some of you to learn, so many of you keep banging your head against the wall....bang..bang..bang! First, it was all the high priced FA's, then Spurrier, then Gibbs, then Shanny and Bruce, now its Ron thats going to save the franchise. Why would Ron want to stay one minute more then he had too?
  6. Its not that I dont believe it, probably happened just not hanging people from the post article, a paper that has written many fake news articles and that have a clear agenda.
  7. Dan is a good man, he has always been about winning, and I know he wouldnt stand for this and will get to the bottom of this. Go whateveryournameisgoingtobe Tanya
  8. You literally no nothing of the below, you have no facts on this at all! Reality is absolutely worse then what this article suggests every female employee for the Redskins is saying the same thing no way in Hell that Snyder didn't know this was going on
  9. Your making alot of assumptions here and presenting them as fact, is that you washpost? check yourself!
  10. Keep dreaming people are memorized by this crap, will buy 20 dollar cans of budlight, pay 100 to park a mile away all while rooting for Norv 2.0 to coach the Maryland whatevertheyarecalled
  11. Like I said we hearing one side of the story, why should I believe anything without more investigating, I dont know any of these people, woman have lied and the post is the post. Thats the problem ever buddy jumps to conclusions. Already looks like the post has put things in the article that dont belong.
  12. It says alot about the ship that Dan runs and why we will never win with him but its a nothingburger as far as getting him out, heck he is already starting to resolve it by hiring an attorney.
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