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  1. Gibbs828791

    What the hell is Wrong with Scherff?

    Damn right....this team doesnt need a 14 mil guard. Much less an overrated 14 mil guard. I always thought the guy was overrated it was just redskins fans being redskins fans pumping up their 5th pick.
  2. Gibbs828791

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Bingo...Danny picked Haskins, there is obviously a big problem with Haskins. At the least he was over drafted but seeing these other nobodies playing makes me think Haskins is already a bust. I dont know if it is work ethic, intelligence, skill, or what, but the fact this offense has been pathetic and combined with Case looking like arse in the last 4 games he played and the team has won 1 game tells anybody with common sense something is very..very wrong! On side note..can you imagine little Danny Snider who looks like he never played competitive game of yard darts much less a real sport is telling real NFL scouts who to pick. What a punk!
  3. Man we over drafted Haskins if he cant get in the game with Case doing absolutely nothing the last 6 quarters
  4. What is Scheriff soooo glad we havent paid this guy
  5. At point in Kerrigans career is he going to stop being owned on roll outs
  6. Jay was such a clown. He was a joke and was more worried about making the players happy then winning. 1-He should of been fired after his 3rd season and the loss to the giants 2- Last year Smith goes down and you are going to Dallas on thur to play for the NFC east and he cant find a practice for a guy in Colt who hasnt played. The guy never crossed the t's or dotted the i's. Bruce hire!
  7. Yea because against this defense and weather thats going to happen! More likely you screw up and allow the niners a big play right before half
  8. And being a rebel rouser also...complete azz hat
  9. Cmon on Mansucky dont let them go through us with 75 secs left after a good half..gezz
  10. Cmon on man...I hear Sheehan talk this nonsense all the time, worrying about keeping the niners from scoring before half as a 10 pt underdog is absolutely the correct way of thinking...its called being smart nothing to do with killer instinct You screw up and turn it over in this weather and this type of game its over.
  11. As Kevin Sheehan said this is a big red flag he isnt playing!
  12. Man I cant wait to get rid of some of these Bruce Allen bums....Moses, Richardson, Norman etc
  13. Watching Case throw is painful....he will without a doubt screw this up!
  14. Geex...that was all on AP..ran right into the pile...go right and gets a ton...I am really tired of watching people like AP and Kennum on a 1 win team