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  1. “Thorough domination” 😐 can’t wait for ownership to blow this **** up.
  2. This is just one of the lows. Just tired of being a 2nd or 3rd tier franchise.
  3. This is a one of the low points for me as a fan. I hate getting shellacked by the cowboys. We could at least make it respectable.
  4. Is tonight the night that we are finally set free of the disease that is Dan Snyder?
  5. Are we ever gonna try something different and pass on 1st smh
  6. https://www.audacy.com/thefandc/sports/washington-commanders/commanders-unable-to-produce-evidence-of-their-popularity Commanders were unable to produce evidence of their popularity in stadium talks The Washington Commanders are losing support, from fans and politicians, as they look to chart out the destination of their next stadium. That's according to one Virginia state senator, Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax), who has withdrawn his support for a bill that would help finance a new stadium in the commonwealth. One of Petersen's primary concerns is that the team is trending downward in popularity in the region, something that makes him worry about the long-term viability as a whole when considering whether taxpayers should be making a long-term investment by funding a stadium. In an interview with 106.7 The Fan's Brian Mitchell and JP Finlay, Petersen divulged that the Commanders were unable to produce objective metrics proving their popularity in the area, furthering his skepticism about the team's apparent dwindling fan engagement. Essentially, if Petersen — a former Washington Redskins season-ticket holder — was seeing fans wearing Commanders gear in public regularly, he could live with the lack of metrics proving the team's popularity footprint. But he's seeing neither the numbers proving their popularity nor that real-world engagement, a double red flag, in his view.
  7. Born and raised in Gaithersburg, MD. Lived in the area my whole life. The “significant investment” in infrastructure needed for this to work is in the billions and VA already said they are looking to spend no more than $350 million
  8. Is there a team that hates its fans more than the Commanders? Terrible site. No metro or public transportation access of any sort. Perhaps the worst traffic in the region. This is all but ceding MD fans to the Ravens.
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