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What Bye Week Adjustments Would You Make?

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Going into the bye week with the Saints in week 5, and an increasingly difficult schedule going forward..


What adjustments would you make to the team/gameplan to help the team prepare for the long stretch and remain competitive?


For the WR corp, I'd work on getting Harris and Floyd more involved in the game plan.  Harris for his down field potential, and Floyd for his blocking ability (should help out the Thompson screens).


Running game, I'd work on getting AP more familiar with the offense and try to adjust it to fit his style more.  The commentators during the game were mentioning how much more effective he is out of the I- formation so he has time to see the holes develop and gain some momentum.  I'd also like to see him and Alex work on a flea flicker type play to use on a first down when everyone and their mother knows were gonna run it up the middle.


Defensively I would just force the team to watch last year's epic collapse against the Saints over and over again until they see Brees and Kamara in their dreams.  I'd also maybe re-open talks with Galette to see about increasing the pass rush for cheap.



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Get this OL figured out. Coach em up on knowing who to block on clever blitzes. 

More Mo Harris, and less Doctson. 

Design more seam and wheel route plays involving the TEs, or at least implement them more.


Teach all and Zach Brown especially.. once and for all.. to not overrun run gap assignments.

Instruct your pass rushers to be in the ear of the refs constantly about being held. 


Instruct your KRs to never return a kick out of the EZ. Just not worth the penalty that comes 90% of the time. 

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I'd have to watch all three games again and my opinions might change after doing so. 


But from what I've seen:


Like last year, they have a hard time stopping outside zone runs.  Why?  And can it be fixed.  Seems especially a problem on the right side.


Coming up with a strategy to keep it humming in the 2nd half of games.   Are they getting too conservative or opponents figured out the game plan?


Get Crowder more involved in the game plan.  


I like Jay's play calling mostly.  But I hate the over the top preponderance of first down runs.  Part of what most teams do in the bye week is to study their own tendencies.


Work with Richardson on his backfield motion -- sweeps, fake sweeps, etc.  He's looked awkward back there at times.  I recall in the Arizona game his arc was so ridiculously deep that it was a tell tale that he wasn't getting the ball.  I saw how Tyreek Hill did the same thing in KC watching some of Alex's games in the off season and he was much smoother. 


Clinic the WRs on run blocking.  Show them some Pierre Garcon tape?


Look harder at Dunn can he help as a back up in the interior.  The backup tackles look worrisome and that surprises me.  Nsekhe was pretty bad at times last year, he was arguably bad yesterday, too.   Christian didn't look hot in the preseason.  If Moses or Trent get hurt are the any other better options?  I am guessing no, just wondering though. 


Remind the players to death not to get too chesty after yesterday's win.  Remind them that they are a national punchline with some media personalities for not handling prosperity well and a big win often follows with a loss.   So this New Orleans game is big.  Few are shocked that they can as an underdog shock another team (especially coming off of a loss).  But plenty would be shocked if they can put together back to back wins as underdogs.  Usually a big win with another big opponent coming up is followed by a tease game where they came a little short.  If you recall that's what happened after the Raiders win in 2017 and the GB win in 2016. 


And no I don't put that on Jay.  It's been how this team rolls a lot for years, I recall complaining about the same over multiple regimes. 

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I would...


1) ...try to scheme 2-3 special plays to force the ball to Doctson - he had some nice plays in NO last year. 


2) ...really incorporate some read-option to get Smith using his legs


3) ...try to come up with 1-2 "trap looks" on defense that might bait Brees into a pick or risky throw 


I don't think there are sweeping changes that I'd make for the 13-game remainder of the schedule. We have flaws, sure, but there isn't too much more I think we can do from a scheme perspective. 

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On the offense:

1. Be less predicable in 1st down (as in, don't run the ball every time)

2. More play action with a bootleg action. Get Alex outside the pocket and allow him to either run or find a open guy quickly. This should be a no brainer, we know it's in the offense, and Alex is more athletic than Cousins. Then you hand off with this action.

3. CT in motion instead of Crowder on RPO.

4. "**** it I'm going deep" more often. It works. :)

5. Start someone else besides Doctson at WR. Anyone.

6. Don't turtle up at half time. At least wait until the 4th QRT.

7. Don't let Lauvao play anymore.



1. Seems like we have Brown and Foster over pursuing and allowing cut back runs. This is correctable, so correct it already!

2. Allen, Io, and Payne..........................just keep doin' wat you doin'

3. Give Jr. Galette a ring.

4. More of a true 4-3 on long yardage, not the 2 down linemen at DT and Smith/Kerrigan at DE. It's not working. 

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-Mix in more PA and rollouts. We are way too predictable with the first down run attempts.


-Incorporate more RPO, at least when Thompson is in the game. Peterson appears more comfortable with the more traditional deep backfield handoffs.


-Try to get Doctson going with some slants, button curls, etc. He can do more than just jump balls.




-Play more tight press man. We have a good pass rush but QBs are beating it with too many quick throws to guys finding holes in our soft zone. Play more bump and run to buy our rush that extra second to get there.


-Blitz more aggressively. None of this disguised stuff, stack the line with 8-9 guys and raise havoc.


-Tell Norman to stop trying to strip fumble every tackle and just wrap up.



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I think the two main focuses should be:


1. Anyone with a malady, rest up.  We've got a long stretch of thirteen games in thirteen weeks to follow. Hopefully more with a playoff birth. But a week of rest may prevent some of these minor nicks to be a nagging injury throughout the year. 


2. Open up the offense a little more.  Imcorporate more of the playbook.  Be a little more unpredictable.  Find a way to get doctson, p rich, sprinkle, more involved.   Maybe focus on different plays coming out of a double tight look, double rb look, etc. Basically other formations that are more likely to be used while protecting a lead that has led to our offense stalling.  


I also agree with others that I hope they don't sit back and pat themselves on the back.  They may be getting some love in the media this week but don't let it go to your head.  We still have a lot of areas for improvement. 


But bye weeks are much more enjoyable after a nice win over a good team.   



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Build in some courage to keep the pedal to the metal in the second half instead of conservatively protecting leads. Whatever worked to get you that lead isn't going to suddenly become ineffective. Don't retreat into a shell. Alex Smith knows as well as any quarterback out there how to protect the ball.

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55 minutes ago, Riggo#44 said:

Work on third and long defense. We gave up way too many 3-and-8 or more conversions--several more were nullified by penalties or drops.

2 penalties nullified first downs and both were key parts of getting a first down that needed to be nullified. Further, one of the drops came on the play after the necessary hold.

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3 hours ago, Morneblade said:



1. Seems like we have Brown and Foster over pursuing and allowing cut back runs. This is correctable, so correct it already!


This is why we are still not doing that good againist the run our inside LB play is horrible it’s bad againist the run and it’s worse against the crossing routes that have been killing us all year.  


We need Brown back to last years form and Foster is not playing very good ball right now.  I would expirement with Ryan Anderson at inside LB he has the size and speed he couldn’t do any worse than what we got right now.  

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4 hours ago, Riggo#44 said:

Stick with Rouhllier and Bergstrom at LG and C, respectively.

Figure out how to get Doctson more involved.

Rest Reed, Williams.

Furiously masturbate to Allen-Payne-Ionnaidis.


I gotta 2nd this, especially the 2nd and last points...At the same time in the back of my head I'm wondering, if they keep this up how we gonna pay them?

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Bye week adjustments...


1. Fire Bruce Allen

2. Have Dan Snyder sell the team to me for $7.38.

3. Get Josh Doctson into some heavy hypnotherapy.

4. Hire a quality assistant coach whose good at ringing a Pavlovian Bell.

5. Convince the Redskins that they lost a game during the bye week so they can come to play against the Saints.

6. Fire Roger Goodell out of a canon into an active hurricane.

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In all seriousness, the biggest adjustment we could make is convincing Jay to wait longer to go conservative.  We can't on one hand blast him for play calling in general when he has us jump out to huge leads against two if our three opponents. 


Say what you want about after he gets the lead, but he needs to keep the foot on the pedal longer.  Against Packers I was just waiting until they didn't have time to score twice.  The conversation should be them not having enough time to score 3 or 4 times or more.


Cousins once upon a time went to McVay and said he wanted to attack through the passing game more.  That was year we went to the playoffs with one of the better passing attacks we had in a long time.  If we are showing we can get up on people and our defense can keep teams from lighting us up, this is a playoff team.


I don't think Jay goes dumb once he has a lead, he's just too careful.  He has a QB whos careful enough on his own now, Cousins isn't here anymore, less threat of us screwing up with dumb picks now.  


I swear this "Jay is too conservative when he has a lead" comes from being shell shocked by how quickly Cousins could start turning the ball over out of nowhere.  Those days are gone, new Sherrif in town.

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