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  1. I hear ya, you have a solid argument. The idea of a HOF elite qb sliding onto a team with a strong defense and relatively good balance throughout the roster, but has been held back by qb play, is exciting. If our qb play holds us back again in 2021, I might be with you by December. If Fitz has success and is willing to come back, or if TH takes the reins and looks good, I'm not sure the cost/risk for AR would be worth it. Or if our offense sputters, would turner even be able to maximize Rodgers talents? Or his replacement implementing a new system if turner gets canned.
  2. Then I would let another team shell out the multiple firsts. I'd rather devote cap dollars and draft picks to retaining and building around our young core. If he was 35 and not abrasive, definitely. But that's not the case.
  3. I believe it is 5 years from here on out, bc I know he was slated to get his 1 yr, 10 mil dollar 5th year option, and with the first reports saying a 4 yr, 72 mil extension, that jives with the 5 yr 82 mil deal. I love it.
  4. Scot turner is probably our biggest x factor this year. I'm confident in the players ability on both sides of the ball, and I'm confident in the defensive scheme / coaching staff, but Scot turner I'm still unsure of. No doubt we have enough talent and complementary pieces to have an efficient offense. Can turner apply his scheme and call plays efficiently? That will make or break our season imo.
  5. Yup, can be had in last few rounds, a lot of upside for that spot. I am surprised to see some of the names listed above Fitz in fantasy rankings. I have an advantage too being in a different market, Fitz will fly under the radar in my leagues. In 2012 when I got Alfred Morris late was probably my best pick for a skin flying under the radar. That one will be tough to beat. Scot turner has a huge opportunity this year. If we are healthy, we have a variety of weapons and no glaring weak link anywhere on offense. Fitz could end up with some solid numbers if everyone plays their
  6. I'm not sure exactly how they cancel out players signed vs lost to determine the picks a team gets, but looking at the titans last season, they lost conklin at 14m and Mariota at 8.8m, but when they signed Vic Beasley at 9.49, it cancelled out the Mariota deal, and they got awarded a 3rd for Conklin. It makes sense bc Beasleys number is closer to Mariotas, but relating it to our situation, if scherff is at 16m yr, it is possible we sign a decent player at 9-10 aav and still not lose the scherff pick, as it would cancel out a player that we lost at a closer number to that. We have several guy
  7. Between 1. having established a young talented core already and 2. Focus should be shifting to use cap space to resign our own as opposed to FA, I think it won't be crippling for us to avoid a big FA contract next offseason, especially considering we know it would mean forfeiting the 3rd rounder. And a rather frugal FA approach is pretty much already in place, chasing 15 mil per year players hasn't really been Ron's cup of tea. I loved the scherff pick, and I like him as a player with his blue collar approach, but I'm ok with letting him walk if he wants top dollar.
  8. I'd rather have a 3rd round comp pick than overpay an aging injury prone IOL. if he wants to chase the biggest payday and not stay here (which I don't blame him for that), then I say don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. And anyone who thought there was even a remote chance that scherff would've relinquished all that leverage to sign a long term contract here that was anything short of a disastrous overpay, ive got some beautiful oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you.
  9. There is a scenario where both scherff and Allen walk, and RR did the right thing by letting them. There is also a scenario where scherff and Allen and both resigned, and RR did the right thing by resigning them. Its all about the size/structure of the deals. Those looking at it as an automatic loss for RR if they walk, even if the contract is enormous and poor value, are impatiently neglecting the long term betterment of the team.
  10. I'm out of the loop right now, have they announced ALL the penalties (all I've heard is 10 mil fine and Dan changing roles)? Can we put to bed the possibility of losing draft picks?
  11. I like the declaration of a qb competition. No one should rest on their laurels, everyone should earn their spot. And let's be honest, Fitz is already the implied starter / leader, the only way TH gets it is if he is significantly better in training camp, and if TH is significantly better, we would want TH to be the starter too. I don't see Fitz losing the battle, and I believe in TH. I think both qbs can succeed with the teams makeup: strong defense, solid oline, and a number of weapons.
  12. I like that logo, just don't like the yellow/gold shade, I'd prefer it to be a bit brighter like the 80s and 90s uniforms. This reminds me of the throwback unis with the spear helmet, and I was never a fan of the colors with those, even tho they were close to burgundy and gold than the uniforms I prefer.
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