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  1. KillBill26

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    No he is not. Oft injured, limited production, expensive, and occupying a roster spot that could go to one of the young guys to see what they've got. I hope Richardson is the first one cut.
  2. Very impressed with DH so far. In particularly: - he moves well in the pocket. Seems like he can feel pressure, but he doesn't tuck it and take off. He moves to open space with eyes remaining downfield. - nice touch on the ball. Made some nice passes for completions, but even on some misses where there wasn't much there, he put it in a spot where a redskin was close but the ball was out of reach of the defender. He did make some bad decisions on throws, and also had his receivers drop catchable balls. As someone who didn't like the Haskins pick initially (but felt much better about it after we traded up for sweat bc I wanted a pass rusher at 15), I am feeling much better about DH. Hearing about his work ethic and cerebral approach makes me even more excited. That being said, I'm still in the redshirt DH camp.
  3. KillBill26

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    That's the nail in the coffin, he needs to be cut immediately.
  4. TW would definitely have a lot of value in their eyes, but I think a 1st and a 3rd is a little too rich. Antonio brown, another aging vet who has been the best at his position and wanted out, got a 3rd and a 5th in return. We would still be doing better than that. And I know OTs age better than WRs, but brown has also been much more durable, so I think that's a fair comp.
  5. He is one of the best LT of his generation, no doubt, but for how much longer? He is 31 years old and has missed 15 games the last 4 years. Hasn't played a full season since 2013. A failed drug test away from a year long suspension. I know he will be a hard player to trade from a fan perspective, but when analyzing his value, his past performance is a sunk cost for lack of a better term. Over and done with, no bearing on what he will bring to his new team moving forward. His physical skills will start to diminish and may be even become more injury prone. And we will trade that in for two 21 year olds making a fraction of his salary. The second rounder has obvious value, but even the 5th can be intriguing with what we have seen from third day picks like matt the Greek, Crowder, Harmon, Moreland, roullier etc. I'm not disagreeing with you saying they will get better value, you are probably right because we are hearing that from different directions. But I'm saying if I was the Redskins gm, and I did my due diligence to work the phones regarding a trade, and the best I could get was a 2nd and a 5th, I'd do it. That's about where my over under is so to speak. And that's even if Trent was willing to come back, knowing that he could just sit out and we get nothing, Id be sending over those documents to sign immediately.
  6. I would take the 1st alone, if they wanted to throw in a 5th even better. If they are crazy enough to throw in one of the day two picks I'd dance on the table. Even if the best we could get was the 2nd and the 5th, I'd do it. According to reports they may be able to get considerably more than that, which surprises me, and they should do everything they can to maximize the return, but from this point forward you could make a strong case that a 2nd and a 5th have more value than TW, especially when considering the accompanying contracts.
  7. No it's legit, bc it's from Pittman4Two
  8. Yup, just like the pats did with Richard Seymour. Had him during his prime, then traded him to the raiders for what turned out to be the 17th pick overall, and the pats took Nate solder, a rock at LT for them for years. Also allowed them the flexibility to trade down with their own first rounder that year, netting more value.
  9. KillBill26

    Jordan Reed Might Have Another Concussion

    True. And in college if you get a targeting penalty and get tossed in the second half, you have to miss the first half of the following game. It's a pretty big deterrent.
  10. I agree, it's a strange feeling. But it's the right call. And we probably won't get a player as good as Trent was during his whole career, but we should get a player with more production from this point forward. We had Trent for the bulk of his prime, almost a decade in all. To get that production, then get a first rounder 10 years later, would be insane value. But he is 31 and injury prone, his next few years will have flashes but may not be all that special overall. The goal for any first round pick is a long term starter, so we could plug a hole for the next decade. Easier said than done I know.
  11. KillBill26

    Jordan Reed Might Have Another Concussion

    There was a penalty. I remember bc when the ref called the penalty he mistakenly said reeds number initially before he corrected himself. That being said, a penalty isn't enough. These hits end careers. He should've been thrown out of the game. Do it like they do in college, make it a challengable play, but if replay confirms targeting, you are tossed from the game immediately.
  12. Love the enthusiasm brother, there are so many elements of this team I'm excited to watch, and I like Haskins potential. Should be a fun season!
  13. We have already implemented that "brilliant" scheme, it's actually hand off, hand off, throw, punt, watch your overworked defense run out of gas #DontThrowTheRookToTheWolves
  14. I don't think that would preclude them from going after TW. if I were hurney, and in that situation with a 30 year old mobile franchise QB, with the offense predicated on the ground game, and some aging players on that def line keuchly, McCoy, short, etc, I'd throw out an offer of a 2nd round pick, maybe even a 1st. If he is convinced they can make a run at a title, which would make the pick back end of the round, it might be worth a shot. TW at LT, move either Williams or little to guard for the time being, that could really improve your team overnight, plus give you the peace of mind that your franchise QB is better protected. You never know what is going thru a GMs head.
  15. It hurts to even envision. Imagine if that happened and Bruce remained on board. ES would explode. And it's not a stretch to see that scenario play out within the next 12 months.