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  1. It's crazy to think: McElroy was drafted in 2011. If brady had retired then, he would be a sure fire HOF. But if he had started his career in 2011, and just looking at his resume from 2011-2020, he would be a sure fire HOF. i don't know any other players that you could cut their careers in two and get two HOF resumes (jerry rice maybe?). Sorry this has nothing to do with the conversation at hand, but it's just crazy how prospects were compared to an all time great QB 10 years ago, and that player is still going strong, has gotten 4 more titles and is the reigning SB MVP.
  2. I will always root for Alex smith. But the move to release him was a no brainer. If no other feasible options present themselves this offseason, I'd rather bring back AS at a much lower cap number than to overpay for a qb in a panic move. Assuming the odds are high we have seen the last game AS plays for WFT, a tip of the cap to a classy guy, who overcame unbelievable odds, and who never got the respect he deserves. He gets the job done one way or another, his winning percentage speaks for itself. It's funny how many of his critics will now turn their attention to finding a qb,
  3. Not very inspiring for zach wilson's resume to show that as far as his toughest competition in college, he almost beat coastal carolina. Even hung 17 on em!
  4. I went from being nervous we take mac jones at 19, to being more nervous we give up considerable assets to trade up for mac jones.
  5. I didn't think AS would be back, I'd say this is a good sign AS knows he won't be back.
  6. I know the name, but I don't know a thing about him. Was he a cult of colt type thing?
  7. However, in his final 11 games, Smith totaled just 23 catches for 227 yards. https://www.google.com/amp/s/titanswire.usatoday.com/lists/2021-nfl-free-agency-jonnu-smith-projected-market-value/amp/ I feel like smith is hyped a bit more than he deserves. I also have no idea how this FA market is going to play out, so if we can get him on a reasonable deal, sure, but I have a feeling he will be a guy we see signed by someone else and are thankful we didn't pay that price tag.
  8. I'm with you, I'm high on TH too. If the FO decides to go all in on TH and dedicate resources elsewhere in FA, maybe trade back from 19 and add day 2 picks to fill various holes, and TH plays like he did vs TB over a full season, we are a SB contender assuming our big cats stay healthy. He was great in every facet. I'm all about being optimistic, but playing devil's advocate, if every qb could prorate their best game ever over a 16 game sample, we would have a world full of all pros.
  9. I like TH, and I'm pretty high on his potential, but let's just say he doesn't win the starting qb competition in the fall and just kind of fades into Bolivia (as mike tyson would say), and he ends up with 0 career wins here, but there is a "legend of taylor heinecke" shirt floating around. It makes me want one even more now.
  10. I would bet against them making the playoffs too. Divisional teams getting healthier and tougher schedule. I'm not discouraged about it though, as stupid as it sounds, I think this team can still make progress in the right direction and miss the playoffs. Even with a decent offseason, I'm not sure we can expect to win 10+ games. And the odds of one of the other three doing it are pretty decent. If we aren't in the playoffs in 2022, then I'll definitely be concerned. Btw, I didn't realize how futuristic 2022 looked until I just typed it out. Man I'm getting old.
  11. I always think the same thing. Like with the fields is falling to mid round rumors, it's probably just a team picking outside the top 10 that wants to have teams second guessing themselves. A mere 5 months ago, what were the odds that Zach wilson gets drafted ahead of trevor lawrence. Dude came out of nowhere.
  12. I think wentz will do well in indy. - being re united with reich and a change of scenery, his confidence will be restored immediately. - indy probably has the best young OL in the league (they need a LT to replace constanzo, but other spots are solid with young talent) - good young defense to take pressure off him. He doesn't need to outscore opponents in shoot outs, just be smart with the football. - biggest difference, he is leaving the negative philly market for a less stressful indy one. Wentz was playing at an mvp level just a few years ago. He h
  13. Count me in on being aggressive to move up and get pitts. - love how he is such a dynamic receiving threat, but that he could line up anywhere. With similar versatile usage with tmac, gibson, and JD, can be a key cog in an explosive offense. - like how he is a decent blocker. for a guy with his receiving skills, to also be able to hold your own enough where lining up inline can still keep defenses guessing, that's huge - imagine an improving logan thomas as the #2 TE. Double tight sets will be a problem for defenses. - Assuming we add a solid WR in FA (maybe 2),
  14. I've advocated for that multiple times on here when ppl say we should chase A Rob. He is a beast no doubt, but for a few mil more, you could have both samuel and davis. Samuel, davis, and t mac can play all over, can add in running plays/jet sweeps, and can all block. It would go from a weakness to a formidable unit, with great balance, overnight. And they are all entering their primes, and will only get better.
  15. I like davis too, he is also a good blocker. I'm hoping injury history and underwhelming stats, along with decrease in cap, leads to a 10-12ish aav.
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