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  1. Rams don't have a 1st until 2022 after the Ramsey trade. Maybe a couple picks rounds 2 to 4? I doubt they have a young player that has value that would be willing to part with. On the other hand the browns have a full slate of picks plus a few in next couple drafts. They might also be a bit more desparate due to 2-4 record after hype of breaking out. Could the skins actually take advantage of that? Please no OBJ.
  2. KillBill26

    Next Coach?

    Tomlin has an excellent coaching record, is a member of the prestigious Competition Committee, is one of the game's great orators and already has relationships with key members of the organization like team president Bruce Allen and general manager Doug Williams from their time in Tampa. This is just amazing. They still only will consider such a small segment of potential hires. How has that worked out for ya so far Danny boy? Yet here we are again. Unbelievable!!! i am 100% against tomlin. The Steelers locker room and culture has proven to be a mess recently. I know he is a big name and has a ring, but if it was a circus behind closed doors I'm pittsburgh, I can only imagine how bad it would be with the Redskins.
  3. #firebruceallen is now changed to #dansnyderistooterribleofanownertofirebruceallen
  4. KillBill26

    Reality check time.

    While tanking has its drawbacks ie negative, losing culture in locker room and disgruntled fanbase, trading any declining player with any trade value has very little downside. Some fans may be pissed to see a kerrigan type walk, but those frustrations are relatively short lived. The Redskins have absolutely nothing to lose, and draft picks to gain, by trading five or so players, but are too stupid to realize it.
  5. KillBill26

    Reality check time.

    Rg3 gave us an ounce of hope for a split second, then all hope was lost once again.
  6. KillBill26

    Reality check time.

    There was an interesting article in a recent sports illustrated about tanking and whether it's effective in the NFL. There was a study done a few years back but it was about tanking in the NBA and the results for that there was no improvement over a four year period for the teams that were tanking. Then consider that NFL rosters are about 4 times larger than NBA rosters so an individual makes even less of an impact, and you would think it would be even less effective in the NFL. The study showed success was attributed to nailing the picks you do have (duh), even if they are lower and you have fewer. The warriors, for example, have built a dynasty without any of those guys being a top 5 pick. So not only have the Redskins had a mediocre record in recent years and not had a top pick, they also have a buffoon in Bruce Allen running the show. They really have nothing going for them to turn it around. That's why they are in this predicament. The dolphins are in prime position to turn their franchise around. Not only will they most likely have a top-three pick next year, one of three first rounders, but the number of first and second round picks of the next two drafts is amazing. But that alone means little. It's all about whether or not you have a competent front office to get value out of those selections. The SI article also highlighted about how tanking can destroy your culture in the locker room (also duh). It also mentioned an aspect I hadn't really thought of before, but how you got to feel bad for those linebackers on any tanking team, because with them losing pretty much every game they have a battering ram running back running down hill at them 30 times a game. By December, it's amazing some of these guys can still walk. I hope Holcomb isn't beaten to a pulp by the end of the year. While it's obviously all about getting the best front office structure to get the best value out of our draft picks no matter where we are drafting, for me personally, I'm hoping the Redskins can get a top pick in the upcoming draft. While I want the future of the Redskins to have a positive culture built around some of the young bama boys and Haskins / McLaurin etc, I also wouldn't mind to see the Redskins playing predominantly younger lineups (Haskins aside), to get them experience and gauge whether they can be a player for us. If they lose most or all of those games, so be it. We have a better evaluation of our players and a higher pick. If only we could convince the last guy on earth that doesn't realize Bruce needs to go.
  7. KillBill26

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    Final score: Dolphins 0.1 Redskins -3
  8. After years of failure, and a team that is getting worse by the day, what has Bruce Allen done to deserve to keep his job? I'm know I'm just stating the obvious. We would all love an answer to this question.
  9. KillBill26

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    It's like they don't realize they are going to have to hire another head coach to replace gruden. Can this job become anymore unattractive? I know there are only 32 positions, and some believe you have to jump at any opportunity in the NFL, but if you are a young guy with options, why would you come here? It's one thing to be an inept organization, but to personally attack and embarrass the individual, as part of a deliberately constructed plan to save you a couple bucks, is going to deter any coach worth anything to work for the Redskins. We as a fanbase should show our support for gruden. #grudensnottheproblem. Send the message that this move did absolutely nothing to appease the fanbase. And since it seems to be all about the new stadium, all I can say is "good luck with your new stadium Dan and bruce, I don't plan on ever stepping foot in it as long as Bruce is employed here." PS - I wonder what video Dan is sitting on of Bruce, just in case. Does he secretly record Bruce getting sloshed in the owners box? Double PS - there is 0% chance Bruce fields a single question today, unless the question has been pre approved.
  10. KillBill26

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    Snyder giving cerrato, and now Bruce, a free pass to be terrible at such a critical position for your company is mind boggling. Especially when you consider Snyder founded a company that eventually sold for $2 billion!! He had to make some tough decisions there. You don't just surround yourself with friends and go on auto pilot through rough times and be Uber successful. Was it Gerald running the show with Danny boy just having his name on the paperwork? I'd think your average high school graduate could maneuver the Redskins better than Snyder has.
  11. KillBill26

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    Timing is curious. Maybe they think they can beat the dolphins next week with a new coach and say, "see fans, jay was the problem, so leave Bruce alone."
  12. KillBill26

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    I was hoping it was KOC. why not? We've got nothing to lose. Let him call the plays, see what he's got. If people think he is head coach material, now is the time to find out. And if some rookie mistakes cost us some games, great, a higher draft pick.
  13. Its easy to believe gruden didn't want Haskins. He was on the hot seat entering this season, he needed to win now to save his job, so he would prefer someone who can help immediately over a QB who is going to take time to groom. So whether gruden thought Haskins was a good prospect or not is irrelevant, he wanted immediate returns. Of course the media is going to make it seem it is a knock on Haskins personally to create drama and generate clicks on their articles. It's not a big deal, 99.9% of people act out of self interest and self preservation. On the other hand, the nugget that gruden preferred Jones over Haskins, meaning he was ok with a rookie QB, could very well be Snyder/Allen creating a scapegoat. Would anyone put it past them to stoop to that level?
  14. KillBill26

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Agreed on Trent, if you can get a 1st, trade him now. If you can get a 3rd or higher for scherff, and I bet we can, trade him now. He will definitely sign for to earn a 3rd round comp, but it will be on the tail end and one year later, so might as well get it now if you can. Only benefit to letting him finish the year here is to protect DH as he gets snaps this year, which is probably worth waiting a year for the pick. But if we can get a 1st or 2nd, sold. No way we get anything above a 6th for Norman, and I'd be surprised at that, due to his age, declining performance, and cap hit. Maybe if a contender feels an experienced cb could get them over the hump this postseason? And I hope Reed never plays another down, for his own sake, but we need to part ways with him regardless.
  15. KillBill26

    The day it all went south: November 5, 2000

    I was at the AZ game. That was such a frustrating loss. Par for the course these days tho.