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  1. KillBill26

    Starting QB 2019???

    I hope we don't, for the simple reason that he has baseball to fall back on. And i think any reasonable human being would take any other decent option over staying with the Redskins. It would be a wasted first round pick.
  2. KillBill26

    Starting QB 2019???

    If Rosen is available, the skins should do their due diligence to see if he would be a good fit here. Young QB, rookie contract, a lot of potential. The only reason we would be getting him is bc cards decide to go in different direction with a new coach who walked right into number one overall pick, not bc Rosen did anything wrong or seems like a bust. Rosen did a decent job on a pretty bad team. He did have a reputation as arrogant and abrasive in college, so I don't know if he has the mental fortitude to deal with the dark cloud that is eternally overhead in dc. The 15th pick would probably get it done if the cards do decide to go after Murray. To land a potential franchise QB, you'd have to at least look into it. But if Rosen is available for the 15th pick and we pass to instead select Daniel Jones from Duke, i will lose my mind.
  3. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    But I think this mentality is the reason the Redskins have done so poorly over a 25 year span. Snyder always wants the quick fix, and it rarely comes with getting good value. The overpaying for the quick fix hurts the long-term development of the roster. Being the worst team in the league in a year there is a franchise QB coming out isn't a bad thing. Ask the Colts. I would be perfectly ok with going 0-16 in 2019 if it meant Trevor Lawrence is a Redskin in 2020, and we didn't have to mortgage the farm to get him. Use the 2019 draft to fill in holes everywhere else, particularly on offense: LG, TE, WR and o-line depth. Then our QB can step into a much better supporting cast.
  4. KillBill26

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Like i said at the time, the Redskins should not apologize for considering someone innocent until proven guilty. Especially in a case involving that woman. As far as the negative "PR hit", time passes and people forget. Remember when saban left the dolphins. Pure debacle. But time passes, and he leads bama to five titles. When you mention the name Nick saban, nobody is associating him with the dolphins. When you mention Cris Carter, do you immediately picture him catching TDs for the Vikings or him getting cut for partying too hard with the eagles? If, and it's a big if, rueben Foster is able to steer clear of trouble, these incidents will be mainly forgotten, he will be known solely for his football performance, and the skins could potentially have just added an all pro for nothing.
  5. KillBill26

    Taking Action To Make Redskins Park Listen

    Not going to the games and not buying gear will definitely have an impact, but that's a longer term plan. For the short term, I think an effective strategy could be to interfere with what Danny boy wants the most: a new stadium in DC. Start a social media campaign geared towards all DC residents letting their councilmen and other politicians know that the Redskins should not be allowed to build a new stadium due to the way they are poorly run, because spending billions on an empty stadium is a waste. If Snyder saw the fans displeasure on a daily basis aimed at preventing him from getting that stadium, with the fanbase previously considered an automatic ally, but now is acting against his primary goal, I think that is the best way to get Danny boy to act.
  6. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Looking at the teams that select ahead of us, it's good to see a lot of them running a 4-3. I know there may be some changes for us and some of these other teams as far as scheme, but right now these teams run a 4-3, along with their draft slot: 8 - Detroit 10 - buffalo 11 - Cincy 13 - Miami 14 - Atlanta With the Redskins at 15. If we decide we like Josh Allen, polite, or sweat, some 4-3 teams may feel these guys are a bad fit for their scheme and cross them off their board, leading us to get great value at 15. We've got a long four months to look forward to the draft, because I don't think black Monday or free agency will bring us much excitement.
  7. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    8th, but still unreal how much an absolutely meaningless win cost us. And it probably helps Bruce keep his job. To show how much of a slide that is going from 8th to 15th, the draft value chart I'm looking at has the 8th pick worth 1400, and the 15th pick worth 1050, for a difference of 350 points, which is what the 55th overall pick is worth. That's pretty significant.
  8. KillBill26

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: The Coal-Stuffed Stocking Special

    Redskins won't lay over and die, but there is a lot of just going thru the motions. Philly controls game start to finish, and Redskins fans are excited this season is finally over. Eagles 27 Skins 10
  9. KillBill26

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It might be that Bruce wants to oversee everything, and Danny boy feels he is forced to give him the keys to everything so he doesn't jeopardize the new stadium, which is Danny boys priority. Or maybe Bruce has been able to convince Danny that the few bringht spots of this team, like young def line, were due to Bruce and all the mistakes are due to bad luck or attributed to others. Or that the fanbase is just a bunch of irrational haters. Who knows. Or maybe we all get lucky and bruce is reassigned, or maybe even fired, within the next 48 hours.
  10. I agree that would be the more rational approach. But Dan Snyder is not a rational person. I also don't believe a house cleaning is coming, just saying that a house cleaning would be the only way I feel in any way optimistic for the future. If BA stays on board while these guys are let go, it is more proof we are descending towards rock bottom.
  11. I was just thinking of that possibility, and that would be the only thing that would save the Redskins from reaching rock bottom. A complete overhaul that includes Bruce being fired can be a good thing. Letting Bruce stay while everyone else around him is let go is an absolute disaster. As boss Hogg said, I hope our current state does not chase Schaeffer or smith away, but I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped at the first offer that came their way. Even for a lateral move as far as title involving a pay cut, a better organization has to be much more appealing than where we are at. And that will set us back even farther.
  12. <mod edit of political comments---no politics or religion in the stadium>
  13. I heard on the radio that Bruce said nothing to see here, lafeminas childhood puppy got hit by a car and he has been away making arrangements.
  14. Wow. If Bruce Allen survives next week, which he probably will, I think the morale of the Redskins fanbase will be the lowest in my years as a fan, and I'm 37. And we haven't had the worst stretch record wise in recent years. But allowing Bruce Allen to be the true power broker for the skins amidst everything that has happened in the past few years, along with the Alex smith cap situation, there will be little to no hope for our short term future. And fans will show that, and Snyder will hear it. Come to think of it, maybe continuing to freefall toward rock bottom may be the catalyst we need for true change to happen. I feel there are ways for the fanbase to unite and facilitate change. I know it has been discussed on the board before. Don't buy merch, don't buy Tix, buy billboard space with a Dan and Bruce must go message, etc. Let the noise become deafening and hurt Danny boy in his pocket so he doesn't have a choice but to make drastic changes to win fans back. Look at some movements that have created change in recent years when people have had enough and start speaking out and uniting. What is stopping us from doing that? I know sales are down, but our fanbase could flex our collective muscles more than we are.
  15. KillBill26

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    The Cardinals are first in the waiver order. So the very first team who had a choice of whether he and his contract are worth it decided he was. And like others have said, he has been in the Cardinals locker room, and they still decided he was worth it. Does anyone honestly believe the Redskins wouldn't have gotten a draft pick in return for him? Even if they couldn't, which I don't believe is the case, to cut him before exploring that possibility is wasteful. The season had SIX DAYS left before it was over. The thought of him still being a Redskin while serving a suspension was too much for them to bear in a season they were already eliminated, they had to act immediately and flush all potential of getting a return on him because they couldn't tolerate him for six more days?!? When the draft rolls around, and there are guys on the board in the midrounds that would help this team, remember how the Redskins flushed the opportunity to select that player down the toilet, because DJ could have been swapped for that pick.