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  1. Great comparison. As a fellow yankee fan, I hear ya, I don't understand why they keep bringing him back tbh. I think the only way RK comes back is on a team friendly deal. He probably doesn't have a hot market to begin with, but I bet he could get a much better deal elsewhere. He'd be returning due to the fact he wants to see this rebuild thru (my speculation). I hadn't heard that, but if that's the case, then I'd only want him returning on a team friendly deal and him fully realizing we have two solid d ends in their prime who will not be pulled just to make RK happy. I
  2. Kerrigan is our perfect vet de signing. Someone who deserves to have some team success here. And he will not ever complain about playing time, and he will play his passing down role well. He has already gotten his big deal, hope he signs a team friendly deal and we make a run with him still aboard.
  3. I remember thinking the same with our oline. We would be signing guys off the street and they'd step in and be successful. Jonathon cooper comes to mind. I think part of the reason young guys didn't get a chance to develop could be rooted in self preservation and self interest by gruden and Allen for years. After a string of either poor or mediocre seasons, they could've made decisions based on who is best today, vs what is best for our long term interests. I'm glad we have RR and co who have definitely earned a bit of a leash. I think their patient approach towar
  4. Soooo should I cancel the order of the gold jacket for jamin? I agree, comparison to Barry isn't fair. Patterson is going to be way better than that.
  5. Interesting viewpoint. Any particular situations come to mind? At first thought, it seems our cupboard has been so bare, that the opposite is true, we are throwing ppl into the fire who shouldn't be out there bc our talent is so weak. But I'm not saying you're wrong. I agree with your stance moving forward, bc I don't feel like we are in the phase of "all chips in the middle of the table bc we are trying to win now". It would be very beneficial for our long term plan to develop the young uns. Especially at LT, where cosmi should not be buried on the depth chart. I would howev
  6. From the same article, I found this part interesting: Grading McCain’s total value is tricky, and we must consider several factors. First, safety isn’t McCain’s traditional position. He was a nickel cornerback who was asked to move to free safety upon coach Brian Flores’ arrival in South Florida more than two years ago. McCain has since been asked numerous times about his comfort playing the position. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it comfortable,” McCain said in September. “I’m just getting better. I try to get better each and every week and put good stuff on tape.” D
  7. I like the idea of Leno at the right price. I'd hope it means christian is cut as opposed to Moses. Moses is still relatively young and is worth his cap number imo, I'd like to keep him in the fold.
  8. And with Kirk proving to not be able to handle a big stage or win a big game, I feel confident going with fitzmagic.
  9. If I need to win a big game today, I'd rather roll with fitzmagic.
  10. Anyone recommending trading fuller and a 3rd for Kirk cousins gets a lifetime ban.
  11. This may signal that the fins are signing hooker, he went for a visit earlier in the week. Bummer, I was hoping we signed hooker. He could flourish in this defense. Signing hooker would be a good risk for us to take at this time anyway, bc even if he gets injured again, then we give the young guys a shot, which seems to be what we are planning on doing anyway.
  12. That's surprising. I like the bates pick as I explained above, but I wouldn't say that's our best value pick. I'd say cosmi or brown by a healthy margin.
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