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  1. 100%. I just said something similar in other thread, referencing trading seymour and milloy because it was in their best long term interests. The Redskins have always been about the short term via splash hirings and signings as more of a marketing strategy than a football one. I live in New England, and the off-seasons are very quiet. A lot of continuity, not many big money signings, and they are always drafting at the end of the first round. And when belichick makes a bold move by trading one of their beloved players, the fans don't stress about it, bc they have seen the long term results. In bill they trust. Must be nice.
  2. Far from easy, because it is totally dependant upon the situation. Most teams would prefer to be on the trading back side of that scenario and stockpiling assets. But some teams will take the plunge to move up, but it is almost always for a QB or pass rusher. There is no Watson or mahomes in this draft. Maybe a team jumps up to grab a sweat or polite, but a lot depends on it. Will those players still be there when it's our turn to pick? Does the other team believe they are about to come off the board at any moment and the trade needs to happen when we pick, or can they wait it out? Do the other teams value that particular prospect that much to make it worth it? Does the team make the deal with us or one of the teams picking near us? I think a lot of GM's go into the draft praying for an opportunity to turn a first into two firsts, but the situation doesn't present itself.
  3. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I am no scout by any means, but it's funny you say that, because I had the opposite reaction. I was shocked to hear thorsons name being tossed around as a future first round pick last year. And I am no scout, but I watch a lot of college football and he just doesn't seem like a franchise QB. He just isn't very impressive, but like you mentioned, I'm sure a lot of that has to do with scheme and surrounding talent. And when I read Finley is a less athletic version of Alex smith, i fear that we end up with one of these two guys out of panic after Smith's injury and situation. I hope they stick to drafting for best value without reaching.
  4. KillBill26

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    As someone who was so high on the short term future of the skins going into this season, it pains me to say it but I think blowing it up with a new coach/GM is probably our best approach. And if we are going to do it, I wouldn't view deciding whether to hang onto vs parting ways with a player based on the current depth behind them. I would somewhat consider leadership skills and mentoring younger players to some degree as a reason to maybe keep some of our aging vets, because we probably aren't going to be very competitive for the next couple years. That locker room could get pretty miserable. New coach, and there is no way we are going to have an average or better QB in 2019, so we are going to be pretty bad. Having said that, if we can get a decent draft pick in return for our current guys, we can bring aging high character guys on short term contracts to fill that role. So if kerrigan has any value on the trade market, get what we can for him. Same with Trent. I doubt we get anything for Davis, but we should cut him if we need the space to shed contracts or to sign someone that fits our long term plan. By the time we build the roster to make a run, Davis will not be part of the plan, so parting ways now isn't a bad idea. And if hanging onto aging players who aren't in the long term plan leads us to 6-10 instead of 3-13, we would be drafting 10th instead of 2nd. For what? A few meaningless wins? I'd be totally fine with having a terrible product on the field next year if it meant 1. We made changes to our front office/coaching staff and there is an adjustment period, 2. We shed all the bad contracts we could so there were some young inexperienced guys forced into action, and 3. It ultimately gives us a good shot at tua/fromm in 2020 draft. And if we shed enough bad contracts in 2019, maybe we could shed Smith's in 2020. I think we need to ignore sentimentality and our attachment to awesome players and people such as kerrigan and Trent, and do like pats did in trading Seymour and milloy, and make difficult moves that are in the best long term interest of this team.
  5. KillBill26

    Starting QB 2019???

    Hit the nail on the head. While QB is a huge gaping hole right now, the worst thing we can do is reach for one in a weak QB class. I wouldnt mind taking Grier or Patterson if they drop to the 3rd, but the top few QBs will all probably be overdrafted. Mcshay said Herbert, so far this years top QB, would be the 5th QB taken in 2018. That shows it's an off year. The 2020 class has tua, fromm, maybe Eason. I hope the 2019 draft is BPA, beefing up the lines like you said, maybe adding a top tier olb and or cb. The more that this year falls off the rails I'm hoping we get rid of all bad contracts, trade off assets, cut the fat all around. So rushing into our next QB isn't necessary. If it's done right, we wont be competitive for a few more years, so getting a QB isn't an immediate priority. Getting the best value in our next few drafts is.
  6. KillBill26

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Agreed. I hope we start fresh, no connections to anyone that is currently here. And no college coach other than harbaugh or saban.
  7. KillBill26

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Like many have said, there are not many ppl who turn down head coaching opportunities bc something better may come along. Bc if you wait too long, you can lose some of your shine. And those that can be that picky are older coaches who wouldn't be here long anyway. One guy I hope they look at is Eric bienemy, oc for kc. Chiefs offense has been awesome. I know it's technically Reid's offense, but bienemy has his hands in it too. Reids former OCs pederson and nagy have done well as head coaches too.
  8. Fair enough, but I think the terrible offense leads to the defense being put in bad spots and in turn does have an effect on their performance. I don't believe the defense has as much of a negative effect on our offense. Our offense is terrible enough on their own. If we had an offense that could move the chains, our defense would instantly look better. Even if we had the 85 bears defense, mark Sanchez is not marching us down the field. But it is what it is, and bottom line this team has a lot of upgrading to do on both sides of the ball, the coaching staff, the front office, and the ownership group. Everywhere. Even though I believe the young nucleus on defense is the only bright spot this team has. I don't see this team winning more than one game the rest of the way (maybe nyg this week, but I wouldn't bet on it), and going from 6-3 to 7-9 or 6-10 will cost Gruden his job. Maybe Allen? But we are stuck with Snyder, and probably the best we can hope for is an off-season where we cut bait with some bad contracts, meaning we won't be resigning or bringing any new guys in. Just draft picks. This will continue to be a slow, frustrating process.
  9. As they say, the best defense is a good offense. It keeps the defense off the field, and guys remain fresh. Aside from first downs due to penalties, the skins had 4 passing first downs, and three of them were right before the half against a soft zone. One passing first down the entire rest of the game!!!!! Four three and outs. Another drive Sanchez threw a pick on the third play. One drive had 6 plays, for a total of negative three yards! 16 yards of offense in the 2nd half! And 40 minutes time of possession for the eagles. Twice the amount of time the skins had the ball. I think many are underestimating the impact our absolutely putrid offense is having on this defense. Our defense is not elite, manusky is not special, but man our offense is such a detriment to this team it is impossible for the defense to overcome this debacle.
  10. That is what I'm saying. It would take an elite defense to compensate for how terrible our offense is, and we obviously aren't there yet.
  11. no doubt our offense has gotten a lot more injuries than our defense has. So if you are looking at it from the perspective that you expect our defense to carry them because they are the healthier/more talented unit, I can see your point. And I also don't think manusky is anything special. But I'm not handicapping the offense due to injuries. I'm just calling it like it is. The offense is absolutely terrible in its current state. Mark Sanchez. I know Cooper is out for the year, and Bergstrom left with an injury at some point in the game. Skins were already relying on bowanko, who is the next scrub to enter the turnstile? Gruden can't call plays or adjust. We don't have a gamebreaker on offense, maybe CT, but he is oft injured and misused. (AP has been amazing this year, but since the oline started getting dinged he has not consistently produced). Our defense gave up 14 in the first half, with one of the TDS being that opening drive by Wentz where he was on fire. That kept us in the game in spite of our putrid offense. And the second half we offered no threat on the offensive side. None. I don't think the defense deserves any credit or played a great game overall, but I also don't believe they deserve the blame. It's the offense.
  12. I believe you're right. Defensive holding maybe? and if it's the one that I'm thinking of involving swearinger, that was pretty ticky-tack.
  13. So they are down seven in the first quarter. Not a big deal. They came back and took the lead after that. And I haven't gone back and watched it, and probably will never, but Wentz made some unreal throws on that first drive. First completion was in a tight window. That throw to Tate down the sideline was unbelievable. Even the TD was just past stromans fingertips. The offense is absolutely terrible. In its current state with Sanchez and our banged up o line and next to nothing for receiving weapons we are probably the worst offense in the league. With an offense that can move the chains, we are in that game til the end. I just don't understand how people can blame the defense for tonight. The 85 bears and Mark Sanchez would've lost tonight.
  14. We started colt McCoy, and soon after put in mark freakin Sanchez. Our offense wasn't able to do much all night save for an awesome Peterson run and some gimme pass plays before the half. The defense had a nice goal line stand, Norman's pick was pretty sweet. I know the eagles moved the ball and put up some yards, but manusky and the defense are not the reason we lost tonight. It's the putrid offense. And it's not getting any better this season. And with a worn out defense on the field for 40 minutes a game, they will continue to give up yardage. But the defense is not the root of our problem. You can't expect them to shut the other team down while our offense does three and outs all game.
  15. KillBill26

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    I agree, this is my main concern with foster. Assuming he is not guilty of dv, which is not a given, he is still guilty of making terrible decisions. This women almost ruined your life, why are you anywhere near her? You know what she is capable of. And to show any aggression towards someone who can twist and manipulate things? His next move might not have anything to do with dv, but when you show that type of decision making there are a million ways to get in trouble and in turn get suspended and not be available for the team. Plus we don't want any young guys following his lead or be put in these potential situations.