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  1. I know it's a year old, but some background info. Has an injury history. And if memory serves me correctly, he is a good run stuffer but a liability in pass coverage. I like the signing, stopgap til next offseason.
  2. KillBill26

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    I agree with Chad dukes. Freak injuries happen, but we led the league the last two years, now a freak injury on the 2ND SNAP of OTAs! Unbelievable! We can't just keep saying aw shucks. Something's got to change. There have to be factors that are contributing to this. I remember some stuff being posted where the Redskins brain trust was looking into the reason for injuries, but maybe their approach to evaluation needs to be improved. I understand some team has to be the most injured, but we are blowing everyone else out of the water in that regard. Sheer coincidence? Not buying it. This is such a Redskins thing to happen.
  3. KillBill26

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Hey look at the bright side! Our off-season hope is more enjoyable than actual performance during the season. Now we can fool ourselves into thinking it will get better in 2020, bc we can say things like "oh and it's like we had an extra first round pick this year bc reuben foster is coming back. Look at how great this team is on paper!!". And around and around we go.
  4. KillBill26

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    This team is cursed. A string of bad luck is one thing, but it occurs over and over and over. Or is it that the brain trust has neglected improving the practice field conditions? Then it's not so much of a curse, just sheer stupidity.
  5. KillBill26

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Right, the young guys could make a strong case for the best choice from a long term perspective (Flowers, too, he might be inferior to the rookies for LG in camp). Those two guys cost us the opportunity to get 2 comp picks. And the guys they cancelled out, HHCD and Nsekhe, are a much more promising duo than DRC/Flowers. But on the flip side, I think every year has a late rounder/UDFA we all think is sure to break out, only to be replaced by the next late rounder/UDFA to come along. Moreland / Holsey / Mitchel / Rambo / Crawford / Bernstine. And the turnstile continues.
  6. I voted 7-9. It's hard to assume we will have a successful season, because we haven't had much success these recent years. Between a lot of new faces, recent issues regarding coaches and also players health, I don't see an immediate turnaround with a rookie QB. John keim recently wrote an article with a quote something to the effect of "spring optimism cannot be punctured". I absolutely love that quote because it is so true. This is the time of year that every team feels they've improved a lot and the playoffs are well within reach. However once the games start a lot of teams are reminded they weren't all that good to begin with. I know we had a lot of injuries last year, and I know we've added a lot of exciting pieces, but just remember the vibe in late December about how hopeless our short-term future was. I think people should remember that and temper their expectations. I love the direction of this team, but man we've got a long way to go in a lot of different areas to expect playoffs in 2019. It could happen no doubt, but it shouldn't be expected. There is a reason Vegas has the over under on the Redskins 2019 win total set at 6. Don't get me wrong, I love the optimism, I'm very excited for the upcoming season myself. I just feel there are too many things that need to be improved upon and of course getting some lucky breaks for us to make the jump this soon.
  7. Plus, how many clutch plays / turnovers has kerrigan been a part of over the years. He has been our defenses biggest playmaker and continues to perform well. with his leadership, he is one of the first ones to pencil in on the starting defense. And what exactly has Ryan Anderson accomplished that we should view him as a threat to the starting position? I think Anderson can play a role on this team and I still have hope he will continue to grow into a better player, but starting Anderson over kerrigan would be absolutely foolish, and I don't expect the coaching staff to even consider it.
  8. I would say he is better than mediocre, being a reliable red zone target over the years. I would rather have Rudolph over Reed solely due to dependability (and I also like how Rudolph can actually block). Reed is a nice threat when he is on the field, but considering his injury history and the fact that he is getting older, maybe it would be wise to trade him for a pick. I wonder what his market is? Could we get a 6th for him? Getting a comparable pick for Reed that we give up for Rudolph would negate the loss of a draft pick, and I think we will have improved our TE position. With Reed coming off the books, the 6 mil in space that is freed up will help lessen the impact of the 7.625 hit for Rudolph. We could even keep Davis to back up for the short term. Even if Rudolph wasn't extended, I think that would be a series of moves worth making, but I would also hope the skins would have an extension agreed upon with Rudolph before they pull the trigger. Rudolph has a few more serviceable years left, and a veteran, durable tight end could help Haskins, and it also buys the skins a couple more years to draft his replacement. I think this is something they should look into.
  9. Teams in need of a starting tight end should be intrigued. While Rudolph, 29, isn't as dominant as the league's top-tier tight ends (he's no Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz), he does offers capable hands and solid blocking. Over the past four years, he's played in all 64 possible games and averaged 63.3 receptions, 625.2 yards, and six touchdowns per season. Rudolph is intriguing bc he is durable and would be the most well rounded tight end on our roster if we acquired him. A tight end who doesn't tell which play we are running would be nice, especially for a rookie QB (but who knows, the tight end may be less prevalent in our new offense). I know he is already 29, but article says mid to late gets it done, I'd trade a 5th and cut Davis to make it work under the cap and walk away feeling great.
  10. KillBill26


    It still bums me out to think about his sudden career ending injury. He had a great start to his career. He would still be making an impact. Glad to see this move.
  11. KillBill26

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    They will rename the stadium after him. Sweat Field.
  12. KillBill26

    Adrian Peterson or Tony Dorsett?

    That was my first thought about Gore. Crazy how durable he was in the NFL after being labeled injury prone coming out of the u. Makes me more confident about guys like Love who we get at a discount just bc they had a freak injury at an inopportune time.
  13. KillBill26

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    I would order it the day before episode 1 and cancel it the day after the last episode. There is no way I wouldn't watch it. And it would be awesome to see the behind the scenes stuff. But as I said before, I hope they don't get chosen.
  14. I like how you mention the team around the QB. Most if the conversation is centered around Haskins himself, and his inexperience etc. A huge part of why I want to see Haskins redshirt is due to the team around him. I agree with you that our record was poor last season due to a high number of injuries. Same with the season before. But the reality is: during the off-season, everyone's outlook on the team and the upcoming season is based on best case scenarios. On paper, we look great, because (mostly) everyone is healthy. And we were competitive the last couple years while healthy, but then turned into arguably the worst team in the NFL when injuries mounted. And we are expecting best case scenarios for our new guys. For example, Wes Martin, a guy who came out of nowhere, is expected to come in and solidify the LG position. And ereck flowers, who has been atrocious, is now assumed to improve bc he is moving to guard. McLauron, Quinn, doctson, p rich, Reed, these guys are all assumed to remain healthy or show improvement in their game. And I'm as optimistic as anybody, but I want to see it before I throw an inexperienced rookie QB in to see how it plays out. The upside isn't worth the downside imo: we can hope he gets an extra year of playing experience to further his development, and he has a successful season. That could happen, and it would be great, but what if we find ourselves in the same exact situation that has happened the last two years: our depth ravaged and we are barely competitive. The downside is a MAJOR impediment to his confidence / development. I would rather wait another year, with another draft to improve depth on Oline and pass catchers, and with a year of learning from the sideline, I think Haskins will be in a much better situation to succeed. I'm not saying it's impossible for him to succeed his rookie year, I'm just saying I don't think the odds are good enough to risk it.
  15. KillBill26

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Absolutely, someone else had mentioned this. Basically it's *team is getting negative attention* Bruce says, "hey Jay or Doug, go take the podium and explain it". Then *team is getting positive attention* and Bruce says, "give me the microphone guys I'll take it from here".