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  1. If our offense continues to look like that, I vote for J&B. Neat, in a highball. Several rounds.
  2. I didn't think moreland played that bad. I only watched it live and wasn't really zeroing in on him, but I did notice him covering d hop well on several occasions. I agree with above comment about being excited to see them against cleveland. I think our line can force baker into mistakes, and I want to see some playmakers grab some picks. Arizona has a solid offense, but our offense also gave them great field position several times. If we could do a better job of sustaining drives and protecting the football, and we force teams to throw, I think our d backs will
  3. Browns 23 Skins 17 Offense continues to struggle due to poor oline play. Our defense gets pressure but it isn't enough.
  4. You don't want to make reed high giving Trent williams in niner jerseys your screensaver for the week?
  5. Not looking good for saquon. I don't think we will be seeing him for awhile. Injuries suck.
  6. All 3 division rivals down double digits early. It would be nice knowing we would still be alone in first place regardless of today's outcome.
  7. Arizona is a good team, but I think they are getting a little too much hype. Not only did everyone pick them to win the game, but also to cover -6.5. Just the way I like it. Let's go skins, no one is giving you any respect.
  8. For me, first priority by a mile is Haskins having a solid performance. I am confident our d line can replicate their success, not so sure about Haskins. If he can just make the open throws, and step up to create a big play or two when needed, I'll be pumped. Also, am hoping our LB s prove to be better than many fear. I am optimistic our guys will be solid for us this year, and that they can contain murray, but I'd like to see it for myself. Improved play from the left side of our line. Afraid the ceiling is pretty low if they keep last week's play up. I
  9. Cardinals are a good team, but I was surprised to see them favored by a td. Home field advantage doesn't really exist this year, so they are a full td better? I don't see it. I think it will be a close game, and Im not saying the skins will definitely win, but +6.5 seems like a good bet to me. Their oline is nothing special, and with our dline, I expect murray to be on the run all day. Holcomb as a spy? D hop will be tough to stop. We should also score some points, their defense is formidable, but not elite. I'm thinking it goes down to the wire.
  10. As far as takeaways from this game, I am very excited about the d line. There were also other areas of concern which have already been discussed. We also have to keep in mind we were basically playing the eagles JV team, between their inactives and injuries during the course of the game. The eagles team that was on the field was not a playoff caliber team. We have a lot of work to do to be a team that is postseason worthy. That being said, what a fun win!
  11. As was young taking on a double team, fighting thru it, and tackling the ball carrier about a yard ahead of the line of scrimmage. These plays have a huge impact on the rest.of the defense. Not only is he a menace as a pass rusher, he defends the run well.
  12. The good news is, it's the constant pressure of the d line that won this game, not any exotic scheme. The eagles knew going in they had to stop our d line, and they still couldn't do it.
  13. Great game, nice way to start the year. Crazy how we were up 17-0 at Philly last year and blew it, I was there. Same thing happened in reverse this year. Wish I had some of those fine philly gentlemen next to me now. D line is awesome. I know philly had some injuries, but constant pressure. That alone will keep you competitive.
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