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  1. I'm going to set the over/under for most receptions in a single season for Reyes at any point during his career at 3.5. That might be a little too generous. The idea of getting the next TG or AG is exciting, but expecting anything out of him is like blowing your whole paycheck at the bar after work and relying on your scratch tickets to feed your family over the weekend. We still need 2 TEs between draft / FA.
  2. Broncos mock draft summary 1-9. Micah Parsons, LB, Penn St 1-29. Mac Jones. QB. Bama 3-92. Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina 5-152. Joshuah Bledsoe, S, Missouri 5-173. Janarius Robinson, edge, FSU 6-191. James Wiggins, S, Cincy 7-237. Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo 7-239. Tommy Kraemer, OG, Notre Dame 7-253. Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Louisville The Broncos were aggressive in this draft, and it could be franchise altering draft, or a complete dud. At 9 overall, one of the most talented players was available, and he
  3. A. No brainer. Chase has shown he is going to be a terror in this league for awhile. Give him up, at his age and cost, for a qb that is far from a sure thing? Should not be given an ounce of consideration.
  4. I'd do that in a heartbeat. Out of the guys that are projected to be on the board, I don't feel very strongly towards one in particular, so I'd rather trade back and add picks. In that scenario, we'd be getting the same caliber player at 23 and basically get free 4th and 6th rounders.
  5. Thanks to both of you guys. Tracking all those picks and the draft order is a commitment.
  6. With the 253rd pick, the Broncos select, Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Louisville. A steady producer, he is physical, a good route runner, has terrific ball skills, and is a good blocker. Does not have great athleticism. We feel confident he can provide solid depth at WR. @Chump Bailey, you're up.
  7. With the 237th pick, the Broncos select Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo. Needing RB depth, Broncos like JPs chances of making the roster. He is a tough runner with decent speed, and great quickness. He is a smaller back at 5 7 and 195, but he does not shy away from contact. He does need to work on receiving skills, but he can be a solid RB in the league. @clskinsfan, you're up.
  8. Agreed 100%. Farley is a huge risk in the 1st.
  9. And I'll say this now, if some small school prospect named Bill GreyGoose is out there, and you draft him before me, I will look for you, and I will find you.
  10. That's it, I'm drafting every Bill, William, Willie, Billy, and Billy Jo I can find!!!!
  11. I'm reposting this bc I typed it in a prior post I edited, just want to make sure the guys I responded to see it: This would be my vote. We aren't assigned a team, just a draft slot, same order every round. Our score is based on differential between where we selected the player, vs where the player gets selected in real life. It can be computed a variety of ways: basic subtraction, difference in trade value chart, % +/-. Bonus points for getting pick right outside of 1st round. Stuff like that. No comp picks, no teams, no trades. As far as length of draft, real
  12. Gotcha, my vote is to not be assigned a team, just a draft slot.
  13. Sorry, apparently my brain is cooked, bc I'm still lost. I don't see a difference between the first paragraph scenario and the second paragraph scenario. Scenario #1 has 1st pick in each round, and scenario #2 has 7th pick in each round. Same thing right? And as far as scenario #1, what do you mean comp picks just get rolled in? If we aren't assigned a team, which team's comp picks would we be assigned? Why even bother with comp picks? Like in a fantasy re-draft, there are no comp picks, there are the same number of picks in every round, equal to the number of G
  14. I don't understand why incorporate comp picks if we aren't drafting for a team? Is it basically to just eliminate taking into account team needs, but we would still be assigned a particular team's draft slots?
  15. I'm ok either way. But if we are just assigning a pick #, incorporating comp picks doesn't make sense to me. If we have 20 gms, we do 13 rounds, and select 260 players. In the same order each round. Then we can calculate our score based on differential between our pick and when the player is actually selected in the real draft. Getting the 1st pick would actually be a bad thing, no way to gain points! Maybe do a snake draft?
  16. I'd be in for 2.0. Is it too soon to vote on banning the trading of future picks?
  17. Great news regarding darnold 1. We didn't trade for him 2. I'm a huge joe brady fan. I wanted the skins to seriously consider him as HC las offseason. While he is young and has a short resume, he has been great at every stop, and has.kearned under sean payton. I'm interested to see what he can do with darnold. If he can get darnold to move the chains and limit turnovers, give that man a HC job now! He will have earned it.
  18. With the 191st pick, the Broncos select James Wiggins, S, Cincinnati. The Broncos needed safety depth entering this draft, so even tho they already added J Bledsoe, they couldn't pass up Wiggins at this spot. He was awesome as a sophomore in 2018, and had some freak injuries the past couple seasons. He has elite athleticism, is physical, and is viewed as an interchangeable safety. @Davistron20, you're up.
  19. Yeah he seems like a guy with great intangibles who underachieved at FSU. Could be a stud, could be a dud. Lecounte is interesting. Was once viewed as a potential day 2 prospect, but his stock has plummeted, capped off by a horrid 40 time. Maybe if he gets in the right system and things start to click, he could be a value pick at this point.
  20. With the 173rd pick, the Broncos select Janarius Robinson, DE, Florida St. Broncos need DL depth, and Robinson has physical gifts that could allow him a long, successful career in the NFL: long arms, heavy hands, and stocky build. His ideal role is a 5tech, and he is a powerful run defender with the ability to develop his pass rush. Fangio is excited to work with his new prospect. @Capt'n Obvious, you're up.
  21. Happy easter everyone. Enjoy the day.
  22. Just when I thought you couldn't get any more pathetic after correcting someone's grammar, you make a joke like that...AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!
  23. Even better, we trade with a team moving up to take TJ, we add picks and fill more holes.
  24. Yeah he seems to be a polarizing player. The list I'm using to keep track of who has been taken doesn't even have him in the top 300. But steelers depot, which had a nice, thorough write up, rates him as a 3rd rounder. https://steelersdepot.com/2021/02/2021-nfl-draft-player-profiles-missouri-s-joshuah-bledsoe/ He also can't block. He won't be on the field for 3rd downs, more of a 1 trick pony. But he could be a valuable part of a committee.
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